Michael Joseph Copani(born April 10, 1982) is an African-American professional wresler.He is currently signed in the [ TEWF] wrestling organization.He teamed up with Greg Hassan, known formally as "The Serial Thillers." Mike Copani was born to a family of 3 to a hard-working welfare mother in Compton, California.He was born inside his own room, shared by his other kin, in a 3 room apartment complex.By the age of seven, his now deceased uncle took Mike and his siblings to a wrestling show in nearby Los Angeles, soon afterwards, Mike fell in love with wrestling.Mike and his now deceased brother soon joined a local street gang to help support their family and mother alike.They joined the 1355 CC Crips.Mike was a troublesome and quarrelsome child inside and out of school, he often got in trouble with his behavior.This came on the night of October 17, 1996, when Mike and brother Sean were caught spray painting under a bridge in North Compton.They were caught by the local police department and sentenced to one year probation, with a curfew of 6 PM.They both also had to do 48 hours of community service.Mike claims to have spent his community service cleaning up the park, reading to the elderly, and throwing away litter found on the streets.Mike's worst time to date is when he was convicted of two homicide cases when a gun was found at a nearby housing complex with his fingerprints on it on January 28, 2000.He plead guilty, because him and his entire family alike did not have enough money to afford a decent lawyer.Mike was sentenced to a 25-life jail term and the bail was set at $250,000 US dollars.After a year and a half within the cell, Mike became increasingly paranoid, worrying about his family, this also where he'd get his start i professional body building, as he became very physically fit within jail, so physically fit, that he scarcely had to workout to get into wrestling.Mike got into contact with Sean, Sean told him about how he's making good money for the family.Mike then learned of a big cocaine shipment coming in from Columbia.Mike decided it was time to get out of jail.He was confronted by two crooked police officers and he was granted the wish of telling them about the shipment or remain in jail.Mike explained to the LAPD about the shipment, and he was released a month later.Fresh out of jail, Mike was eager to get back into his gang life, but a week later, Mike got the bad news of hearing his brother, Sean, was shot five times in the chest area.Mike along with his family visited Sean everyday, but five days later after Sean was hospitilized, he succumbed to gunshot wounds on June 17, 2001.Mike vowed to end street violence ever since. Mike began extensive training after his brother's death.He remembered what he wanted to be when he was a young child.He trained for a year and was signed to a deveolpoment deal with TEWA on November 16, 2002.Mike found success there, winning the TEWA Championship along with the Intercontinental Championship.Mike left TEWA in 2005 in hopes of aspiring a big company role.Mike visited his mother during this time and was contacted by the [ TEWF]in October 2006.This long extended negotian lasted until December 2, 2006, when TEWF finally singed Mike Copani.Although, losing his debut, he soon got the taste of success as he was named the TEWF Commissioner in January.Mike, along with the whole TEWF, was involved in a heated feud against rival fed, JWF.Mike Copani defeated JWF's The Man at TEWF's 'No Limits' Pay Per View on March 17, 2007.Mike was tired of TEWF in hopes of getting a title shot, but alas, didn't happen.Mike left TEWF on July 12, 2007.After Mike left, TEWF began to slowly crumble under the stench of corruption.TEWF fell in November 2007.But soon later, Daniel James opened TEWF's doors again.Mike was one of the first people Daniel contacted.Mike signed a 6-month deal with James.Mike has seen nothing but success since coming to the new resurge of TEWF.Defeating Bobby Ocean in Mike's re-debut escalated him into a title shot picture with teammate Greg Hassen for the TEWF Tag Team Championships. Mike's siblings are doing well for themselves since moving out of Compton.

Sean-deceased(b.1980 d.2001) Lance-Copani Law Firm(b.1984) Carlos-Beginning to wrestle(b.1986) Aya(mother)-(b.1960) Uncle Joseph-(b.1956 d.1995) Victor(father)-(b.1958 d.1987) 3x TEWA Champion 2x TEWA Intercontinental Champion 37x TEWF Hardcore Champion

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