"The Real Deal" Mike Flash... oldest son of John and Amanda Flash. Has a devilishly handsome younger brother with an cocaine addiction named, Matt Flash. Very close cousin that goes by the name of Jason Scott.

Mike has been labeled a GOD amongst men in his own field, many of whom will have this edited by the time it reaches the mainstream media due to Mike's uniquely large manhood. He's a graphical and creative genuis, yet his overly assholic attitude rubs people the wrong way at times.

Mike Flash is a prick, but not a liar.

Known Loyalists

Tim Barron

Max McMeddler

Ryan Kincaid

Tyler Prattis

Matt Flash

Shawn Hunt


Justin Marsham


Lee Best

Travis Miller

Dick Dyson

Nathan Chase

Gabe Reno

Shawn Hinojosa

Jason Blade

Mike Morsey

Madd Mike Payne


Jake Kenney




Skyler Fury

Ragin' Ron Rivers

Jason Scott

Eli Flehir


Simon King

Snake Eyez

Dan Carey




People That Hate Wiggers

Tim Kamen

Mrs. Kamen

Jeff Harris

Crazy KYD

Everyone else with some kind of brain cell

(If anyone doesn't like me, please contact me @ to add your name...)

... By the way, never been here before and this shit rocks!!!

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