{{{Michael Harris}}}

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}}}px|Image of {{{Michael Harris}}}]]

Statistics Real name {{{Michael Andrew Harris}}} Ring Names {{{The God of Hardcore, The X Division Savior, The Indestructable, The Greatest Professional Wresler Alive Today, The Most Hated Superstar}}} Height {{{6'4"}}} Weight {{{225lbs}}} Date of birth {{{12/04/81}}} Place of birth {{{Brookyln, New York}}} Date of death {{{N/A}}} Place of death {{{N/A}}} Resides {{{Chicago, Illiniois}}} Billed from {{{Chicago, Illiniois}}} Trainer {{{Shawn Michaels,Ric Flair, Phil Brooks, & Himself}}} Current federation(s) {{{WGEF,XCWA,& IWE}}} Previous federation(s) {{{BB2,XCW,GGW,THTXW,OCW,EWF,& FMM}}} Handled by {{{Michael C}}} Debut {{{Summer of 2004}}} Retired {{{N/A}}}

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