Midian Is a fictional professional wrestler Handled By Shayne N. He is predominantly seen in the world of e fed wrestling. though began his career outside of that area. He is known as one of the most vicious and sadistic heels to ever step foot in the ring. Though he has had moments of acting face, but only for a short period of time.



In the Beginning At first midian was pretty much a nobody, his handler was new to fedding and really had no clue what he was doing, the name used for the character was "Darksyde" he was an overy cruel, and devious monster, but lacked promo skills to truly make him seem original and a threat to whoever he was facing. He debuted in the now long dead Revolutionary Championship Wrestling, led by Alexander Pierce, there he feuded with the Likes of Coffin Dancer, Pitbull Greg Mason, Jacob Grimm, and Oblivion, the local head nasty. Darksyde would try several over the top gimmicks, but would not gain any success until he became a sadistic mod modder type villain. kidnapping foes and others personalities and subjecting them to his warped style of art, He would go on to win a few titles here in RCW, however, would not win it's World title from Oblivion until the End of RCW. Shayne would go on, and forget RCW, until his attention was brought back to it nearly a year later, when He discovered RCW had returned after 3 months of hiatus, and that Darksyde has remained Undefeated as Champ until that time(The owner had loved the Character and had allowed someone else to take his reigns, when Shayne was notified, those reigns where handed over to the original handler until Darksyde dropped the title so that he could be removed and altered, the reason given, was for a knee injury, one that would haunt the character for the rest of his career.

Darksyde was removed from active roster of RCW and it soon after folded, seeming to need him as top heel, as many of the face characters stated disinterest in the other heels as a main draw. Darksyde went on the shelf, and was reworked, his backstory (considered nonkayfabe) was finally created.

Tragedy in youth

Darksyde was Born as Seth Greymalkin, Born to a wealthy couple, Richard and Eliza (Short for Elizabeth) GreyMalkin, His sister was named Theresa They were a happy family, needing nothing, and having everything, that is until Seth was nine years old, on a trip to visit some relatives the family was struck by a drunk driver, Seth was thrown from the vehicle and suffered terrible injuries, including head trauma, he survived but the rest of the family was killed as their sedan rolled off the embankment and down the mountainside, Seth was now alone in the world, or so it was thought, He was taken and placed in an orphanage, unable to recall anything but his last moments of absolute terror. he resided her for several years, unadopted due to the terrible scars left across his body as a result of his injuries. When he was twelve one of the Orphanage bullies attempted to pick a fight with him, resulting in a complete loss of reason, and a severely beaten up Bully, during the fight, Seth recalled his past, and his name, and placing a phone call summoned His families Butler, Braddock, Braddock retrieved him and brought him home, and as his parents wished, raised the boy to the best of his abilities, but the Young Greymalkin boy, was disturbed, blaming himself for his families deaths, he enjoyed violence, and gave in to the monster he saw himself as, as He grew, he grew large, and powerful, and one day saw his chance to not only supplement his fortune, which he had managed quite wisely, but also to legally feed his blood lust, thus, he became darksyde, and entered the ring for the first time.

Rebirth Darksyde would have ample time off to reconsider many things...he also had time to read while his injury healed, and so he came across the Book written by Clive Barker entitled "Cabal". Seth was fascinated by the idea of a haven for monsters...and came to think of himself as the same, only the monsters were just variations of himself, and so he took the name of the fabled city of monsters, he became "Midian".

His return

After finding e fedding on Myspace, Shayne, brought the rechristened Midian to a new fed, which eerily enough was almost identical to his debuting fed, it was called Revolution Championship Wrestling, and was run by a little know owner, Midian formed his Theater of pain Stable for the first time, Bringing in old Ally Rath as his second, together they won the RCW Tag titles, and feuded with the Heavenly Crew and Carnevil Until this new RCW folded just two months after it's birth.

brief synopsis of recent events

ESW Midian considers this fed "home", he is a 3 time world champion here, and the only ESW grand slammer, winning the world, tag, X, and TV titles. Here, Midian helped form the Order of Darkness and led his allies on a rampage that actually put them in charge of the fed as owners. however, infighting would result and the order would split shortly before ESW went under, but, it came back, and Midian won his third ESW world title winning it in the brutal King of ESW match where he lost an ear.

THW Midian was named THW MVP for a reason, he claimed all three of its singles titles, and held them, all at the same time, for almost half a year, until finally being defeated in the Leviathan match where he is rumored to have actually died afterwards, albeit only for a few minutes until his heart was started again, after this match, midian never returned to THW...he had done all he could do, and it was time for him to leave


The Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance soon signed Midian to their roster, and were almost immediately made to regret the decicion. Midian Started off fighting with reigning Lord of Darkness, Darkest Evil,The Problem, and Olivia. Things would get out of hand as Midian would kidnap Olivia's Parents in a bid to force her out of the NWA Pure title match, and would trade blows repeatedly with Darkest Evil. Problem would attempt to calm things down by removing Midian from the roster in a flashy manner...He set Midian on Fire! The burns however were not as bad as he would have hoped, and while Midian would fail to capture the Pure title due to the injuries, he made his presence known, and he made it known that nothing would prevent him from accomplishing his goals. midian would go on to win almost every title in NWA, Including it's World title, and while he may have become bored there, he stuck around until his recent retirement from the Fed, focusing on things that interested him a bit more.

GRW Midian has been a constant in GRW until his recent leave of absence, Midian has won a few titles, but mainly works to help develop new characters, and feuds, was a Part of the Powers Dynasty, led by GRW Owner Daniel powers, holding the Hardcore and The United States title before being run down and injured by JoshDaman, upon his return he quickly decimated Josh, and went on to form the deviants, until his rampage, costing Epidemic member Headstrong a match, cost him his contract, he found a loop hole however, and signed on as the manager for the deviants, ensuring his continued presence, and his brutality for his allies.

UWA Midian has lurked in UWA for over a year now, he has passed many opportunities for gold by, preferring to simply hurt those he wishes to hurt, he has had a few title shots, and earned UWA's longest Iron championship title reign, as well as a free bird rules reign as UWA tag team champion (His third tag title ever) with members of the Dark Scions Zandrous and olivia la oscura, this was a short lived, but dangerous group. Now, Midian has won Money in the bank, and has begun toying with current world champ, Big Sexy. Will Midian beat the champ and lay claim to the title?

Midian's Character sheet

Vital statistics

Real Name : Seth Greymalkin

Hgt: 6'8"

wgt: 284 lbs

Hair: Black

eyes: Blue(natural) Bright Green (Contact lenses)

Alignment : Heel

Theme Music

<a href= >Laid to rest, By Lamb of god</a>


The lights fade to a deep red and Laid to rest hits, and flames erupt from the stage, The fans give a mixed reaction as Midian walks through he flames and down the ramp, a sick grin on his face . He walks down the ramp, as spears of flame shoot up behind him on boths sides, he stands in front of the ring as the lights strobe, flickering on and off, he looks to the sky and raises his hands over his head, palms up as the ring posts explode into flames, he then pulls himself onto the apron, and steps over the rops into the ring, staring down the fans, the announcer and finally looks to his opponent/ stares up at the stage awaiting his opponent.


These are just some of his favs, feel free to have him do whatever is appropriate, or surprising

Numerous Punches and kicks Is a master of countering an enemy's offense <--Important to note Gordbuster Powerbomb two handed choke slam various leg drops Full nelson Camel clutch The coffin dancer - Gunn stingerSpinning Urnagi ( rockbottom) Running big boot rolling anderson spinebuster Anklelock Top rope piledriver The Hell Axle ( A spinning Belly/belly suplex) Vertical Suplex Various DDT's Sidewalk slam reverse suplex full nelson slam full nelson hold Spinebuster springboard lariat( A surprise move of sorts0 powerslam flapjack bodyslam hip toss Snake eyes The Scythe of oblivion - Jumping Leg lariat into reverse fameasser (another surprise) half crab mounted punches chinlock Chokeslam headlock (usually with punches...for fun) release dragon suplex Big leg drop (hits it from wherever he can, usually in surprise situations) ultimate knee strikes moonsault ( Used very rarely) running suicide dive out of ring (used whenever he thinks he can hit it) blockbuster super kick jumping leg lariat ( Like Booker T's) Iron Claw Hangman's face breaker the grand design ( Firemans carry, tossed over so that neck and head hit knee) The vice - ( A jaw clamp like what taker used to use, notably on hogan when he won his first WWF championship) Submission, can cause pins as well The Chains of Misery - a tazz mission

very dirty tactics, will use whatever he can to harm foes, notably a testicular claw (Or six pack clamp on females....yeah...not nice), spitting in the face, making sure to bleed in their eyes if he gets busted open, strangleholds, and of course, weapons and low blows...he really like glass...he finds the sound of it breaking...soothing

Also, midian, despite his <Myspace><Myspace><Myspace>size</Myspace></Myspace></Myspace> is quite fast and agile, he loves to shock foes by pulling off a quick high flying move here an there, and he LOVES fighting in high places, and likes jumping from them as well, he takes extreme to the extreme

Desperation Moves:(Used only when he is desperate) Jolt with his Cattleprod


The Lesson Learned: ( An Axe Guillotine Driver into a pin) An AGD Is when you pick up opponent For an Alabama slam but instead of a spinebuster you drop to your knees driving their head into the mat

The Lunatic High: On the top rope goes for a super fall away slam but holds on to the throw flipping into a moonsault pin

The Cradle of filth (Inverted Stf submission

Midian's list of accomplishments in Myspace only (Most of his other info is lost to me)

Sacred Crown Heavyweight Champion – 2nd ever – Defeated Headstrong - Vacated during leave of absence

Last Ever NWA World Heavyweight champion, won at Starcade, NWA’s Wrestle mania - Retired undefeated

First ever RFW World heavy weight Champion Defeated Buttercup and other in a rumble - Retired undefeated

UWA World Heavyweight Champion - Defeated Matt Storm by cashing in Money in the Bank, Vacated title 3 months later)

UWE World heavyweight champion Defeated Zandrous - Retired Undefeated

ESW World Heavy Weight Champion Defeated Olivia - Defeated by Nic

ESW World Heavy weight Champion Defeated Mr. X and Nero in Tournament, Defeated by Jason Jordan

ESW World HeavyWeight Champion – Defeated Jason Jordan and Darkest Evil In the First Ever King of ESW Match at ESW: One Night Only Held by UWA - Vacated while taking an extended leave to rest

TWA World Heavyweight Title – Defeated Jacob Grimm – Defeated By Jacob Grimm

TWA World Heavy weight Champion – Defeated Jacob Grimm – Held until RWA folded

RCW(1) World heavy weight Champion – Defeated Mad dog Mayes – Defeated by Jonothan Sereph

THW Hardcore champion Defeated Darkest Evil

THW Champion Defeated Trinity © and CJ Punk

THW World Heavyweight Champion Defeated Gambling man Chris Orlando in tournament

NWA Pure Champion Defeated JD Wanko - Defeated by JD Wanko

NWA Pure Champion Defeated JD Wanko © And Olivia - Defeated by Olivia

NWA TV Champion Defeated Nic - Defeated by Wild card

NWA Fuck the rules champion Defeated Mister X - Defeated by Kelly……… T_T

GRW Hardcore Champion Defeated JoshDaman - Defeated by Ian The IV

ESW X Champion Defeated Big Dave - Defeated by Problem

ESW TV Champion Defeated Mr. X- Retired Undefeated

11 time RCW(1) Hardcore champ first win defeated Razer (Held 11 times…I did not care to keep all records of this, as We won and lost it at random 24/7 intervals)

UWA Iron Champion Defeated the Problem © and David Padayao – Defeated by Mr. X

WOF hardcore Champion Beat Distroctor Defeated By Darkest Evil

WOF Hard Core Champion Defeated Darkest Evil © and Distroctor - Defeated by Darkest Evil

TWA Deathmatch title – Defeated Psychoslash and Inferno in a triple threat cage of Death – Defeated by Psychoslash

TWA IC Title – Defeated Pitbull Greg Mason – Defeated By Blitz

RCW(2) First ever Tag Champion w/ Rath - Defeated Carnevil and the Heavenly Bodies retired undefeated

NWA US Champion Defeated Zandrous - Defeated by Jason Jordan

NWA US Champion - Defeated Carnage - Retired undefeated

GRW US Champion - Defeated Wild Card – vacated due to injury (Hit by car, torn knee ligament)

UWA Money in the Bank Winner - Defeated Lonewolf, nightmare, sora Blaze, and Connor Willis

UWA Tag team Champions - Freebird rules W/ Zandrous & Olivia, The Dark Scions - Defeated Wildcard and Big Sexy and Johnny Mack and Jason Jordan - Zandrous and Olivia defeated by johnny Mack and Jordan

First ever THW Triple Crown Champion

Inducted into the first Efedders Union hall of Fame

Inducted into the second Efedder's Union Hall of fame

Inducted into the NWA Hall of fame

Creator of the Midian's Spider's Lair match

Creator of the house of glass

Creator of the Tower of Hell

Creator of the Gold rush match

Creator of the King of ESW match

Represented ESW in the First Ever Sacred Crown Tournament

WL’s Awards THW MVP

WL’s Awards: Wrestler of the year award

List of major Allies

Zandrous Darkest Evil Olivia la Oscura

List of major enemies

Zandrous Darkest Evil Olivia La Oscura The Problem Jason Jordan Cowboy Ron Harris (CRH)

List of annoying enemies (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

King Landric

A short info questionnaire

Midian was orphaned at age 9 when he and his parents and sister were in a horrible car accident. He lost his memory and lived in an orphanage until Braddock, his Butler, and guardian located him. Somewhere in the young Seth Greymalkin, a DARK seed was planted, and he grew to become the misery machine.

First Jobs your character had before become a pro wrestling: None, he is wealthy and has no need of a job

Love ones: The only one who comes close is Braddock, His butler, and the man who raised him after the death of his family

Places he or she lived: The Greymalkin estate, Baltimore Maryland, The Kensington orphanage, Cleveland, Ohio, The Gates of Midian(A nightclub he owns), Location Unknown, Various institutions and asylums( He considers this "Vacation time")

Life<Myspace><Myspace>style</Myspace></Myspace>:Decadent and cruel. He uses his wealth to support his many sundry habits, Sex, drugs, alcohol, anything he pleases at the given moment he indulges in. It is rumored that he supplements his fortune by supporting horrible things as snuff films, man hunting, and even sex slavery. None of this has ever been proven, and he simply smiles at the accusations. Some thing he considers these as nothing more than "Hobbies"

Dreams in the business: He does not care. He has lived more dreams than most would even have. He simply likes to hurt people.

Believes (morals, religion, culture): Belives that The act of Sin is an act of freedom, therefore, the more you live in sin, the more free you are. He has his own religion, based around a mysterious trio of goddesses whose names he refuses to speak. This religion centers around the things he loves most, pain, Hatred, and Fear

Where he trained at: Unknown

Rise to where he or she got to:

Funny Story, comedy: Midian finds the suffering of others to be hilarious, he scans the news and giggles at each act of misery he finds.

A storyline that heels can use against you (Has your character been divorced, drinking problems or:

Injuries: His left knee has been victim to many attacks and injuries, it is prone to injury. his right eye is useless due to a fireball to the face. He has broken at least one of every TYPE of bone in his body. numerous scars, from ripping, cutting, and burning.

Weakness: He is slow, fast for his <Myspace><Myspace>size</Myspace></Myspace>, but still slow to move, and he can be detrimentally single minded, he often focuses too much on one thing allowing something/one else to slip by him, much to his chagrin.

Strength: Midian prides himself on knowing a reversal or counter to just about any offensive move thrown at him, and if he does not know one, he is generally very good and making one. He mixes wrestling sty.les very well, using a little of everything to throw his opponents off guard

Other e-fedders they might look up to: Midian Respects a few People, but looks up to no one. He respects Zandrous, Olivia, and Darkest Evil, though he is quick to point out that he does not particularly like any of them.

What character likes to do on his free time: Party, corrupt young people, indulge whatever sin he wishes to indulge. Leads his Religious cult, the Legion. Tends to his Night club the Gates of Midian.

others things: Midian is an intelligent, conniving, devious monster. He is quite demented, but in a genius manner. He is capable of practically manipulating his foes into whatever he wishes Midian has been to court many times, but his judicial use of bribes has always gotten him off. He even has bribed his way out of asylums, and often takes a "Vacation" to them, just to "get away from the insanity of the world"[/QUOTE]

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