Michael Nelson
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Height 6ft 1in
Weight 258 lbs
Date of birth July 29 (40s)
Place of birth St. Louis Missouri
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Trainer Harley Race
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Debut 1998
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Michael Nelson (Born 29 July - St. Louis, Missouri) is an former American professional wrestler who was one of the Co Founders of Xtreme Wrestling Federation Entertainment (XwF). He now is the Founder and Owner of Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling (UECW). He is best known for his feud with his former Perfect Team member Jayson Chase throughout the last few years of his run. His most famous incident would have had to be finding out that Jayson was sleeping with his then wife, Jessica Nelson. He is well known as "The Perfect One", He was considered one of the best before his career was ended by injury.

He died.

Early career

Now under the training of the great Harley Race. Mike Nelson was ready to hit the indies. He made his wrestling debut in 1998 battling Brett Jackson to a ten minute draw. After wrestling for Harley Race's World League Wrestling, he left shortly there after and went to Tri Wrestling Federation (TWF) and quickly won his first ever Championship by defeating Jake Hall for his TWF T.V Title.

After being groomed to be the next big star for the TWF, he won the United States Heavyweight championship by beating Jay Stevens, the over the next few years be captured the title again two more times.

Wrestling career

World Championship Wrestling Federation

After TWF Went bankrupt, Mike was in need to find a new place to call home, by this time Mike was well known on the Indy circuits but he just needed to find a company that would shine in, that is when he came across WCWF, Glen Ford the owner at the time offered him a spot in the company as long as he was willing to bust his ass to make it to the top. Mike started off as a singles wrestler but his former training mates, Jayson Chase and Jessica Martins came into the company to serve as his tag team partner and manager, they became, The Perfect Team.

Within months, they were on the verge of being one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the WCWF until something took a wrong turn. Mike has married Jessica off camera but they appeared on screen as a couple still. Meanwhile, the storyline that caused a rift between Mike & Jayson was the rumors of Jayson and his wife sleeping together, not only in storyline but also backstage. Jayson wasn't with the company much more after that after Mike said one of them had to go and the WCWF Management decided to keep him around. Jessica stayed around shortly there after but she didn't last long within the company as well as she butted heads with creative and Mike was once again on a single's push.

The next man that he would met would become his arch nemesis and close friend backstage, James Michaels. James and Mike traveled together but on screen they wanted nothing else to tear one another apart, at one time, Mike had offered James $100,000 to help him win a match, when James declined he than used the money to put a bounty on James' head, which no one could claim.

Shortly after their feud, Mike was injured in the ring and was forced to retire from active competition.

Mike would return from time to time to say hello backstage but he would never wrestling again for the company.

Xtreme Wrestling Federation

After retiring from professional wrestling, Mike did mostly fishing and raising his only child, Brooklyn with his wife Jessica. He was sitting in his office and heard wrestling on his living room TV. When he reached into the living room they were talking about WCWF and it's management. Mike phoned James and he confirmed it was true. Mike and James spoke several Times over the months about maybe opening up their own company sadly it didn't happen due to his previous working conditions.

This is when he met Mia Belvidere, the two of them became very close and they founded and opened the company as XwF, but it was short lived as they didn't get it off thr ground, they tried again in 2008 and it became a hit success, people were flooding in to become apart of this great up start company.

Sadly, Mia died before she would see the success it has had to this day, every year in the name of Mia, there is a special Cup up for grabs.

Mia Belvidere

Mia was the co founder of Xtreme Wrestling Federation along with Michael Nelson, the two had become very close friends and after her loss the fed but more importantly Michael Nelson took her loss very hard. He had to take several months off due to the loss and to fight severe depression.

Every year since 2010 there will be a Memorial Cup in her honor

Being Sued

XwF had became so hot that the real life X- Wrestling Federation had sent legal letters to Michael Nelson to tell him that they would sue due to copyright, Mike didn't seem to worried about it and sold them the name and thus, Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling was born.

Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling

The Name UECW was thought up by not only the founder of XwF Michael Nelson, it was also thought up by the former world champion and hall of fame member, Drake Demarco. They were sitting one night trying to think up a name that is unique and they came up with Ultimate Elite Championship Wrestling.

The UECW has been a success in many peoples eyes as they have became Roughkut's March Fed Of The Month as well as having three separate shows; Monday Night Havok, Wednesday Fallout & Friday Night Rampage. Each show has their own roster and own champions and are souly ran by their respected General Managers with Mike closely watch the performances

Most Noteable Feuds

Some of Mike's most notable feuds are along the lines with two of the most hated men in the history of UECW, Axle Vengeance & Ace Static. Both men were brought into the company than know as simplely The Plague with fellow members Vikktor Creed & Damien Drake. Mike however at the start of it all was a part of the plague but during the time the group disbanded after causing everyone enough pain and suffering. In spite of Mike, Axle, Damien & Ace formed a new group intitled 'HFF' Hollywood's Fuckin Finest. Since then the group which was friends with Mike during one point in their storied careers has done nothing but disgrace Mike left and right.

Another feud that has to be mentioned is the power struggle with Victor Vegas and also with James Michaels. Both men saw it a point to make Mike retire for good so they could take over the company. However just before James as able to out Mike from the fed, He got James fired and power was than given to Victor Vegas. Victor and Mike started off as friends but the power had gotten to Victor's head so he tried everything in his power to get Mike relieved of powers but thankfully Mike out lived him as well until James Michaels returned as Victor Vegas had sold James his shares in the company before Mike outted him. James has since convinced the Board Of Trustees that Mike isn't in the right frame of mind to conduct business as usual making James Michaels, the only man to out Mike Nelson from his company.

What could have been a perfect friendship was wasted after years and years of building between Mike Nelson and Corey Bull. In Mike's eyes he had disrespected him by the way he would soon treat his future wife in Chelle. Chelle had just broken up with her boyfriend at the time, Ace Static. Corey Bull was right there to pick her up off her feet to take advantage of her. Thus making Mike and Corey's friendship spin out of control, Mike has since done some unspeakable thinks such as Dressing up like Corey, mocking him, hurting both Mike's and Corey's current Girlfriend Alexia and her son Cole.

Personal life

Jessica and Mike married in 1986 and remained married up until her car crash that took her life in 2008, they have one child together named Brooklyn Faith Nelson. Brooklyn and Mike still live together in the same house.

After the death of his wife he briefly had a relationship with Alexia Hardy and took both her and her son Cole in, she reappeared in 2010 as a surprise to Mike. She wanted to be back with him after the long break from one another. He took her in and that's when things got messy.

Before Alexia coming back into Mike's life, both Michelle 'Chelle' Fury and himself flirted with one another and seemed as if they were going to become an item until Alexia made he appearance and changed with that. Both Michelle & Mike went down separate paths but always somehow ended up back on the same path as one another. After his feelings for her became known they two decided to try being together and since the two have became an item, the two are inseparable and are now engaged to be married but no date has been announced

Michelle 'Chelle' Fury


Chelle and Mike first met on the 23rd March 2010 when he went to see her to welcome her into the company. They quickly became friends and started getting close. Soon after an old flame from Mikes past Alexia Hardy arrived and they got back together. Chelle had also known Alexia from the past, they were friends turned bitter enemies. This drove a wedge between Chelle and Mike until the 14th of April when Mike was in a car accident. Chelle Fury was the second to arrive at the hospital after his father Don Nelson aka The Don. Chelle and Mike rekindled their friendship which upset Alexia. They started getting closer than ever, but Mikewas still with Alexia, Chelle and Mike formed a love/hate relationship which caused him to not only choke her but throw her through a window.

The couple still became friends again though, even while Chelle had a relationship with Ace, which ended swiftly and a fling with Corey Bull. Mike Nelson started hated being trapped in the relationship with Alexia and not being with Chelle, she soon started to feel the same way, but by then it was too late as on the 26th of April Mike went to a motel room with a pistol which was accidentally fired, shooting him in the chest.

Once more Chelle was at his hospital side until her feelings for Mike became deeper, she decided to take time away in Malibu while she came to a decision on what to do. Her last night before coming home Mike had arrived and surprised her at a restaurant, from then her mind was made up.

Chelle broke it off with Corey who swiftly started a relationship with Mikes ex Alexia, but the couple are still bitter and have had encounters with Chelle and Mike backstage, who have gladly returned the favor causing mocks and taunts to Alexia and Corey.

After going on a few dates on the 10th of May, Mike proposed to Chelle who accepted

Both Mike and Michelle found out that they were pregnant with their first child on June 14, 2008.

Wrestling Facts

Finishing and Signature Moves

-Lights Out: (Punt To The Head)

-The Perfect Bomb: (Jackknife Powerbomb)

-The Perfect Cutter: (RKO)


-Miss Perfect (2004)

-Jessica Martins/ Jessica Nelso (2004)

-Chelle Fury (Present)


-The Perfect One

Current Theme Song

UECW Theme Song is Coming Undone By Korn


-Shane Michaels: UECW Performer

-Brooklyn Nelson: UECW Board Member and UECW Talent Relations

-Jacob Nelson: Only child to him and Michelle Lisa Fury-Nelson.

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