Mike Stevens
Real name Michael Thomas Stevens
Ring Names Major Mayhem
"The Soldier" Mike Stevens
Height 6 ft 7 in (2.11 m)
Weight 285 lb (129.27 kg)
Date of birth July 12, 1983
Place of birth Hartford, Connecticut
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Darien, Connecticut
Billed from West Hartford, Connecticut
Trainer Bobby Lashley, OVW Staff
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Debut January 8, 2005

Michael Thomas Stevens (born July 12, 1983 in West Hartford, Connecticut) is a former United States Marine Corps Sergeant, and American professional wrestler currently under contract to the New International Wrestling Alliance, expected to return to action in the near future.


Early life

Mike Stevens was born in Hartford, Connecticut to Johnathan Leo Stevens Sr., a United States Army Lieutenant, and Mary Rose Stevens. He was the second of three brothers (Johnathan Leo Stevens Jr. and Eric Joseph Stevens) in the family. Growing up in suburban Connecticut, Mike had many friends, including future fiancee Jenna Jordan. His parents were good friends with hers, and they were only born just one day apart. With the unfortunate loss of his father in 1988's Desert Storm conflict, Mike became angry and violent at school and around the neighborhood. His mother encouraged him to let out his anger in better ways, and involved Mike in sports, including soccer, football, and amateur wrestling. He was intrigued by wrestling, especially after he began to watch professional wrestling on television.

Mike attended Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut, where we was a successful linebacker for the 1998 Hall Warriors football team. Mike broke the school record for most sacks in a single game that year, with 7. After graduating with honors in 1999, Mike was accepted to the University of Connecticut on a partial sports scholarship.

Military career

In 2001, after two years at the University, Mike left college to pursue a career as a Marine. When asked in interviews why he decided to leave an education to join the Marines, he has only ever responded, "Because it was my duty."

After going through the rigors of training at Parris Island, Mike moved up through the ranks. He was finally awarded the rank of Sergeant in December 2002, months before Operation Iraqi Freedom began. Mike was stationed in Afghanistan, where he served his one-year service mandate from April 2003 to 2004. In late 2003, a weapons caravan under Mike's watch was attacked by a group of Afghani insurgents, and two of his squad mates died under his watch. He later got a tattoo on his right shoulder to commemorate his fellow soldiers lost on that day.

Introduction Into Professional Wrestling

During a USO show in Afghanistan, Mike got the chance to meet then upcoming OVW / WWE superstar Bobby Lashley. Though Lashley interested Mike in a wrestling career, which had always been a childhood dream of his, Mike was committed to the Marines at that time. Upon his return to the United States in May 2004, Mike was commended for his valiant efforts in the "War on Terror". He was awarded a Purple Heart for his war wounds before he asked to resign from the Marine Corps. He later claimed he had had "seen enough violence to last two lifetimes," and was honorably discharged by July 2004.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Stevens contacted Bobby Lashley, in the hopes of pursuing a career with World Wrestling Entertainment. Lashley attempted to have Stevens sign a developmental contract with WWE's farm league, Ohio Valley Wrestling. Before doing so, Mike spent the next six months getting his body into shape, preparing for a career in professional wrestling. He gained 40 lbs of body muscle and mass, boosting him to 285 lbs (129.3 kg).

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Mike was finally contracted by OVW in January 2005, and assigned the name Major Mayhem. His gimmick played him off as a bitter former soldier. He wrestled his first match on January 8, 2005, squashing an unknown rookie named Jason Taylor. He quickly moved through the ranks of OCW throughout the early part of 2005, defeating names such as Idol Stevens, Casey James, Shad (Gaspard), The Neighborhoodie, Boris Alexiev, Daivari, and Nick Dinsmore. He then went on to defeat CM Punk in a #1 Contender's match in May of that year, and Brent Albright for the OVW Championship in June, putting Albright out with an injury (kayfabe). Mike renamed the Championship to the "Intensity Championship," and used a redesigned belt. He made a heel turn by saying that nobody in or out of OVW was intense enough to take the new title belt from him. He then feuded with Punk throughout the later part of 2005. The feud is best remembered for the epic "I Quit" match between the two, during which Mike debuted his finishing maneuver, the Major Bomb, to drive Punk through a barbed-wire table and win the match. Mike finally lost the title to Punk at an OVW live event in November. The classic OVW Championship was restored, and Mike, after his impressive show as champion, was offered a spot on WWE TV.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Mike was quickly brought up to the Smackdown brand of WWE after his success in OVW. He wrestled under his real name, Mike Stevens, in several dark matches before making his television debut. His first televised match was against John Bradshaw Layfield for the United States Championship in an open challenge from the champion. Mike won that debut match and the United States Championship on December 6, 2005. He then entered a program with JBL and The Cabinet, until JBL won the title back from him at Wrestlemania 22 in March 2006. It was in that match that Mike initially aggravated his left elbow, but he continued to wrestle. It was also during that feud that one of Mike's more memorable matches occurred, on January 13, 2006. In front of a live and television audience in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Mike made Chris Benoit tap out to a Texas Cloverleaf submission hold in a match for the United States Championship. Since that incident, Mike hasn't been popular anywhere in Canada, but most notably in Edmonton, though he has tried to remedy the situation in the past.

After Bobby Lashley ended a program with Ken Kennedy, Mike and Lashley formed a tag team with a military-like gimmick. Though they did not capture any tag team championships, they were an overall success as a team with their overpowering fighting styles and general tag team connection.

Unfortunately, Mike's left elbow injury turned into a hyperextension during a tag match at a SmackDown! house show, forcing him out of action in June. Stevens did not renew his WWE contract in July, not citing a specific reason, instead opting to sign a two-year deal with the New International Wrestling Alliance. Many speculate that Mike heard of Jenna Jordan's signing to the NIWA that convinced Mike to switch companies.

New International Wrestling Alliance


After signing with the NIWA, Mike was assigned to their developmental show, Flashbang. There, he was surprised to find out that the NIWA had also signed personal trainer and Mike's old friend Jenna Jordan to a contract as well. The two reconciled their friendship on Mike's second Flashbang appearance, and began dating one another shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, Mike's in-ring career started off well. Mike feuded with another new Flashbang talent, KHNobody, a brutal heel that immediately aligned Mike as a babyface. Throughout the feud, Mike was introduced to a number of NIWA veterans, such as Edward Bosco and The Corporal. The feud ended with Stevens picking up a victory over KHNobody in a first blood match, causing him to eventually leave the NIWA for good.

Stevens then attempted to form a faction known as "The Patriots" with Jenna Jordan. He invited Edward Bosco to join, but after the basketball star declined his offer, Stevens looked to the services of a new giant on Flashbang - Destroyer. Stevens and Destroyer were then put in a Tag Team Tournament for the vacant NIWA Tag Team Championships. After Destroyer's no-show to that match Chairman Cameron Reno announced that Stevens would be forced to wrestle a handicap match against the team of California Domination (Matthew Lawless and The Torpedo). He overcame the odds to win the match, as well as his and Jenna's Breakdown contracts.

Though Mike was forced to relinquish his spot in the tag tournament without a partner the following week, he aspired to rise through the ranks of Breakdown as he had in OVW. Mike began a challenge contest for the undisclosed contents of a briefcase, which he called "Mike Stevens's Intensity Challenge". Various Breakdown stars accepted, attempting to defeat him in under ten minutes in order to win the contents of the briefcase. After a win over 360 K!dd, Mike defended against Alexander Kayne, a new, unbeaten Breakdown superstar trained by Primus and Drago. Mike won the match against Kayne, handing the new star his first loss. At the House Rules Pay-Per-View in Spetember, Mike continued his Challenge, defending against Rick O'Shea. Alex Kayne's interference in that match sparked a notorious on-and-off feud between Kayne and Mike that still continues to this day.

In order to get his rematch against Kayne on that week's Breakdown, Mike was forced to allow his opponent to choose the stipulation to their rematch. After Mike accepted, Kayne later revealed the stipulation to be that Jenna Jordan's managerial contract would be on the line in the match. Stunned by Kayne's stipulation, Mike went on to narrowly lose the match, Jenna's services as a manager, and the rights to see her (kayfabe). He grew unsure of himself in the weeks leading up to No Remorse in October, but eventually got focused enough to defeat Kayne at that Pay-Per-View, and prove to everyone that he wasn't out of the fight yet. The next step was a set of "pick your poison" matches on Breakdown, with Mike choosing Kayne's opponent for that nice and vice versa. While Mike was put up against a newly returned Primus, Kayne's opponent turned out to be Infinity, the NIWA head babyface with whom Primus had been feuding. While Kayne won his match due to a distraction by Silver, Mike lost his to Primus. The next week, Mike Stevens was confronted by Jenna Jordan, sparking a backstage brawl from Kayne. It was quickly broken up, but enraged Stevens and fired his desire to get Jenna away from the evil Kayne. At Instant Access in November, it was voted on by fans that Mike and Alex Kayne face off in a Last Man Standing match for Jenna Jordan's contract. Stevens won the match, putting Kayne out of action (kayfabe) and ending the feud for a few months.

After winning back Jenna's services and putting Kayne out of action, Mike entered a quick feud with Rift after the monster attacked Stevens and assaulted Jenna on Breakdown. The feud ended in a Fatal Four-Way match involving Mike, Rift, Silver, and DeVito for the Hardcore Championship at a flagship NIWA Pay-Per-View Grand Slam Celebration II in December. The Contest ended when Silver drove DeVito's head into the ring bell and pinned him for the win.


The start of the new year brought a new ambition for Mike, as he announced his intention to win the Continental Championship from current title holder, Sean Calahan. Sean reluctantly accepted a singles match challenge from Mike on the first Breakdown of the new year. When Calahan no-showed (kayfabe) for his match later that night, Mike tracked him down to a local bar and a bar brawl ensued, ending with Mike smashing Sean's head through a pinball machine, which exploded, burning off Calahan's eyebrows. Mike proved himself the next week by defeating former Continental Champion Shinn in a #1 Contender's match, and earning the right to face Calahan in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the Continental Championship at Dawning of Destruction. Mike lost the match after Sean turned a diving spear from a 20-foot high scaffold into a small package, concussing Mike and rolling him up for the win.

The following week's Breakdown saw an injured Mike Stevens run in on a Handicap match to save Jenna Jordan from having to face off against Sean Calahan and Sonia Summers by herself. The match became a tag match which Mike won, but with Calahan injuring Jenna Jordan (kayfabe) in the process. Mike would go on to win a match Calahan at February's Prophecy of Placidity Pay-Per-View, only to be informed later by (then Breakdown General Manager) Edmund Kaiser that the match was not, as Mike thought, for the Continental title. Rather, Kaiser thought Mike had not yet proven himself worthy of another title shot. From that point, Mike's quest for the Continental title moved into a feud with Kasier, who put Mike in must-win matches on Breakdown in order to face Calahan again at the March Pay-Per-View, Countdown to Oblivion.

During that time, Mike's brother John, introduced as Jack Stevens, signed an NIWA Contract. Mike was overjoyed to hear that his brother would be in the NIWA, but later found out that his brother drugged him (kayfabe) in an attempt to sabotage Mike's Continental title contention match against The Armenian Assassin. Jack later introduced himself as Johnny Omega, and informed Mike that he turned on his brother in return for a promised title shot from Edmund Kaiser. Mike overcame his brother in a #1 Contender's match, but in his Continental title match against Calahan at Countdown to Oblivion, Johnny Omega, as well as Calahan's rival Steve Lindburgh, both interfered in the match, costing Mike his final Continental title opportunity. Things seemed to be going downhill for Mike, until later that night when he won the Oblivion Battle Royale to earn an NIWA World Championship match at the main event of NIWA's premiere Pay-Per-View, Premonition. After Mike's victory celebration, however, Alex Kayne showed up and beat Mike down, delivering his finisher, The Golden Glory, to Stevens onto a steel chair.

Throughout the next month, NIWA Chairman Cameron Reno forced Stevens into matches to defend his Premonition #1 Contender's Shot. The trials culminated at April's Fall Out Pay-Per-View, where Alex Kayne got the win over Mike and won the Premonition Title Shot from him. The next week on Breakdown, in a surprise turn of events, Alexander Kayne won the NIWA World Championship from The Avenger in an upset finish. Though he had also claimed Mike's NIWA World Title Shot at Premonition, Mike announced that a contractual stipulation did not allow for the Premonition #1 Contendership to be defended in the first place. With The Avenger enacting his contractual rematch clause, Mike went on to a Triple Threat match at Premonition in May for the NIWA World Championship. Mike won the match, and his first major World Championship.

Coming off of his win at Premonition, Alex Kayne and Ryan Bane faced off against The Avenger in a #1 Contender's Handicap match to decide an opponent for Mike at the June Pay-Per-View, Redemption. When the match ended in a draw, with both men pinning The Avenger at the same time, it was announced that both Kayne and Bane were #1 Contenders and would go on to Redemption in another Triple Threat World Championship match. The Pay-Per-View seemingly saw a change of attitude for Kayne. He sought Mike down to be sure that he would be defending, and not forfeiting his title after a brutal attack by new NIWA owners Infinity and his twin brother, The End. Mike did indeed defend his World Championship that night, pinning Ryan Bane to retain his title.

Over the month of July, it seemed that Alex Kayne and Mike Stevens were putting their past differences aside to work against the tyrannical leadership of Absolution, a stable made up of the "most powerful figures in the NIWA". Mike attempted to undermine the authority of Absolution by pulling to have the NIWA Board of Directors declare him the host of the July Pay-Per-View show, "Mike Stevens Presents": Patriot Games. Infinity, however, intervened by declaring himself the #1 Contender for the World Title at Patriot Games. As Alex Kayne feuded with The End, Mike (in tandem) feuded with Infinity, even seeing Mike team up with Alex to take on The End of Infinity. At Patriot Games, Mike successfully defended his championship in a No-Disqualification match after Primus interfered and delivered his finishing maneuver, The C4, to Infinity. After the match, Mike Stevens finally proposed to Jenna Jordan in front of a crowd including Jenna's parents, and Mike's mother and best friend. After the proposal, however, The End and (Absolution member) Logan Spades attacked Mike. Alex Kayne then ran down to the ring, seemingly to help, but instead, he turned on Mike, allowing The End to hit his finisher, The Finale. Kayne then hit his Golden Glory on Stevens as well, announcing that he was the newest member of Absolution.

On September's Pay-Per-View, NIWA No Limits, Mike Stevens suffered his first title defeat against Steve Lindburgh. The match, which ended with a controversial submission call by the referee, saw Stevens exit the ring, and not celebrate his advertised wedding to Jenna Jordan. Stevens took time off from the NIWA, only to return in 2008.

2008-Present: Out of Wrestling and Other Ventures

In 2008, Stevens won the Elimination Chamber match at Dawning of Destruction, only to lose the title to Calibur minutes later, due to a promised title shot. After this loss, Stevens left the NIWA. He has since been living in Darien, CT, managing his chain of gymnasiums. In November 2009, he was recruited by the New England Patriots to play defensive end as a backup. After a tryout and physical, he was signed to the team for league minimum salary. Stevens played in four games for the Patriots, generating 2 sacks, and 28 tackles (19 solo). He was cut from the team in January 2010, and declined an invite to stay on the practice squad.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • As "The Soldier" Mike Stevens
      • American Dream (Argentine takeover slam)
      • Soldier's Slam / Major Slam (High-angle side slam) (2005-2006)
      • Running big boot
      • Mike Stevens Spectacular (Two quick knock-down punches followed by a double axe handle to the chest; Usually followed by a taunt)
      • Spear / Spear with punches / Spear into turnbuckle (Most often when the opponent is taunting)
      • Twisting Front-fall Brainbuster
      • One-armed delayed vertical suplex
      • Double underhook suplex
      • Spinebuster
      • Running clothesline
    • As Major Mayhem
      • The Major Military Press (Military press with toss, sometimes out of the ring)
      • The Major Bomb (Forward-falling delayed powerbomb)
  • Fighting Style
    • Stevens' fighting style is a mix of powerful technical moves and shoot striking.
  • Signature taunts
    • Holding out chest and swinging arms in the air while shouting
    • Moving right arm forward and shouting "LAW!"
  • Entrance Music
    • Mike uses a version Of "Freedom Fighter" by Creed as his entrance theme in the NIWA. He has previously used "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West, and "American Made," a track formerly used in WCW.
    • While with OVW and WWE, Mike used a custom-made version of the Marine Corps Hymn.
  • Managers / Tag Partners / Associates
    • Bobby Lashley
    • Jenna Jordan
    • Primus
  • Quotes
    • "I will show you the true meaning OF INTENSITY!"
    • "Ooh-RAH!"
    • "And that... is an order!"
  • Nicknames
    • Major
    • The Soldier
    • The Marine
    • The Champ
    • America's Champion

Championships and Accomplishments

  • United States Marine Corps
    • Rank: Sergeant
    • Purple Heart of the USMC
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling
    • OVW Heavyweight Championship / "Intensity Championship" (1 time)
  • Word Wrestling Entertainment
    • WWE United States Champion (1 time)
  • New International Wrestling Alliance

Personal life

Mike Stevens and Jenna Jordan are co-owners of Mike Thomas Fitness, LLC. (formerly Mike's All-American), a gym, fitness center, and health club with over two dozen locations throughout New England and the North East. The institutions offer fitness machines, a health food /drink bar, personal trainers, Olympic-sized swimming pools, and a spa.

Mike Stevens and real life girlfriend Jenna Jordan have known each other all their lives, and dated throughout high school. They are currently in a relationship and engaged to be married.

Mike owns two houses in Darien, Connecticut: a beach house on Pear Tree Point Beach, and a larger home near the center of the town. His mother is currently living at the beach house, and Jenna Jordan's parents at the larger town home.

References / External Links

NIWA Website
Mike Stevens Entrance Video

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