Michael Haelstorm
Real name Michael Whitman
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Height 6'1"
Weight 220 lbs./100 kilos
Date of birth May 29th, 1983
Place of birth Calgary, AB
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Billed from Calgary, AB
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Underground Pro, Lion's Road, Genesis Pro Wrestling, XWR/RCW, California Pro Wrestling, SHOCK Pro Wrestling
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Debut 2003
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Michael Whitman (born May 29, 1983) better known by his ring name Michael Haelstorm, is a Canadian professional wrestler. He is currently under contract by no wrestling promotions, but is searching for a permanent position in an American federation.

He is known for his work in Underground Pro, a federation from the North-Eastern United States, as Mike Majere. A time during which he established himself on the North-Eastern wrestling scene with the gimmick of charismatic, egotistical enigma with a martial arts background.

Early career

Becoming a World Champion is something he aspired to do all his life. While growing up in Calgary, Mike grew up watching Bret Hart, and wanted to be just like him, if not, better. As a teen he began training a little less traditional-style for most wrestlers. His training began at the Ishi Yama judo club in Calgary. With Mike's judo training came an aspiration to build muscle. He bought a gym membership when he was 16 and began working out regularly. He eventually, just after his 17th birthday, achieved status of Nidan or a black belt

Halfway through 2003, Mike moved to Toronto, Ontario, for a job offer from Apocalypse Wrestling Federation. Here, he wrestled under the name of Pyro. He was paired with a man by the name of Ryan Verhoeven. They had about a 6 month run together, but they never actually won tag titles. In late 2003, while wrestling with his former partner, Mike tore ligaments in his left knee. Mike was sent back home to Calgary and fired from AWF.

Mike was wrestle-free for over a year, the whole time remaining active through physio and working out at the local gym. Mike was still doing his best to continue practicing wrestling and judo, although he got yelled at by his parents (even though he was 21) with every attempt he made to stop resting his knee.

Revolution CAW Wrestling/Xtreme Wrestling Revolution

Mike Ent

Mike Majere making his first televised entrance.

Mike Majere vs. English Explosion

After what seemed like an eternity of rehabilitation, Mike started wrestling locally again with a "screw them in AWF" attitude towards his former employer. Mike was miraculously spotted by a scout. The federation? Revolution Championship Wrestling, a televised federation which is recorded over western Europe. Mike was ecstatic. He was originally just meant to wrestle in house shows and dark matches, but, after being noted for his popular in-your-face attitude, he was brought up to primetime for the first time in his life.

On July 31 of the year 2005, Mike Whitman made his debut on an episode of RCW: Intensity and immediately began feuding with the fan favorite the English Explosion "Double E". This was not only Mike's first feud, but his first title feud as well. On August 16, the two squared off, but, even only a little over two weeks into his RCW career, Mike's knee was legitimately injured, by the ligaments being strained. This set Mike back about two weeks.

Return/Tag Team with CMK

Mike's return was welcomed with an open challenge. Mike offered anyone to fight him in a match. Black Thunder, or now known as El Rayo Negro. But, Mike and Black Thunder were going to square off in the first ever First Blood match in RCW. The match ended up lasting close to 30 minutes. The match ended when Black Thunder hit Mike in the face with a fire extinguisher, causing bloodshed. Thunder then attacked Mike's knee after the match, but only caused minimum damage.

Mike and Thunder stayed with each other for a few weeks, not directly feuding, but Mike was becoming involved in Thunder's feud with Brett Candice. Not only this, Mike was growing some hate for The Shadow (now known as La Sombra). In the end, Mike and the Shadow eventually squared off in a match for who would decide which match Black Thunder and Candice would square off in at the PPV. Mike ended up winning the match after a Sapphire Flames.

Mike's feud with The Shadow eventually died down when the Shadow ended up quitting RCW. Over some of this time, Mike had made a friendship with former OCW/UgP wrestler CMK. Mike and CMK had decided to shoot for tag gold, but were quickly eliminated from the tournament in the first round by Jack Russoe and The Bandit. But, they were given a second chance later on at RCW's first ever pay-per-view, Infernal Gauntlet.

There was meant to be two pairs competing at the PPV, but the opposing team had quit, so Mike and CMK were given the chance for tag gold. Mike and CMK showed excellent chemistry throughout, but CMK was hit with a Jack Knife Power bomb at the hands of Jack Russoe, and while Mike attempted to break up the pin, he was pulled back by the Bandit.

Later that night, Mike began a new hate-ship with RCW wrestler John Johnson. After an exchanging of words on Mike's first ever edition of "The Second Take", a talk-show where Mike could showcase his attitude and insults in a one-on-one interview, Mike, who was known for keeping his cool, attacked John Johnson.

Mike Majere vs. CMK

Almost immediately after, the date was set for RCW's second pay-per-view, Xtreme Xmas, the main event: John Johnson vs. English Explosion vs. CMK vs. Mike Majere for the number one contender ship for the World title. But, prior to that match, Mike and John would square off in the ring. However, the match ended in a no contest after both exhausted men fell from the top rope to the floor.

For the two weeks leading to Christmas Eve, CMK was pleased and delighted to tell Mike that he had found a beautiful girlfriend. Mike was happy for his friend and hoped the whole thing would go over well.

Then, at Xtreme Xmas, Mike, CMK, Double E, and John Johnson, almost Mike's entire career in RCW were all going to compete in a match. Not only a match, but the most important of Mike's entire career. Before the match though, Mike was caught under the mistletoe with CMK's own girlfriend, which provided for an awkward situation. The match was long and difficult, in the end, Mike won number one contender ship by pinning John Johnson after a CKplex at the hands of his partner CMK. The teary-eyed Majere had won his first ever shot at the top title of the business. But after the night, something peculiar happened, with CMK as witness.

The following RCW show actually never happened, RCW had undergone a name change. The new name: Xtreme Wrestling Revolution, or XWR for short. The first show, Mike was questioned by CMK regarding the scene at the pay-per-view, but not for the match, but for what had happened after. Mike was quick to deny all assumptions, especially those that included the mentioning of Andrea, CMK's girlfriend.

The next week, on Saturday Night Sideslam, Mike had a short, strange confrontation with Andrea, but, CMK was quick to enter, and asked Mike for a favour. CMK asked Mike to plan a "special" Second Take for CMK and Andrea, the suggestion left Mike, Andrea, and all others curious as well. CMK surprised all when he proposed to his girlfriend! Even more shocking though, was when Andrea broke down and responded by saying that she couldn't marry CMK. CMK immediately accused Mike of stealing his girlfriend, which we later found out to be true, and sleeping with her. Mike was then attacked by his long time best friend CMK as the show came to a close.

The next week, Mike seemed to be in denial, as he requested a handicap match with him and CMK to take on undefeated strong man LaMont Green. The match ended with Mike being beat down by his former partner and LaMont Green, although the beating was far from over. Mike was continued to be beat by LaMont, but now with a chair. Mike was given many vicious chair shots, and even clever maneuvers with the chair. But unexpectedly, John Johnson began running down the ramp to the rescue, however, CMK was there to stop him. The show ended with Mike and John Johnson on the ground and LaMont and CMK admiring their handiwork.

Later on that night, Mike was put out of action for the second time of his RCW/XWR career. He was kayfabe shot, but, he actually tore a trapezium whil wrestling LaMont.

Mike returned 4 weeks later and opened up with a match versus LaMont Green. Mike nearly ended LaMont's streak, until CMK interrupted. CMK threatened to hurt his ex-girlfriend. Whilst distracted, LaMont rolled up Mike for a three count.

RCW/XWR's third Pay-per-view happened on February 21. Mike and CMK we're going to go at it. Before the match, we discovered that Andrea had been pregnant and CMK had caused a miscarriage, but, we didn't know who had impregnated her, CMK or Mike. The match was hard for Mike, and he ended up losing in the end with a CKO. Afterwards, Mike told CMK, that it had not been he that had impregnated Andrea, it had been CMK.

Underground Pro

That was RCW/XWR's last show. Afterwards, the company was merged with Underground Pro, a federation located in the Northern U.S. Mike's debut consisted of a World title shot. A "Lethal Lottery" was made to decide the new champion, or keep the current champion, Mr. Damnation. 12 entrants would fight Mr. Damnation individually. After the eight three counts, "Downfall" by Trust Company played throughout the arena and Mike Majere's turn had come. Mike showed good offense, but was caught with the devastating Interjection and put down for the three count.

Mike stayed with the company until it's first of many closures, being involved in various matches with various people, and even getting very close to winning the UgP Iron Knuckle Title.


After the closure of UgP, Mike did some searching, and actually found a federation known as California Pro Wrestling. He negotiated with the company, and actually prepared a gimmick, promo, and was offered a match, but after hearing of Genesis Pro Wrestling, the federation formed from the ashes of UgP, he immediately signed with GPW.

Genesis Pro Wrestling

Mike signed with GPW in its early development stages as a singles competitor and helping with booking. He began a storyline involving GPW's promoter and former RCW promoter, Steve White, but much to his chagrin, after only about a month, the company shut its doors, leaving Mike Majere without a job.


Since the closing of GPW, Mike has commented that he finds the closing of the federation very unfortunate, but all he's said about the future is: "Johnathan [CMK] and I have talked and we've decided we're going to be going to the same federation and sticking together."

Even so, Mike decided that to win a title, he would have to polish his moveset. It was then that he traveled to Kingston, Ontario and began training at the Gladiator MMA club.

Lion's Road

On February 28, Mike and Lion's Road came to an agreement and Mike was signed as a freelancer. Thus far, he's competed on the "Take the Dream" tour. Mike feels it's a great chance for him to showcase his new style in an organization that focuses on the actual wrestling of wrestling and less on promos.

Of course, Mike being the charismatic entity that he is, has also commented that he would like to join another federation where he can get a microphone and cut a promo, but he'll also commit to touring with LR during certain parts of the year.

Mike was successful enough in his first tour, even if he did lose in his last match, however, he showed the fans what he's capable of. He's strongly considering coming back to do another tour another time during the year.

Return to Underground Pro

After his period of head spinning federation changes and looking-intos, Mike finally announced on his official Myspace that he would be returning to Underground Pro. He also mentioned that he is still planning on working with Lion's Road, and that he had a great time on the tour.

On the return night of Battlezone, Mike made an explosive return, attacking both Mr. Damnation and S.O.B. with a baseball bat during their match against each other. He then proceeded to grab a microphone and declare himself the "Giant Killer". He later participated in the Lethal Lottery, but was eliminated after being chased out of the ring by S.O.B. and Mr. Damnation, who he'd attacked earlier in the night.

The following week, Mike bested the giants once more, as the two proved that they were unable to work together when S.O.B. punched Mr. Damnation, giving Majere an opening to pick up the win. The following week as well, Mike defeated S.O.B. one-on-one with the help of Mr. Damnation who was looking to get revenge on S.O.B for making him look like a fool, and also in an effort to wreak as much havoc as possible in spite of Banks's decision to give S.O.B. Mike before him. The next week, Mike defeated Mr. Damnation one-on-one when S.O.B. interfered and gave Mike the chance to pick up the win.

Independent Circuit

After the sudden closing of Underground Pro, Mike quickly began working independently, appearing at several small wrestling shows across the United States and Canada, and did so up until the beginning of December. Shortly thereafter, he announced he planned to return to televised wrestling in January 2008. He also announced he had changed his stage name to Michael Haelstorm, stating that: "A new year, means a new Mike." Rumor has it he's been in regular contact with Dave Milan

In Wrestling

Mike Kick

Mike Majere is quite notorious for his kicks.

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Beau Idéale (Twisting Falcon Arrow; Wrestler whips opponent into the ropes, and upon return, scoops them up, spins 180° while they're upside down and drops them with a Falcon Arrow)
    • Sapphire Flames (Modified Front Powerslam) - 2003-2006
    • Enziguiri
    • Full-Nelson Suplex Pin
    • Jumping Armbar
    • Northern Lights Suplex
    • Cross Armbar
    • Backflip Splash
    • Spear - only done with opponent in corner
    • Various kicks and kicking combinations
    • Knee Smash (User kicks opponent in the thigh so they bend over slightly then jumps and hits them in the temple with their knee on their other leg, much like an enziguiri)
    • Face Lift (User places opponent on top turnbuckle, sitting up. They then climb up to the top turnbuckle from the apron and place their knee behind the opponent's head. The user then does a small hop and the opponent falls to the mat with the user falling on top of them with their knee, smashing their face into the mat; this is often done as a setup to his finisher)
    • Double Chickenwing Facebuster (Waffle Face)
  • Past feuds
    • English Explosion
    • The Shadow
    • The Bandit & Jack Russoe (Tag with CMK)
    • John Johnson
    • CMK
    • Mr. Damnation
    • S.O.B.
  • Nicknames
    • "The Giant Killer"

Theme Music

    • "Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde - RCW
    • "Trade Yourself In" by Shinedown - Late RCW/XWR
    • "Out of my Way" by Seether - Early UgP
    • "Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank - GPW

Personal Life/Trivia

  • He has five cats. He's commented on the fact by simply smiling and saying: "What can I say? I just like cats." As well as saying "Sorry to those of you that thought I was a man's man."
  • Mike is good personal friends with fellow wrestler in various federations as well as (former) tag-team partner, CMK. Other real life friends include Dave Milan and Jack Vengeance.
  • Mike's thrown out his left knee twice, and knows that it's more than likely going to happen again. This is apparently one of the reasons he's toned down his moveset.
  • Mike has competed in both Lethal Lottery Matches to date, and has also drawn entry number 9 each time.

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