Miguel Cervantes
Ring name(s) Miguel Cervantes

The Phoenix Just Too Cold Pure Intensity

RC Aries
Height 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight 238 lb.
Billed from Phoenix, Arizona
American Debut June 1, 2007
Promotion(s) Super Internet Wrestling

Miguel Cervantes is a Filipino wrestler known for his vicious combos and innovative submission holds. He is currently competing on the Brawl brand of SIW known as RC Aries. He is a three time SIW Tag Team Champions, SIW North American Champion The current SIW Heavyweight Champion, SIW World Tag Team Champion and has the honor of being the final SIW Extreme Champion.


Before Wrestling

Miguel Cervantes was born on October 30, 1984 in the South East Asian archipelagic nation known as the Philippines. He was raised in a broken yet healthy environment and received good marks in school. He took up political science in one of the best schools in the Philippines, the University of the Philippines. He then made a move that would change his life and get the ire of his family. He decided to put aside his education to get an early start in something that he has always loved, professional wrestling.

Manila Wrestling Federation

Along with his brother Gabriel Cervantes, which was actually still a minor at that time, he entered the Manila Wrestling Federation. At this point in time, wrestling had become a world wide leader in entertainment but in the Philippines, it's fan base was just beginning to grow. With a small number of people that enjoy it and even less that would like to enter it, professional wrestling sounded like a bad career choice. The brothers disregarded this and still went on to become one of the most popular teams in the game. Their in-ring chemistry was seen in each of their matches. The combination of Gabriel's charisma and high flying offense mixed with Miguel's athleticism and technique drew in more fans for the promotion. The brothers reached the height of their tag team career when they won the MWF Tag Team Titles and continued their undefeated streak for several months.

Tragedy struck when one of the Japanese competitors had a misunderstanding with Miguel and the opponent moved out of an attempted springboard frog splash transitioned into an elbow drop. Miguel injured his elbow and the brothers were stripped of the titles. Gabriel received a singles push and became the MWF Champion. When Miguel was cleared to compete, Gabriel made the decision to leave the MWF to train in Mexico so he could master the lucha libre style. Management then turned Miguel heel and Miguel won the belt from Gabriel in a match where Gabriel was injured in kayfabe. Gabriel left for Mexico and Miguel was the MWF Champion.

As talented as Miguel was, he was not the most charismatic wrestler. He had a large repoitre of moves but without an actual gimmick, the fans could not keep hating him simply because of his brother being "injured". He was given the religious powerhouse gimmick known simply as "Cervantes" but it was deemed too controversial. he then switched to a stiff, shoot style fighter whose only purpose was to make his opponents tap out. He was often called "Just Too Cold" so his moniker became "The Iceman". Because the moves had to be stiff so the character would be realistic, he injured some opponents unintentionally and was required to change his gimmick. After Eddie Guerrero's death, he chose to have a character based on him. Writers were skeptical because the reason Eddie's gimmick worked was because he was very charismatic, something Miguel was not. The gimmick however worked and "Pure Intensity" Aries was born.

Leaving the Industry

The MWF pressured most of their top stars to keep the secrets of the business. They were asked to play their characters in public as much as possible. Miguel had no problems with this cause of his passion for the business. However, it got to a point were the character consumed him and he truly lived the life of his characters. It was bad enough he had this problem but because he had so many gimmicks, his personality was split into more than just two.

The problem reached it's height during an MWF Title match against Johnny Anderson. He came out not as "Pure Intensity" but as "The Iceman". He brutally attacked Anderson and almost ended his career. Luckily, his brother was in attendance and he was able to somehow prevent further damage. The MWF released him and Miguel was now unemployed and with a split personality.

At this point, he had the financial support that he needed through all the money he saved while being in the business and the emotional support of his friends and family. He took some small jobs assisting lawyers but his thirst for in-ring action grew. After turning down SIW in the past, he thought he'd never get a second chance but he received a call from his brother saying he needed his help. He has not only been attacked in the ring but also backstage area by an unknown enemy. Miguel then made the decision to go back to the industry he loved so that he can help his brother Gabriel.

Super Internet Wrestling

On July 1, 2008, Gabriel Cervantes who was now one of Carnage's premier stars and a dual champion(holding the Lightweight and SIW Tag Team Titles) was scheduled to compete against Mohammed Abdul Sheik with his manager Jaffar of the Brawl brand. Gabriel won the match with a moonsault but he was still attacked by the Arabic duo whose intent was to soften him up for his title defense against Jaffar. Miguel then made his debut and took out Mo and Jaffar to save his brother.

Being a Manager

Miguel was introduced the following week as Gabriel's manager. On that night, his brother was scheduled to compete in what would be the epitome of his career. He faced his rivals from Damage Inc., Drako and Grunge, as well as his mentor and tag team championship partner Ragin' Craig in a fatal fourway match for the 2007 Carnage Trophy. In the match, Gabriel pinned Drako after a hard right punch. Darren Knight tried to interfere on Damage Inc.'s behalf but Miguel pulled him off and Sonny Smith took out Darren Knight. Gabriel won the match and the trophy but as Definition, the stable conisiting of Craig and the brothers, were all attacked by Damage Inc.

Miguel then prevented Grunge from hitting Gabriel with a ring bell which led to Gabriel getting a pinfall victory over the SIW Champion at that point. After confrontations with Damage Inc., Miguel also assisted Gabriel in retaining the Lightweight Title agains Metalgod in Gabriel's signature ladder match. On that night, his brother won the popular vote to get an SIW Title match where he came up short but his partner Ragin' Craig cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase to become the new SIW Champion.

Friday Night Carnage

Returning to the Ring

Miguel got his first taste of in-ring action on July 20, 2007. Miguel had an impressive showing but the match ended with Ragin' Craig losing to Drako. Miguel then felt that the hole within him had filled. He then realized that no matter what he did, wrestling would always be his passion. After getting a taste, he wanted to get more in-ring action.

On August 3, 2007, he had his second match against new comer Michael Gaze. In the match, Miguel dominated until he was hit with a diving clothesline and gets pinned with the Innovative Central. In the following week, he tasted defeat for one more time when Definition was counted out against Damage Inc. due to Natedawg's interference.

The First Feud

The first sign of life came when he fought Michael Gaze in a rematch where he was able to get a double count out decision. It was not a win but after three impressive yet heart wrenching losses, he'd take anything. His winless streak would continue however when he faced Michael Gaze in a time limit match. Though winless, Miguel was happy because the crowd seemed to really enjoy the matches between him and his new rival.

Miguel finally had his first taste of victory when he teamed with mentor and Definition leader Ragin' Craig in a match against the Elite Alliance's Brandon Gateman and Michael Gaze. Ragin hit the Rage Factor and pinned Gateman but the rivalry between Cervantes and Gaze continued as they brawled back and forth. Miguel then won in his first Pay Per View match as he defeated Gaze in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match. Miguel extended the win streak to 3 after defeating Bernardo on the following Carnage.

Michael Gaze on the other hand won the Extreme Title on that night. He then called Miguel out to settle some rumors but it was nothing more than a trap as Bernardo, the Elite Alliance manager, hit him with a low blow and double teamed him. CR Roberts, assistant GM, then came out and scheduled Miguel in a match for the Extreme Championship against Michael Gaze. The catch was, it would be an Inferno match.

Gaze continued in his assaults as he attacked Miguel in a match against Asylum giving Cervantes the DQ win. Miguel then extended his win streak to 5 after pinning Asylum in a non title triple threat match with Gaze using his new finisher, The Phoenix Descent.

His luck ended at EBW Last In Line where he faced Gaze in an Inferno match for the Extreme Title. Just when he was about to put Gaze away with his finisher, the referee told him that his shirt caught fire and the match went to Gaze. The rivalry did not end just yet as Miguel defeated Asylum in a Tables match to regain his contendership status.

Miguel however had a chance to become a contender for a different title, the European Title. Miguel was invited to face Brawl's Ryan "NuTz" Brown in a match to determine who would face JD Xtreme in a European Title match at Unhallowed Desires. Cervantes looked like he would win the match until his rival Michael Gaze interfered, hit him with Innovation Central and let NuTz pin Miguel.

October 5, 2007 would become one of the most bittersweet nights in Miguel's memory. On this night, his brother Gabriel lost the SIW Lightweight Championship to Krazy J. Miguel had no time to console his brother as his match was up next. The SIW Extreme Title was on the line in a Bring Your Own Weapons match. Miguel once again had to put away his technique and submission skill to bring out the hardcore side of him. In a brutal confrontation, Rated X members Johnny Ringo and Primetime attacked Michael Gaze and put an unconscious Miguel over him to win the SIW Extreme Championship.

The Extreme Championship

Though he did not win it in the manner he wanted to, Miguel had become the new SIW Extreme Champion. In the following week however, he was scheduled in tag team action with his brother against Tha Dawg House members Krazy J and Killa Red. The feud between Miguel and Gaze obviously has not ended yet as Gaze distracted Miguel and cost him the match as payback for Miguel going to ringside during Gaze's match earlier in the night. Gaze was then assigned as the special guest referee in a tag team rematch where he cost the brothers another match. The feud continued when Gaze attacked Miguel as he was managing his brother the following week.

The feud ended at Unhallowed Desires in the final match between Miguel Cervantes and Michael Gaze. In the brutal confrontation for the SIW Extreme Championship, both competitors brawled back and forth taking each other to the extreme. The match and the heated rivalry ended when Miguel hit the Phoenix Assault through the announce table covered in thunbtacks and won the match.


After defeating Michael Gaze and retaining the Extreme Title, Miguel became more popular than he has ever been. Ironically, it was his innovative moves against "The Innovator" Michael Gaze that got him a major push. In his third main event of his SIW career, he teamed up with "The Assassin" Sonny Smith and long time friend Darren "Direct Hit" Knight against Tha Dawg House stable consisting of Natedawg and his lackeys Krazy J and Killa Red. Tha Dawg House were defeated and Miguel's popularity continued to soar like his gimmick of a phoenix.

He was then given a Brawl vs. Carnage match at Wednesday WAR against another popular up and comer named Scott Chambers. Miguel was seen as the underdog and was given little to no chance by the SIW locker room to win but Miguel was able to shock the world and defeat Chambers. As per the stipulation of the match, the winner would get a shot at either the European or the North American Title depending on what show he competed in.

After defeating Shane Ballance on Carnage, the Estreme Champion made his official announcemnt saying he would face Johnny Ringo on the following show for the SIW North American Championship. Miguel dominated the match near the end and was poised to become a double champion but Brandon Gateman who was Ringo's rival at that time interfered and Miguel lost the match via disqualification. Miguel was then jumped from behind by "The Phenomenal" Jay Douglas which started a new rivalry for "the Phoenix".

SIW Tag Team Championships

Cervantes and Gaze were scheduled to compete at the Carnage PPV Staying Alive. They were, however, also forced to compete in a tag team match up. Their first match as a tag team was already for the SIW Tag Team Championship against Tha Dawg House. Unlike with Michael Gaze, Miguel had some respect for Jay Douglas and as seen in his promos, the respect was somewhat mutual. The match controversially ended when former SIW European Champion JD Xtreme made his presence felt by hitting Killa Red with an Adrenalin Rush and placed Miguel over him. This was the second time Miguel has won a title through interference but still, he was now a double champion.

The SIW Tag Team Championships however would not stop Douglas and Cervantes from putting on a brutal match at Staying Alive. The brawl reached all the way to the parking lot area where they threw each other into cement pillars and vehicles. The match ended when Miguel hit the Chimera Combo on a hood of a car to win the match and retain the SIW Extreme Title. The two were assaulted by the former tag team champions Tha Dawg House and a rematch was scheduled for the following week.

Miguel's SIW Tag Team Title run ended when his partner Jay Douglas was severely injured in the tag team contest by Krazy J. Miguel was able to single-handedly win the contest via Fury Fall on Killa Red. After the doctors confirmed the end of Douglas' career, the SIW Tag Team Championship was vacated.

Road 2 Glory

Miguel's singles push continued after the SIW Tag Team Titles were taken away from Miguel. Miguel was placed in the Road 2 Glory tournament but his opponent in the first round was the man who cost him a North American Title reign, Brandon Gateman. Miguel was able to get a pinfall victory over the former Heavyweight Champion via the Phoenix Descent. This was at the time the biggest accomplishment in his career.

The fans then for some reason resented Miguel in the following week. It was widely believed that Brandon Gateman was a respected veteran and the smarks believed Miguel was undeserving of the win. This change in fan support showed as Miguel lost to Asylum in the Road 2 Glory tournament. Miguel was very fustrated and berated the fans for turning on him after all the hard work he's done.

At Road 2 Glory, Miguel was scheduled to put his title on the line. It was a 5 way Sudden Death Interbrand match for the Hardcore and Extreme Championships. The winner of the first fall would win the SIW Hardcore Championship and the winner of the second fall would win the SIW Extreme Championship. Terror Soule was able to retain the title when he pinned Metalgod and Miguel retained his title after pinning Krazy J with a Phoenix Descent.

Shocking End to 2007

Miguel was scheduled to face Krazy J for the Extreme Title on December 21, 2007. After defeating Krazy with a Phoenix Wing. The fans seemed to finally give Miguel the respect he asked for and earned after two title defenses. Miguel however made a heel turn later in the evening when he came out after the Knight/Asylum - Ringo/Roberts match. Darren Knight, Glenn Kirby and Asylum were being beat down by Johnny Ringo, CR Roberts and Bernardo with baseball bats. Miguel came out seemingly going for a save but intsead attacked his friend Darren Knight and celebrated with his new partners.

Miguel announced on that on December 31, 2007 the fans would see "Miguel in his last match". This obviously raised some controversy as Miguel just made one huge heel turn and was seen as an important part of the company due to him still holding the SIW Extreme Championship. On New Year's Eve, Miguel faced Terror Soule in an Extreme Champion vs. Hardcore Champion match. Miguel convinced management to make it a Three Stages of Hell match with each competitor getting one choice of match. Miguel won the Tables match and Terror won a Submission contest. Titan the announced the last match would be a Falls Count Anywhere match. The contest ended when Miguel speared Terror Soule through a steel crate and pinned him.

This was the last time Miguel would be seen with the Extreme Championship. WIth the reincanation of EBW, the company decided to retire both the SIW Hardcore and SIW Extreme Championships. Miguel is recognized as the last official Extreme Champion. This also led him to start referring to himself as the greatest Extreme Champion in history as he has not been and probably never will be defeated for the title now that it has been retired.

RC Aries in EGO Trip

The fans finally learned what Miguel meant when it was cleared up online that Miguel would have a name change along with his heel turn. Miguel chose the name RC Aries based from his previous gimmicks. He was now aligned with the former SIW Champion and former Assistant GM of Carnage CR Roberts, SIW North American Champion Johnny Ringo and his manager Bernardo. They called themselves EGO Trip. EGO is capitalized due to EGO standing for "Entertainment's Greatest Organization".

His first match in 2008 was a shot at the SIW Tag Team Championship as he faced the Bad Assassins Maurice Bad and Sonny Smith with his partner CR Roberts. Aries lost the match via disqualification when he hit Bad witha steel chair. the two continued to deliver a bloody beatdown to the Bad Assassins. EGO Trip also gave a beatdown to Asylum after Johnny Ringo pinned him in a singles match for the North American Championship.

The following week, they faced the Bad Assassins in a rematch for the SIW Tag team Titles. The match ended controversially as Aries was able to hit Smith with a Phoenix Assault and pin him while Bad locked Roberts in a Bad Lock and made him tap. Carnage GM Greg Banks made the announcement that the two teams would face off in an Ambulance match to settle the score. That did not stop EGO Trip however from helping Ringo retain his North American Title in a steel cage rematch against Asylum by raising the cage and bringing Ringo out.

In the following week, EGO Trip had been placed in another match against the Bad Assassins. This time, the titles would be on the line in an Ambulance match. The two teams fought back and fourth until Bernardo, dressed as an EMT, distracted the Bad Assassins and EGO Trip blinded them with peroxide. The two then placed them in the ambulance and Aries was now a two time tag team champion, this being his first as RC Aries. Aries however, was not able to win the Assault Rumble but made a good showing by eliminating 3 superstars including Maurice Bad.

Aries was scheduled in his fourth main event match when he along with Roberts defended the SIW Tag Team Champioships against the Bad Assassins and unlikely pair of SIW Champion Darren Knight and his number one contender Ryan "NuTz" Brown. Miguel was able to win the match by pinning Maurice Bad after a Phoenix Assault.

CR Roberts Controversy

Due to Roberts' obvious inability to keep up with Aries in the ring, he realized he could no longer compete properly. He admitted he could not keep training at the right level and couldn't compete with SIW talent. In a move that would get a mixed reaction in the wrestling industry, Roberts gave SIW his "one week's notice" and said he'd leave the business. Aries however used his background in law and found a way to make sure Roberts would compete in the scheduled title defense against NuTz and Knight.

On February 8, 2008 Carnage began with Ryan "Nutz" Brown viciously assaulting Roberts and stuffing him in the back of a car. Greg Banks then informed the fans of NuTz and Roberts not being in the arena and changed the title match into a singles contest. For the first time in SIW, the SIW Tag team Championships will be contested under a singles match. A video then showed on the Trevortron of NuTz bloodying Roberts and throwing him off a bridge in Lawrence, Kansas.

New Addition, New Champion

RC Aries decided to continue competing despite the current circumstances. He faced the SIW Champion Darren Knight in a match that went back and forth and was no doubt one of the best undercard matches of the year so far. Near the end of the match, Ryan "NuTz" Brown made a return and took a steel chair from Aries. He then struck his rival DDHK and Aries pinned him to become a three time SIW Tag Team Champion. Aries then had a staredown with NuTz until he handed him one of the Tag Team Championships and shakes Brown's hand. It was now obvious that EGO Trip had this all orchastrated all this and made Brown attack Roberts. The success of EGO Trip continued later that night when Johnny Ringo won the 10 man Battle Royal to determine Darren Knight's opponent at Meltdown.

On the night of their first title defense, the new tag team representing EGO Trip was scheduled to face opponents that Aries already fought several times before. They fought the Bad Assassins in a match which Aries won by pinning Bad after a Crucifix Cutter. On that same night, EGO Trip tricked Darren Knight into signing a contract that would give Ringo a decisive edge at Meltdown.

EGO Trip had their first match as an entire stable on February 22, 2008. EGO Trip faced Darren Knight and the Bad Assassins in a six man tag team match. Aries won the match for EGO Trip after defeating Bad once again with a Crucifix Cutter. JD Xtreme then made a special appearance and attacked EGO Trip and promised to watch Darren's back.

At Meltdown, the SIW Tag Team Champions fought the SIW World Tag Team Champions as EGO Trip's RC Aries and Ryan "NuTz" Brown fought JD Xtreme and The Living Dead. After back and forth action, SIW Champion DDHK came out and distracted EGO Trip to cost them the match. Later in the evening, Johnny RIngo lost to Darren Knight after a lot of ringside action.

Grandest Stage

After Sonny Smith defeated Maurice Bad for the number one contendership at Wrestlefest, RC Aries made it known that he did not think Sonny deserved it. He claimed that he was better than both Bad and Sonny and he has pinfall victories over the team to prove it. He was given a chance to prove this in a singles match against the number one contender. Scott Bastion then distracted Aries to play mind games for their contest next week and Aries lost to Smith.

On March 3, 2008, Ragin' Craig made his return after a long absence due to his bloody King of the Streets match against Natedawg. He defeated Metalgod and tried to cut a promo but RC jumped over the barricade and hit Craig with his tag team title. He then locked in the RCF and was escorted out of the building.

On Carnage, he remorselessly explained the reason why he assaulted Ragin Craig. He claimed that his brother was unfairly suspended late last year because Ragin switched his tests because he was jealous of his brother's success. After Gabriel's match, EGO Trip members confronted him asking him to admit Craig switched the tests. Craig came out and accepted RC's challenge for Wrestlefest. Later in that evening, Aries was supposed to compete against Scott Bastion in his specialty, a submission match. Ragin' Craig then interfered and threw RC into the steel steps. Bastion took advantage and applied the chikenwing to which RC tapped out instead of letting him break his bones. After being humiliated, RC then beat down Craig and EGO Trip members forced Gabriel to match as RC locked Craig in the RCF once again.

RC Aries and Ragin Craig then had a debate on March 7 where RC made his claims clear. He then said he would beat him at Wrestlefest and embarrass him so he could pay for his transgression against his family. Craig then tricked Aries to look behind him by saying his friend The Renegade was behind him but when he looked toward Craig, he was hit with the Rage Factor.

In an SIW Tag Team Title defense, RC Aries and Nutz faced the SIW Champion Darren Knight and his Wrestlefest opponent Sonny Smith. After some close back and forth action, RC Aries pinned the SIW Champion DDHK when Sonny pushed him to the Arm Triangle Facebuster. Though it may have happened by controversial means, RC Aries has now pinned the SIW Champion twice.

Ragin Craig was scheduled to have a tag team match with The Renegade to face Mysery and Grunge for a shot at Brawl's tag team titles. After the team lost, RC Aries came out of the crowd and struck Ragin. He then locked Craig in the RCF for the third time since the start of their feud and then left the arena. This move would be instrumental in RC's next match.

On March 28, 2008 which was Carnage's debut on the VH1 Network, Johnny Ringo, the leader of EGO Trip and the North American Champion was scheduled for a title defense against RC Aries. Tension was built throughout the night when Aries and Ringo had a staredown and Ringo told NuTz to make sure Aries doesn't win. During the match, Bernardo tried to get involved but NuTz prevented him from interfering. After Ringo missed the Ringo Rocket, RC Aries applied his RCF and ended Johnny Ringo's 7 month reign via submission and became the new North American Champion. Ragin then appeared on the Trevortron to congratulate the double champion and challenged him to put the North American Title on the line. Without hesitation, RC accepted and their Wrestlefest match would now be for the North American Title.

On March 25, RC Aries, with NuTz at ringside, face Ragin Craig who also had a masked ally at ringside. During the contest, NuTz fought with the masked ally who was then revealed as returning SIW star Khristian Call. They were then both ejected from ringside. The contest continued as Craig went for a big boot to the corner but Aries evaded and capitalized by applying the devastating RCF. Ragin then passed out from the pain and his wife Jill told the referee to end the match. RC became successful in his first Wrestlefest appearance and in his first North American Title defense by defeating Craig by Knock Out.

RC Aries and NuTz defended their SIW Tag Team Championship on April 4 against Scott Bastion and Havok. The match stipulation was an Over The Top match chosen by Scott Bastion due to Bastion's win the week prior. The match was won by Aries when he was able to send Havok over the top rope. After the match, Aries locked Bastion in the RCF and was about to make him tap until Havok interfered. Aries was able to then apply the RCF on Havok in a split second and made him tap instead.

Monday Night Brawl

2008 SIW Draft

On April 7, Monday Night Brawl, Jack Kent announced the newest member of the Brawl roster due to the 2008 SIW Draft. The fans were shocked as RC Aries came out and was introduced as a Brawl superstar. The amazing ovation for the double champion was cut short when the Carnage GM Greg Banks appeared on the Trevortron. He then announced that the SIW Tag Team Titles would be stripped from him and he demanded that the SIW North American Championship be returned to Carnage. Brawl GM Titan then told the Carnage GM that he can choose any Carnage superstar to face RC Aries at Full Force for the SIW North American Title.

On his last night on Carnage, he opened the show with his former tag team partner and good friend in NuTz who announced that he would now be retiring. NuTz then accompanied Aries in his last match on the brand as he faced the returning Khristian Call. The match consisted of back and forth action between the two until Scott Bastion, who won the right to face Aries at Full Force for the North American Championship earlier in the night, came out to the ring. Bastion then threw NuTz into the steel steps which caused Aries to let go of the Phoenix Wing to confront Bastion. Call then took advantage and attacked Aries from behind but was hit with a boot to the face which cause Call to fall on the referee. RC then locked Call in the RCF and made Call tap but the referee was still unconscious. Bastion then entered the ring and kicked Aries in the head and Call hit Aries with the Khritian Cutter to win the match.

In his first match on Brawl as a Brawl Superstar, RC Aries faced European Champion The Renegade in a Champion vs. Champion match. Instead of facing The Renegade, he faced Renegade's alter ego known as El Loco instead. The ring was surrounded by Project X members but they were warned to stay away when Aries threw El Loco out. After countering an El Loco Plunge into a DDT, Aries applied the RCF and made El Loco tap.

In the Carnage that followed, RC Aries attacked Scott Bastion during his match with Metalgod giving Bastion the DQ win. After heavy security broke the brawl up, RC Aries saw Bastion later that night backstage. Aries then challenged Scott to put his Money In The Bank briefcase on the line as well. Bastion accepted and the stakes were doubled for Full Force.

The April 21, 2008 edition of Brawl started with Titan announcing that Greg Bank, former GM of Carnage, will officiate his first match tonight which will be the eight man tag match. Project X came out to "persuade" Banks to call the match in their favor but the rag tag team of RC Aries, El Loco, Ragin Craig and Asylum rushed to the ring to brawl with Project X. Backstage, Titan then gave Aries a warning for him not to lose the North American Title to Scott Bastion at Full Force. When the match came, the two teams brawled for minutes until RC Aries was able to make a Mysery look alike tap to the RCF.

Earning Contendership

In his biggest match at that point of his career, SIW North American Champion RC Aries defended his title on the line in a Brawl vs. Carnage match where Scott Bastion also put his Money In The Bank briefcase up for grabs. After a back and forth match up, Scott Bastion hit his finisher, the Gehanna Backbreaker, on RC Aries but Aries kicked out of the pin. Aries then locked in his signature RCF to make Scott Bastion tap out. Due to the stipulations of the match, Aries became the new MITB Briefcase holder which made him a top contender to both the SIW and the Heavyweight Titles.

On the night after his big win, RC Aries was entered into a 10 Man Battle Royal for the number one contendership to newly crowned Heavyweight Champion Natedawg's title. Aries and JD Xtreme, who are ironically close friends, were the last two men remaining in the ring. In the end, Project X screwed JD out of the match and Aries became the number one contender.

Heavyweight Title

On May 5, RC Aries had his first World Title match in SIW against Heavyweight Champ Natedawg. Because Titan did not trust JD as the special guest referee, he assigned The Living Dead as the special enforcer. The match was intense from the ring of the bell. Aries locked in the Phoenix Wing but Nate reached the ropes. Nate back boy dropped RC to the outside but before things could get out of hand, The Living Dead placed them both back in the ring. Krazy J then came out of nowhere and attempted to interfere. Gabriel, RC's brother, then appeared and fought Krazy J. Nate was still able to hit RC with the Gangstanator and pin Aries, being the first time Aries has ever lost a match for the World Title.

As Nate and Krazy J celebrated, RC pointed at the MITB briefcase at hit the Aries Rush. The Living Dead hit Krazy J with the The Living DeadDT as a measure of payback for a steel chair shot Krazy gave him earlier in the match as Aries hit Nate with his patented Arm Triangle Facebuster. Gabriel showed JD the briefcase which allows JD to count the pinfall and make RC Aries the new SIW Heavyweight Champion in 34 seconds.

In the following week, the rematch was signed and all outside interference has been banned. Natedawg was extremely aggressive in the beginning of a match and even hit a T-Bone Suplex from the top. RC shows his resilience as he kicks out time after time. After several attempts to take the quick win, Natedawg lands awkwardly as he tried to take to the sky. RC capitalized and applied the RCF which Nate did not tap to. Nate started to limp but attempted a roll-up which RC countered to pin Nate.

RC then faced Mohammed in the next week in what was supposed to be a non-title contest. After Jaffar challenged RC to put the title on the line, RC accepted. Mo tried to use as many cheap tricks in the book including cheap shots, biting and getting his cousin to interfere. In the end, Mo still fell victim to the RCF and he tapped out.

RC made a special appearance on Carnage as he watched his former stable Definition take on the two teams that would fight for the SIW Tag Team Titles at Ramapge, the teams of Kuone and Payne and Bastion and Call. Bastion sees Aries and they started brawling at the top of the ramp as Definition took the win.

At Rampage, Bastion faced RC Aries in their epic rubber match which was considered one of the best matches of the night. RC had some trouble in the beginning of the match as Scott was able to get in some offense. RC was able to turn the tide and used signature moves like the Aries Rush and the Phoenix Wing. Bastion finds a way to reach the ropes but RC continues to dominate as he ducks a clothesline and hits the Crucifix Cutter. After kicking out of the pin, Bastion locks in a nmodified leg lock which ends up in Aries favor as the Submission Specialist counters it into the Philippine Crab. Bastion finds a way to get out of the move but he knocks the referee out. Out of nowhere, Bastiom hits the Gehanna Backbreaker but the ref is still out and cannot count the fall. Another referee runs to the ring but Aries kicks out. Aries then hits Bastion with the Arm Triangle Facebuster and Bastion gets pinned. New Carnage GM's Lynn Roberts and former tag team partner Ryan "NuTz" Brown then announce that RC is stripped of the North American Title because of the contoversial finish. RC and the Japanese audience are shocked but in true puroresu fashion, RC shakes Bastion's hand to show his sportsmanship.

On May 26, Brawl started with JD and RC promising the fans the best match they've seen in years which brought Titan out to make the main event a lumberjack match. After a close contest between the two, The Living Dead and Natedawg attack RC whilst JD was attacked by Project X. After getting back into the ring, JD went for an inside cradle which Aries countered for the win.

The close allies then have their first match as a team when they were scheduled to face Natedawg and The Living Dead. The Living Dead backed out of the match and Tha Dawg House assaulted JD in the washroom. Nate would have received a title match if he defeated both but after countering a roll-up and pinning JD, RC hit Nate with a Phoenix Assault and made him tap to the RCF. After a post match Brawl, Xtina, JD and RC were left in the ring and the Revolution was born.

The Revolution

In their first official Tag Team match, The Revolution faced Ashton Daniels and Dark Tiger, the World Tag Team Champions. Darksyde was assigned as the match enforcer. The match was dominated by RC and JD and Aries made Ashton Daniels submit to the RCF and to win the World Tag Team Titles.

In Michigan, RC had a contract signing with newly crowned number one contender Grunge. Grunge tried to take the Heavyweight Title from the Champ, Aries struck him with a hard right and then locks Grunge in the RCF. Grunge screamed in pain to end the show.

On June 20, The Revolution made its Carnage debut as RC returned to the brand he first joined. The Revolution teamed up with Aries' former rival, Scott Bastion to take on SIW Champion Krazy J, Natedawg and a mystery partner. Lynn Roberts gave the spot to Johnny Jobber but Heavyweight Champion RC Aries chose to defeat SIW Champion Krazy J anyway. This continued RC's undefeated streak since being drafted.

the Revolution returned to Brawl to defend their World Tag Titles against the teams of Project X, Mo and Jaffar and Dark Tiger and Rick Thrilla. Grunge was assigned as the special guest referee. The four way match was turned to an elimination contest by interim GM Greg Banks after Titan had to attend to personal matters. Mysery eliminated Jaffar and Mo after hitting the Deadmark. Grunge then hit Mysery with the Grunganator and Dark Tiger pinned him. Ashton Daniels then ran in from the crowd and hit both Tiger and Thrilla with a steel chair and ran away. RC locked Thrilla in the RCF and made him tap out. Grunge then fools RC into shaking his hand and RC was leveled with a clothesline. JD speared Grunge but he was laid out by a briefcase filled with brick held by a hooded person. The man is revealed to be CR Roberts and he announced he will be at Desperate Measures in Grunge's corner.

In Wrestling

Finishers and Signature Moves
As RC Aries

  • RCF - Modified Closs Leg STF with a Hammerlock
  • Phoenix Assault - Tigerbomb, usually preceded by knee strikes to the head
  • Aries Rush - Series of Knife Edge Chops and European Uppercuts followed by a Spear
  • Philippine Crab - Modified Inverted Boston Crab
  • Crucifix Cutter
  • Arm Triangle Facebuster

As Miguel Cervantes

  • Phoenix Descent - Top Rope Fallaway Moonsault Slam(Cervantes flips while holding the opponent)
  • Phoenix Wing - Dragon Sleeper w/ Body Scissors (Usually used to knock opponent out then pin them)
  • Chimera Combo - German Suplex followed by a Dragon Suplex Followed by a Half Nelson Release Suplex
  • Kneed For Speed - Snapmare Takedown followed by a kick to a spine and a bounce off the rope Shining Wizard (As Miguel)


  • Inverted Figure Four and Anklelock Combo
  • STO Backbreaker followed by a Reverse STO and (rarely) followed up with the Koji Clutch
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Scissored Armbar
  • Eastern Stretch
  • Crucifix Armbar
  • Sharpshooter
  • Triangle Hold
  • Double Arm DDT
  • Belly to Belly Suplex
  • Double Arm Suplex
  • Front Suplex to a Knee to the gut
  • Electric Chair Drop bridging into a pin
  • Short Arm Lariats
  • Stiff Knee and Elbow Strikes


  • The Phoenix
  • The Submission Specialist
  • The Greatest Extreme Champion in history (Self Prcolaimed)

Theme Song

  • King Of My World by Saliva (Current)
  • Find The Real by Alterbridge (As Miguel)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Manila Wrestling Federation
    • MWF Championship
    • MWF Tag Team Championship (w/ Gabriel Cervantes)
  • Super Internet Wrestling
    • SIW Heavyweight Championship Current
    • SIW North American Championship
    • SIW Tag Team Championship x3 (w/ Jay Douglas, CR Roberts and Ryan Brown)
    • SIW World Tag Team Champion (w/ JD Xtreme)
    • SIW Extreme Championship
    • Money In The Bank Briefcase holder
    • Finisher of the Year - Runner up for Phoenix Descent

SIW Record




  • Miguel has had some sort of interference in each of his matches to win the titles. Ringo and Primetime attacked Gaze and placed Miguel on top of him for the Extreme Title. JD Xtreme hit the Adrenalin Rush and let Miguel take the pin. Bernardo distracted The Bad Assasssins which led to Aries putting them in the ambulance. NuTz hit DDHK with a steel chair for his current SIW Tag Team Title. NuTz prevented Bernardo from interfering for the North American Title. Krazy J interfered on Nate's behalf during the first match up which Aries lost but after cashing the Briefcase in, The Living Dead hit Krazy with the The Living Dead T and Gabriel handed special guest referee JD Xtreme the MITB briefcase to count the pinfall for RC's Heavyweight Title win.
  • Miguel had never lost any of his titles in a match. All of his reigns ended by the title being vacated or retired.
  • Aries and Sonny Smith were the legal men at the end of their second tag team confrontaion before the referee was knocked down and when the new referee arrived. Therefore, both referees should recognize RC's pinfall victory over Smith and his second SIW Tag Team Championship reign would've started a week earlier.
  • Aries defeated Maurice Bad thrice before Bad lost to Sonny Smith and retired.
  • Aries countered the The Living Dead DT twice at Meltdown.
  • Aries has had seven interpromotional matches so far in his career. One loss to NuTz, one win over Scott Chambers, one win over final Hardcore Champion Terror Soule, one loss to JD and The Living Dead  a submission victory over Ragin' Craig, another submission victory over Scott Bastion both via RCF and a rematch against Scott Bastion.
  • Aries has been a double champion four times in his career. The first being the Extreme and Tag Team Champion with Jay Douglas, the second being North American and Tag Team Champion with NuTz. The third one by holding the North American and Heavyweight Titles and the fourth and current time while holding Heavyweight and World Tag Team Titles with JD Xtreme.
  • Aries' only defeat on Brawl is when Nate defeated him in their first encounter in which Aries still ended up being Champion after a rematch.

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