Michigan State Wrestling
Federation Name Michigan State Wrestling
Abbreviation MSW
Established 2006
founder Luke Matthews
Weekly show Impulse
Major PPV Fusion
Time open 11/11/2006–Present
Owner Luke Matthews
Commentators Luc and Huey
Federation type Storyline [Non Roleplaying]
Parent MSN
Supercards Monthly

MSW is an independent wrestling promotion that is based solely in Michigan. They have a private building in which they have their matches, and where their shows are taped. The have all of their in their performances in their very own building in the heart of Detroit, which is called the MSW arena. - The owner of the federation is from the Motor City himself, and his name is Luke Matthews. He wanted Michigan to be known as something else, and with something more other than a reputation of being where they build the majority of America's vehicles, so he thought that something in the line of sports would help. Soon after some long time of contemplating, he figured that professional wrestling would be the way to go. - It took some convincing with the town's mayor to build an arena for this soon-to-be promotion, but all in all, they came to an agreement through a heated discussion, and construction was underway. After a near six months of building what would become the MSW arena, he was offered a television contract that would air this promotion throughout Michigan, some surrounding American states, and even the Canadian province that is heavily populated: Ontario. - So soon, things are going to be looking good for this promotion, however they need more than an arena, some air-time and a large city to bring this federation to fame. They need the cream of the crop, which is professional wrestlers. Without them, MSW will be nothing. It will take awhile for this federation to break out on the independent scene as a company to feel afraid of, but it would be luck more-so then anything. - The MSW Arena has a full capacity of 1'550 people, but it isn't all that often they get a full-packed event. About two-thirds or one-half of the arena is filled, and that is because the federation isn't all that exposed, and not very popular. It's tough for MSW to get noticed, and they don't have any sponsors except for Pete's Pasteurized Pizza, which doesn't get that busy, for safety and health reasons. - The company can only employ up to 30 superstars, but they are recommended to hold 25 superstars for budgeting reasons. With this as a small-time federation, Management doesn't want to be giving all of their money away to superstars who aren't wrestling on the cards. They need some money for themselves in order to advertise, and get bigger with deals and sponsorships. Also, they don't want to go on the verge of bankruptcy.

Current Title Holders

mSw Heavyweight Championship

|Current Champion: Sentinel

|Previous Champion: Vacant

|Contender: Scott Gossard

|Date Won: Jan. 16th, 2007

mSw SHEESH! Championship

|Current Champion: Layne States

|Previous Champions: Avery Staley

|Contenders: Avery Staley

|Date Won: Jan. 30th, 2007

mSw Tag Team Championships

|Current Champions Chris Tougher & Johnny Canuck

|Previous Champions: Vacant

|Contenders: Teh Slaxorz

|Date Won: Nov. 22nd, 2006

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