Mighty Mick is an American professional wrestler currently competing in PrYde Wrestling. He is one of PrYde's longest tenured members, but took a brief absence from PrYde in late 2007. He successfully returned to PrYde, defeating Brick Carver on PrYde Vindication.

Mighty Mick
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Height 6'2"
Weight 220 lbs
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Place of birth Dublin, Ireland
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Resides Dublin, Ireland
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PrYde Wrestling
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Promotions Wrestled for

Background Information

The man that has become Mighty Mick was born in Ireland, and spent resided in Dublin until he was 16. Mick’s real name is Pat Finnegan, but he has long since shed that name, to avoid his past. Mick’s early life was riddled with tragedy. When Mick was just eight years old, both his father, and older brother were killed during an Irish nationalist demonstration gone wrong. His father had gone to the rally to bring home Mick’s brother Shane, but in the resulting struggle was shot by over anxious police. Shane went ballistic, and tried in vane to get to his fathers killer, and he to was gunned down. With no one left to provide for the family, Mick’s mother was forced into a life of labor. A young Mick had to watch his Mother dig herself an early grave just to feed him. At the age of just 13 Mick attempted to join the militant IRA in hopes of getting revenge for his family. The ranking officer first turned him down, saying he was to young, but after Mick returned several more times, he agreed to train him as a sniper. I was thought that Mick would be the perfect assassin. He was small, so he could hide easily, and no one believed that any court could convict him if he was caught. Mick was Successful as a sniper for two years. Eventually, Mick’s desire for revenge subsided, and he wanted to leave the IRA. A remorseful Mick turned himself in to authorities. Mick was convicted in the courts, but judges were at a loss as to his punishment. At this point the US government stepped in, offering to take Mick in as a ward of the government. They claimed that Mick was a misguided youth who could never live a normal life in Ireland due to his crimes. The Irish government agreed to the US’s plans and exiled Mick to the states. So Mick arrived in the states, 16 years old, and with no family. Mick was sent to a Catholic school, where he was introduced to Olympic style wrestling. Mick was a quick study, and by his senior year, Mick won the state title, and placed in the national tournament. A few colleges began to look at recruiting Mick, but before he could complete High School, the US government came looking for him. It was then that the Governments real interest in Mick was shown.

The Military had pegged him as a perfect assassin. He had no family, he was basically trained, and he had no real choice. Mick was hauled off to a CIA safe house, where it was all laid out for him. He could be the Governments hired gun, or they could just make him disappear. He had just one week to decide. As soon as Mick was dropped off, he began to run, hoping a few trains, in an attempt to loose them. So Mick was now 18 and on the run from the US government, with no one to turn to. Mick shed his name, and began calling himself Mick, after his nickname in school. It didn’t take long for them to catch up to him, and they attempted to corner him in a small town in the Midwest. Running for his life, Mick ducked into the local high school’s gym, were the town had seemed to gather that night. What Mick saw inside the gym gave him an idea. It was a traveling VWF wrestling show. Mick did the only thing he could think of to escape capture, he ran into the ring, and began beating the shit out of both competitors. His only thought was to draw attention to himself so that they could not take him into an ally to shoot him. Mick was dragged from the ring by security and taken back stage. Luckily for Mick, the promoter saw some talent in him, and offered him a job, promising to make him a star if he worked hard enough, telling him that he could be seen in every TV in America! Mick saw his opportunity. A plan quickly formed in his mind. If Mick was a public figure, if millions knew him, he couldn’t be the government’s assassin, nor could they “just make him disappear.” Mick began training and traveling with the VWF, fighting to stay in the cameras eye, and fighting for redemption for his past sins. Mick has now joined PrYde and will hope to continue his travels of carnage.

Championships and accomplishments

Finishing and signature moves

  • Finnegan's Wake - (F-5)
  • The Drunken Lullaby - (Body Scissors/Cobra Clutch)
  • The Devil's Dance Floor - (Irish Whip into clothesline/punches and superkick)

Entrance Music

  • PrYde - "Loyal To No One" by Dropkick Murphys

Pro Wrestling record

12-18-2 (wins-losses-draws)
Result Opponent Event Title Date Title Match Type
TBA Brandon O'Neal PrYde Vindication June 12, 2008 PrYde Evolution Championship Tournament Singles
Loss Alexander T. Monroe PrYde Vindication May 29, 2008 None Singles
Loss Skorp and Claude Baptiste Ranier PrYde Vindication May 13, 2008 PrYde Extreme Tag Team Championships Six Team Ladder Match
Loss Steven Jones PrYde Vindication April 29, 2008 PrYde Evolution Championship Special Referee - Chris Moore
Loss Steven Jones & Chris Moore PrYde Vindication April 22, 2008 None Triple Threat/Hardcore
Win Brick Carver PrYde Vindication April 15, 2008 None Singles
Loss Justin Possible PrYde Vindication November 6, 2007 None Singles
Draw Chris Moore PrYde Vindication October 29, 2007 None Singles
Loss The Corporate Enforcers PrYde Vindication October 22, 2007 None 2-on-1 Handicap Match
Loss Joey Diamonds PrYde To Hell And Back October 13, 2007 None Falls Count Anywhere/2 out of 3 falls
Loss Harley Reigns and Trey Ortega PrYde Vindication October 1, 2007 None Triple Threat
Loss James Hughes & Adam Cain PrYde Vindication September 24, 2007 None Triple Threat Elimination
Loss Chris Moore PrYde Vindication September 3, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Ladder Match
Win w/ Iman Sain Harley Reigns and Bishop PrYde Vindication August 27, 2007 None Tag Team
Loss Harley Reigns and Bishop PrYde Vindication July 9, 2007 None Hardcore Triple Threat
Win w/ Iman Sain Elite PrYde Vindication July 2, 2007 None Handicap Hardcore Tag
Win Christopher Vaine PrYde Vindication June 25, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Singles
Win Joey Diamonds PrYde Massacre Haven June 13, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Strap Match
Loss Kilo Jones PrYde Vindication May 21, 2007 None Singles
Loss Kilo Jones and Venom PrYde Vindication May 7, 2007 None Triple Threat
Loss w/ Iman Sain Elite PrYde Vindication April 30, 2007 PrYde Tag Tournament Hardcore Tag team
Win w/ Iman Sain Juan Pacheco & Venom PrYde Vindication April 23, 2007 PrYde Tag Tournament Hardcore Tag team
Loss w/ Iman Sain Bruiser and Shatter-X PrYde Vindication April 9, 2007 None Hardcore Tag Team
Win Bruiser PrYde Fatal Fool's Day April 1, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Singles
Win Charlie Stubbs PrYde Vindication March 19, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Singles
Win Benz PrYde Vindication March 5, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Singles
Loss Dave Payne and Brick Carver PrYde Vindication February 19, 2007 None Anarchy Cage Match
Win w/ Justin Possible Claude Baptiste Ranier & Dave Payne PrYde Vindication February 12, 2007 None Tag Team
Win Dave Payne PrYde Ruthless Intentions February 4, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Singles
Loss Claude Baptiste Ranier PrYde Vindication January 22, 2007 None Singles
Draw Brick Carver PrYde Vindication January 15, 2007 None Singles
Loss Dave Payne PrYde Vindication January 8, 2007 PrYde Evolution Championship Ladder
Win Shovelman and Synic PrYde Vindication January 1, 2007 None Triple Threat

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