Michael Saint ( Born 9/23/1982 in Los Angeles, California ) is currently a manager in the Exteme Wrestling Corporation on the Friday Night Rampage brand.


Height - 5 feet 9 Inches

Weight - 175 pounds

Birth Date - 9/23/1982

Supposed Debut Date - Fall 2001

Actual Debut Date - Summer 2004 ( Sedition Wrestling Alliance )

Retirement Date - ( EWC ) Jan. 2006

Retirement Date - ( KCW ) March 2006

Ringnames - The Dark Angel, The Franchise

Quotes - " I am Straight Edge. I am Drug Free. I am Alcohol Free. I AM BETTER THAN YOU!" " I'm The Franchise bitch"


Early career

Michael Saint began his wrestling career on the Southern California( SoCal) Indy Scene wrestling for many different federations before moving to the east coast to do the same. Using a Straight Edge Gimmick ( antidrug, antialcohol, and "better than you" ) that would get him over a big time heel.

The Sedition Wrestling Alliance - A Star is born

In the early summer of 2004 Michael Saint was contacted by SWA President Rev. about coming in to his federation and on July 21 in Albany, New York Michael Saint made his big time debut defeating Lex Luther. Saint did not stay on the bottom of the card for long, because not long after he would engage in the first major feud of his career with an unlikely anti-hero by the name of Teen Throb. The two men would engage in a war of words that would take a turn for the worse when Saint brutally attacked Teen Throbs long time friend and bandmate JJ. After that Teen Throb could no longer take it and a match was signed it would Michael Saint vs Teen Throb in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at Apocalypse Now!. The match went off without a hitch. It was brutal, it was bloody, and just when it seemed like Saint had the match won JJ ran him down with a car allowing Teen Throb to get the pin and the victory.

After this match Saint would have himself a series of matches with other newer members to the federation getting one win and one lose. The Saint vs Teen Throb Feud could not end and the war once again raged on cumulating in one of the most violent matches in the careers of both men. This time it was Saint who would pick up the win after Teen Throb attempted to hit him with a car, but instead ran over a bed of C4 Explosive. This match would top off a winning streak by Saint for the following weeks and ending in him making it to the finals of the SWA Television Title Tournament after scoring a questionable pin over rookie up start and rival Crisis ( Lex Luther ). The semi-final match would however be the last match Saint would have for SWA as less than 3 weeks later after a great amount of inactivity SWA folded.

The Professional Wrestling Alliance

The Bottom of the Barrell

After SWA folded Saint went into a state of semi-retirement not wrestling for monthes until that Fall he was contacted by his brother El Chupacabra about coming into the Professional Wrestling Alliance. Saint would sign a part-time contract along with his best friend and tag team partner The Beast. Saint would come into PWA with a great deal of hype, but would quickly be buried in fed politics and red tape. At the beginning of 2005 Saint would be put in a stable known as The Church of the Antichrist under the leadership of El Chupacabra the group consisted of Michael Saint, The Beast, Matthew Jones, and Acid the group had some minor success, but was disbanned less than a month later.

Feuding with the Boss

After the disbanning of the afore mentioned stable Michael Saint was slated to feud with current PWA World Champion and brother El Chupacabra. The feud would be started after Saint would defeat and injure El Chupacabra's best friend and PWA United States Champion Acid. The match happened, but at the last minute PWA Owner Mr. R scrapped the storyline. Saint would win the match and the title, but right after the title was vacated and his win was taken out of the record books. This would enrage Saint who walked out of PWA with Beast stating "He would never wrestle ever again for anyone". Saint would leave the wrestling business angry, dejected, and disenfranchised. However not long after he walked out many others would follow suit by leaving PWA, which many believe is the reason of its eventual demise.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation Take One - The SWA Reunion Show, Monday Night Brawl, and A FORCE to be recconded with

( Due to most of the EWC's Information being deleted by some prick this may not be 100% accurate ) In summer of 2005 Michael Saint would be contacted by former SWA brothers #redirect Kid Cactus and Lex Luthor about doing an SWA Reunion Show being put on by a federation known as the Extreme Wrestling Corporation ( EWC ) which Kid Cactus was Vice President of. Saint would compete in the show wowing the audience and getting the attention of EWC President Big Mac. Mac would approach him after the show about becoming a member of the EWC Roster. Saint would go onto join the roster debuting on Monday Night Brawl defeating Brandon Taylor ( then wrestling under the name of Randy Orton ). Not long after this match Saint would don the moniker "The EWC Franchise" taking his cocky straight edge gimmick to alltime highs becoming a star in the process. Saint would engage in a feud throughout the summer with the man known as D-Fuzed a member of the Impact Players stable having many classic matches. The feud between the two would heat up to a fever pitch when Saint would join the Impact Players rivals in the EWC known as FORCE an elite group that would be made up of Shadow Man, Memphis Reigns, Alexander Dreadnaught, Ebon, Nathan Doe, Blade, and Jason Burgess. The D-Fuzed/Saint feud would come to an end in a Triple Threat Match for the EWC International that involved former SWA Alumni Mad Man Gary on the 7/15/2005 episode of Brawl. Saint would win the International Title for a little over a month before being forced by the then GM of Friday Night Rampage Nathan Tyson to Shawn Orka, because Saint would need to take a short leave of absence from the federation. This match would also mark the first ever EWC loss for Michael Saint a fact that bothers him to this day.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation Take Two - Friday Night Rampage and the HardCore Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship

( Due to most of the EWC's Information being deleted by some prick this may not be 100% accurate )After a very short hiatus Saint would return to EWC with a new goals in mind. 1. Get revenge on Nathan Tyson 2. Win a World Title. It did not take him long to get under the gander of Tyson right away calling him out and accusing him of screwing Saint over. Saint would be put in a match with Grant Leeder ( then known as "The Franchise" Leeder) putting his Franchise moniker on the line. Saint would win the brutal match and prove to the world he was The EWC Franchise. This night would also mark the last time Nathan Tyson was ever seen in EWC, it is believed by some that Saint gave Nathan the ultimatum that "You have a chioce have a match with me or leave forever", Nathan would not be seen again.. In the time of his absence Shawn Orka would drop the International Title to Alexander Dreadnaught in a sub-par match. Dreadnaught being a very good friend of Michael Saint would offer him a shot at that very belt. In another great match Saint would dethrone his friend and once again start on his winning streak. It was not a week later when Saint would be thrown into a match where he would win the HardCore Wrestling World Title from then champion Matt Sentel. However Sentel would use his innate power of bitching and moaning to the get the decision over turned. Saint was enraged and would go on a one man rant of how he got screwed over by Sentel. During Saint's absence he would help President Mac and Vice President Kid Cactus sign a young prospect named Cameron Hayden. Hayden had trained under Saint at his facility and Saint thought highly of his abilities. When Saint would return to EWC he would form an alliance with Cameron Hayden, his former nemesis Shawn Orka, and another young up and comer named Hirsh Valentine. Not long after the formation of the new group Matt Sentel would walk out of EWC for personal reasons. Once again it is rumored that people were demanding him to defend his title against Saint and he would not do it so he left. Sentel was slated to take on former EWC Undisputed Champion and Icon Memphis Reigns for Sentel's HcW World Title at an upcoming show. EWC President Mac did not hesitate he made the match Saint vs Memphis for the HCW Title. In a match that will be long remember Saint would pull off the upset and win his first World Title in EWC. The next couple monthes were great for Saint. He would team up with Cameron and be entered into the annual EWC King of the Cage Tournament. Saint would win his first round match, but would eventually fall to the tournament winner and good friend Hirsh Valentine. In this time Cameron Hayden would shoot up the ranks of EWC and be named number one contender to Saint's HcW World Title at Wrestlefest 7. A Three Way Match was set Eddie Mendez vs Cameron Hayden vs Michael Saint. in the match that he believe was the best of his career Saint would lose to his protige Cameron Hayden. Post match Saint would reveal that he was retiring from active competition in EWC in a tear jerking speech.

Kenshiki Championship Wrestling: A Family Feud

Saint would become a part-time participant in Kenshiki Championship Wrestling most as an enhancement talent to the stars, but that was until he made an impact. Saint would injure his brother El Chupacabra putting him out of action for 2 monthes. In that time Saint would feud with El Chupacabra's friends and partners Rich Ashley and Lena Katina nearly winning the KCW Title in the process. However El Chupacabra would return to get revenge on his brother. In a brutal match Chupa would pin Saint and jump from a nearly 25 foot distance on top of him ending his career in KCW.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation Take 3: Staff Member, Manager of Champions, Sexiest man alive?

Saint would not stay away from EWC for long, before he felt a need to come back. Saint would become the manager of friend Cameron Hayden and his group of followers known as Haydenism ( former/current members being Ebon, Dreadnaught, Angel, Namok, Gabreal Martin, Cameron Hayden, among others )Saint would also be given the honor of being EWC's Official Journalist with his own show called Bottomline. Saint would get a whole new arena to rant and rave in to his enjoyment. The original shows would feature Haydenism and EWC upstart Jesse Nunez in a series of comical situations. Saint would bring in another trainee Gabreal Martin who had some success. Saint would also have a match where he defeated Monday Night Brawl GM Jason Walker and sent him packing from EWC. In late August 2006 a picture would circulate that had Saint on the cover of People Magazine named "Sexiest Man Alive".

  • As 2007 rolled in, so did another change. Saint was approached by President Mac and asked to become the new Vice President of the EWC. After contract disputes, the paper was signed and Saint was named the new VP of the EWC...a title he holds this day. As well as being inducted into the EWC Hall of Fame.

Extreme Wrestling Corporation Take 4: Project F.E.A.R. vs F.O.R.C.E.

In late 2006 Saint's older brother El Chupacabra signed a deal with EWC to the anger of Saint. Not long after Cameron Hayden would break apart from Saint and start a tag team with Chupa in a move that was unheard of up until then. The trio would later reveal at Metldown 07 that this was all an elaborate hoax. Saint and Chupa had reformed a strong bond with one another and along with Cameron Hayden and an elite group of stars were bent on taking over EWC. Saint would also have a short term feud with friend and mentor Gladiator resulting a match neither man won. Saint has also competed in a match against El Chupacabra coming up short in the end. Saint was in the Memphis Reigns Memorial Cup losing to the eventual winners The Sedition of Rev and Gladiator. Post match Saint was brutally attacked by The Rev. It is believed that the two will be facing off in a match at Stranglemania a month later.

Finishing and Signature Moves

  • Fall From Grace Swanton Bomb(EWC/SWA/PWA) Corkscrew Shooting Star Press(KCW)
  • Pepsi Plunge Spinning Tombstone( PWA )
  • The Driver Double Underhook Piledriver
  • Franchiser Cradle Piledriver ( EWC )
  • Franchise Choke Guillotine Chokehold
  • Bank Roll Swinging leghook fireman's carry slam where opponent lands on his or her head
  • European Upper Cut
  • Frachise DDT - 720 Pheonix DDT
  • Superkick

Championships and Accomplishments

Professional Wrestling Alliance
  • PWA United States Title
Extreme Wrestling Corporation
  • EwC International Chamnpionship (x2)
  • HcW World Heavyweight Championship
  • Hall of Fame
Kenshiki Championship Wrestling
  • KCW King of the Death Match Championship (x2)
  • KCW Eurasian Championship (x2)
  • KCW World Championship
People's Magazine
  • Sexiest Man Alive 2006

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