Mike Matthews
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Mike Matthews]]
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Ring Names The Mystical Guitarist
Height 6'2
Weight 231 lbs.
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Place of birth Bucharest,Romania
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Debut June 2007
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The Mistical Guitarist (born May 8, 1982) is a Romanian professional wrestler currently active in WRM, where he recently won The Rookie Challenge.


Mike Matthews singing before his career in WRM


Early career

Before starting training to be a wrestler and joining WRM, Mike Matthews was a guitarist and vocal-singer in an American band.He sang in The Ravagers along with other five members, but earlier in the year 2006 they separated.The media stated that the separation was due to financial problems and internal conflicts.They have had many concerts and Mike was awarded by The Music Engine (a very popular magazine) with an important prize. They gave him the "Guitarist of the Century" Award.The summer of the year 2006, marked a new path in Mike's musical career : he started singing separatly from his band, but he was not having the same success so he abandoned this career and started training to be a wrestler.He put on rapidly weight and had a perfect physical condition.

WRM - The road for the WRM Championship

Mike debuted on 6 June 2007 in the second Junkyard match.Heath Scumm then said that The Rookie Challenge competition debuted and Mike was one of the participants.He faced through the journey of becoming the number one contender for the WRM Championship many wrestler such as Geony Vedeta and The Showman, but he finally defeated both of them in the Rookie Showdown at Uprising 2007.The competition ended and at Retaliation where he faced Reaper for the championship but only to lose the match.At the end of that match, W365's Horror Team entered the ArenA and destroyed both of the wrestlers.Since then nothing has been heard of him.At Red November he finally managed to defeat Crusher in a TLC Match to win another chance for the WRM World Title.

Mike - The Superstar

Recently, a mysterious agent called The Mystical Guitarist and said to Mike that he wants him to be again in the musical career.

Wrestling Facts

Championships and accomplishments

Finishers and signature moves

  • El Kabong ( A shot to the head with the guitar followed by a TKO)
  • The Acoustic Driver (Steiner Screwdriver)
  • The Guitar Express (Electric Chair Drop on the guitar)
  • Pump Handle Buster
  • Indian Deathlock
  • Tornado DDT
  • Body Splash

Signature weapon

  • The Mystical Guitarist's guitar

Entrance Themes

  • The Ravagers - One of a Kind

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