Jeff Jones. Michael Pain
[[Image:|px|Image of Jeff Jones. Michael Pain]]
Real name Michael Pain
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Height 6'1
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth Decmeber 29 1986
Place of birth Sydney Austrlaia
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Sydney Austrlaia
Billed from
Trainer Brian Jones
KFWF, FSW, Pro Action Wrestling, The Pure Wrestling Project
Handled by
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Debut 2006
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Michael Pain also known as Jeff Jones in KFWF is a Martial Artist, Luchador Libra, Free style wrestler, His father also a wreslter offered Michael to be trained under him, He accpeted now Michael Pain has been CNW World Champion, and CNW Tag Champion,

Personal Info

Early life

Michael Pain was born in Sydeny Australia, he was born how the docters would say "a lucky baby", he first heard about wreslting from a local fedration where he saw many stat's including his Step Father Brian Jones, Brain, was seen as a man to look up to for many up coming wreslter's later on Michael Pain was told he had a brother named Matt Jone's,

Wrestling career

Michael Pain first started off under his father fedration under the name Jeff Jone's as a tribute to his father in law, Jeff along with Matt would soon be found by a large know fedration called KFWF, Jeff was the first to debute but did not have his first match until his brother came to KFWF, Jeff and Matt had a hard start to KFWF being a hated tag team and not winning there first tag match until there fith match as a tag team,

Soon Jeff would go on his own way aming to win the Crusierwight title, his first shot he was giving was in a 6 way battle royal style match where he was first elimernated,

On that same night, The Jone's where givin there first tag team title shot but lost,


Michael Pain soon saw a new fedration opening and saw a chance to be noticed, Michael Pain had his first match against D2K & Tank, Michael Pain lost this match

the next week Matt Jone's, Michael Pain's half brother came and vsed Michael Pain in a match, this time Matt got the better of his brother but this was only the first of many fight's, Michael Pain was soon put in a hard position, he was put as Special Ref for a match between the two people that he had lost to two week's ago, the match was very one sided until Michael Pain Swantom Bombed both D2K and Tank, and called him self the winner, but the match went on, When the match was finshed and Tank was celbrateing he was attacked from behind by Michael Pain's brother matt jones as both Matt & Michael laid an attack on him,

The next week was CNW's first PPV with Michael Pain and Matt Jones getting a shot at the tag team titles, Matt Coved D2K to win the titles for both himself and Michael,

Michael Pain and Matt Jone's soon called them self H.B.F.L standing for Half Brother's For Life, Michael Pain was soon put in to a tournament for the CNW World title, Michael Pain won his match and it came down to Tank and himself, The Match was a well forght one with Michael Pain coming out on top using the CNW World Title to win,

With CNW coming to a close not long after that, Michael Pain walked out with the CNW World Title but to lose the Tag Title's on that same night to Tank And Radicazz,

KORE was soon open but closed after two ep's,


Michael Pain soon joined FSW which was from the ash's of both CNW adn KORE, Michael Pain had his first match but to lose to LJF, he is getting a secoed chance at the FSW title in a Battle Royal with five other oppent's, Winner will go to vs the other two winner for the title, Michael Pain won this match by Eliminating Radicazz to win, his is now in a Three Way Ultimate X Match Against Luke"The Impact Player" Fowler and Bradiovirus

Michael Pain lost the Ultimate X along with Bradiovirus, There are both been giving one more chance to win the gold, and will also be in a Battle Royal to crown the first X-Division Champion

Pro Action Wrestling

Michael Pain joined PAW soon after but has only had one match taging with his notibale Feud with Radicazz to win with him only to attack him after the match

Championships and Accomplishments

  • 1 Time CNW World Champion
  • 1 Time CNW World Tag Team Champion

Entrance Themes

Michael Pain mostly use's The Black Veil by Behind Crimson Eyes

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