Michael Ryan
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Ring Names English Slayer, Phantom
Height 6'5
Weight 250 lbs
Date of birth 02/19/1970
Place of birth Cleveland, Ohio
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Resides Miami, Florida
Billed from Death Valley; Glasgow,Scotland
Trainer None
WXCW Extreme
Handled by handler-A Scott
Win/Loss Record 0-2
Debut January 1, 2008
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Early Life

Michael Ryan was born in 1970 in Cleveland,Ohio. Mike was shy growing up but always wanted to be a wrestler. When he was a little kid, he wrestled in pee wee federations, winning a championship when he was only 9. At age 15, he joined a wrestling school in Ohio and began his march on his career.

Original WXCW 1990-1998

Michael was signed onto the original WXCW with the brand Rage, beginning with a feud against the WXCW champion, future WXCW chairman Mark Scott. Mike won the title as a rookie against all odds and was a major threat to the careers of many, turning on allies every chance he got. He was a dangerous foe, unpredictable and menacing, chokeslamming his opponents every time he got the chance. In 1993, Mark Scott became his manager, seeing the idea that aiding him would be better than fighting him. That resulted with the two taking the WXCW Tag Team Championship in 1994 at the first Xecution. In 1995, Mike lost his title due to injuries suffered at the '95 Xecution, the last year of the event as few tuned in due to only one big match. Mike returned in October of '95 and fought to earn the right as the number one contender. He succeeded and won back his title, starting a 2nd reign. In 1997, he and Mark won the Tag Team title a second time, earning a shot at the duel brand tag team title. The two lost their titles when the GM of Rage accused Mark of cheating. Mark was suspended for a month and Mike had to defend the title on his own, losing it on the first defense. In 1998, the WXCW announced that it was folding following WXCW:Chaos in June. Mike defended the championship at Chaos and was the final WXCW champion.


For 10 years, Mike was retired, teaching at his own wrestling school, Ryan's School of Hard Knocks. He also was GM for the now defunct WXCW rookie league that remained despite WXCW's folding in '98. In 2002, Mike was inducted into the new WXCW Hall of Fame. In 2005, rumors surfaced that Mark Scott had purchased WXCW with hopes of reopening the promotion with new brand names and titles. Mike was approached by Mark to wrestle and be GM of WXCW Extreme, the first announced brand of the new WXCW.

WXCW Extreme

On December 25th, 2007, WXCW reopened, starting with a match between rookies A-Ron and Eminem with A-Ron getting the win. Mike made his debut on the brand a week later, disguised with a white one-piece with a white full head mask that covered his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. He then declared that he was the WXCW champion and that he would eliminate those he felt did not deserve a shot at the title. He then took on the Pulverizer as his apprentice before losing a Number One Contender match to A-Ron. The next week, A-Ron defeated Mike in an early title match, leaving Mike unmasked. The same night, rookie Brett Ace arrived, declaring war on Mike in hopes of later taking the WXCW title from A-Ron. The next week, Phantom announced that he was starting a beat the clock competition for the number one contender. He also announced the arrival of a new superstar.

Retirement #2

Mike once again retired, this time, he said, for good. He claims that he was getting tired of consistent failures of promotions he was a part of and decided against competing.


Mike joined NRPWA, a new wrestling governing body, as a promoter, founding NRPWA: Fireside Championship Wrestling as a promotion in the Southwest region of the United States of America.

In Wrestling

Finisher: Tombstone Piledriver (Present)
Finisher: Chokeslam (1990-1998)
Crucifix Armbar
Shadowed Fate (Elevated Boston Crab)
Back Fist of Death (Spinning Back Fist)
Shadow Line (Corner Clothesline)
Blood Lust (Stomp on opponents head)
Phantom Kick (Super Kick)


  • Phantom
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Death Machine
  • White Shade

Entrance Themes:

Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi (Current)
Blaze of Glory - Bon Jovi

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