| company_name = Midwest Wrestling Association
| company_slogan =Changing the face of wrestling
| founder = Mitch Granderson
| area_served = Midwest Region

Company History

In the beginning of January of 07 Kris Williams was going to have a sixteen man double elimination deathmatch tournament that would span for three months. With the field of eight filled Williams got backing from Mitch Granderson of South Chicago industries with the finical backing Williams gave Granderson president and booking.

Until Feb 07 most wrestlers of the wrestlers were ready and King of the death match tourney was now Midwest Wrestling Association presents King of the death match. Also, added King of the Highfliers and Best of the best those two tourneys never gotten off because of the failure of KOTDM. With the down fall of the tourney system MWA went to a two show format.

On May 24 and 25 the Midwest Heavyweight Title tourney was off when Steve Storm won the title and begun defending his title. Mitch Granderson began the number one contender trophy system which on July 26, 07 the trophy will be handed out. With four shows under the belt of MWA and the growth of the roster, that is growing each month. Now with shows booked until January of 2008 MWA will keep entertaining the crowds in the Midwest region.

With the demand of more MWA they have gotten they TV with Happy Hour! A weekly TV taping over the Midwest region they will still have the same matches that were planed but now will be under the name Happy Hour!

With Stardust wining the Midwest Junior Heavyweight title in eight man elimination tourney. Cory Krisel capturing the Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Trophy in an eight man gantlet match. Now with the Midwest Tag team title and the Crusher & Bruiser tag team Memorial trophy are only left that will be won on the second month of Happy Hour tapings.

There were some major issues with management so now MWA has been closed for the past two weeks. MWA will have the official re-launch with a new feel to the company. This was decided by Mitch Granderson with the change over to TV tapings and pay-per-views. The thought is making everything seem fresh and new. On October 1, 2008 MWA closed there door do to issues.

Happy Hour Tapings

2007 tapings


2007 Pay-Per-Views


2007 tournaments

Main Roster

MWA tecnico/face

MWA rudo/heel

Tag Roster

The Flying Thunder

God's Forgotten


Zero Gravity

The War Machines

Team RaMbLe

Trios Roster



Midwest Heavyweight Title

Midwest Jr. Heavyweight title

Midwest Tag Titles


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