"Metal" Michael Toaster is a Professional Wrestler current working for the GameFAQs Wrestling Federation. He is also the former owner and operator of E.V.E. aka Extreme Vegas Entertainment/Extremely Violent Entertainment and the current owner of East Coast Hardcore Wrestling.

Early Days

Toaster came to the GWF in April, 2006 under the name Toast Hogan and made an immediate impact, winning the GWF Cruiserweight Championship on April 18, 2006 in a Ladder Match, defeating Whit3 Rabb1t.

From there, Toast Hogan would form a brief tag team with Wrathbeans, which ended when Toast did the unthinkable and turn heel.

At GWF Rise & Fall, Toast Hogan defeated rival soldier-dark to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.


After Rise & Fall, Toast Hogan was drafted to the Friday Night Brawl brand of GWF during the draft, which failed miserably.

Following the failed draft, Toast Hogan turned face again and feuded with DX member Dragonside and luchador MaskedNAcho. This feud culminated in a Triple Threat match at GWF New Beginning with Toast retaining the Cruiserweight Championship.

Down period

Following his victory at New Beginning, Toast Hogan introduced Green Bean Oaterlund, his own personal announcer. Following a KOTR tournament loss to Dragonside, Toast decided that he had enough of Toast Hogan, and he did the unthinkable, he turned heel again.

"Metal" Michael Toaster

After a lot of consideration, Toast Hogan turned heel on August 7, 2006 after Powerbombing Green Bean Oaterlund into fire. Toast then changed his name, and declared himself "Metal" Michael Toaster.

Michael Toaster's heel turn shocked the world and caused some to commit suicide. Toaster showed video's of himself killing the legacy of Toast Hogan and Toastamania by destroying Toastamania-related products.

Lander's Tournament

At this time, Michael Toaster entered the Landers Tournament, losing to Dirk Bentley on the opening round.

Brief downfall

On August 16, 2006, Michael Toaster left the GWF for personal reasons. Following his departure, GWF went into a frenzy with owner SheltonSplash quitting that same day. Many believed the GWF was done, but it managed to pull through and entered a new era. Toaster didn't appear on the first episode of Friday Night Brawl in the new era.


On, August 18, 2006, a video aired hyping Michael Toaster's return. Toaster returned a week later and feuded with CJ and Alex Storm.

This feud culminated at GWF Triple Threat where Alex Storm defeated Toaster and CJ in a Triple Threat match to win the GWF Cruiserweight Championship. Following this loss and another loss soon after to CJ, Toaster left the Cruiserweight division for good and feuded with another rising star, AT Fire. The feud revolved around Toaster's betrayal of the fans. After losing 3 times to AT's mascot, Moppy, Toaster defeated AT at GWF Locked n' Loaded.

From there, Toaster shortly focused on EVE until the PPV GWF Destiny Fulfilled, where Toaster defeated Alex Storm to win the GWF United States Championship. Toaster remains champion to this day.

As U.S. Champion, Toaster defended the championship against Mark "Underbaker" Madison, Jeff James, The Forum Man, jeff_hardyboyz, and Alex Storm. Michael Toaster turned babyface on February 23, 2007.

On April 8, 2007, Toaster defeated former EVE Superstar Josh the Jersey Boy to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match at Rise and Fall 2.


In October 2006, Michael Toaster was given control of EVE, the GWF's developmental federation. On October 3, E.V.E. debuted and was an instant hit. In EVE, Toaster himself feuded with Mark "Underbaker" Madison and they had a match at EVE's first Pay Per View, Cyber Showdown, where Toaster(bringing back his old Toast Hogan character) lost in the main event.

Toaster appeared in EVE a few more times before the place closed in February 2007.


In January 2007, Toaster opened his own original promotion, Eash Coast Hardcore Wrestling, which was pretty much of combination of GWF and EVE and included talent from both shows. ECHW lasted about 2 months before Toaster closed it.


Toaster joined Backyard Wrestling Online(BYW-O) in February 2007 and won the BYW-O World Heavyweight Championship in his first night.


Michael Toaster's United States Championship reign is the longest title reign in GWF history, beating out his reign as Cruiserweight Champion.

Toaster is 5-1 at GWF PPV's.

Toaster is considered the King of Ladder Matches in GWF, having won 3 of them. He will be in the Money in the Bank ladder match at GWF Rise & Fall 2 on June 17, 2007.

Toaster is the writer for the weekly GWF Power 25 column.

Toaster has feuded with Dark Soldier, Dragonside, MaskedNacho, Alex Storm, Chris "CJ" O'Malley, AT Fire, Alex Storm, jeff_hardyboyz, Mark Madison, The Forum Man, Jeff James, and Josh the Jersey Boy in GWF. He feuded with Glasgow Mauler in BYW-O.

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