Mike Styles
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Real name Mike Justice
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Height 6'2"
Weight 205 lbs.
Date of birth January 10th, 1981
Place of birth Detroit,Michigan
Date of death
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Resides Detroit,Michigan
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Debut October 13th, 2006 (xWo)
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Michael Joeseph Justice (born June 2, 1978), better known by his ring name Mike Styles. Styles is currently working for Xtreme Wrestling Organization where he is currently performing on the Meltdown Brand.


Michael Justice was born and raised in the state of Detroit, Michigan. His father a hard working man, but as every man he had many flaws. He beat Styles, his mother and younger brother. His drug addiction had driven him to the point of insanity. After years of abuse from his father he grew up isolated from the rest of the world. Until he entered High School. He made some friends who have recently turned their backs on him with the exception of some. After high school he joined the army, e sered for three years strong in Iraq. While on duty in the city of Bahgdad, he and his unit were abushed. It was a two hour long fire fight, but in the end there were many casaulties. The rest of his unit had gave their lives to their country, Styles the only one left. He returned home after being shot mutiple times in his right arm, he pursued a wrestling career, and signed a contract with the xWo October 16, 2006. After many weeks of treatment for his arm, he made an inring debut defeating his very first opponent. His father was recently arrested, and his mother sent to a nursing home and his brother placed in a foster home for the time being. He and his lifelong friend Randy Corson have been reunited in the xWo, after the pair of friends were split up in 2001. They both now wrestle for xWo.

xWo career

Michael Styles signed with the XWO, on October 7, 2006. He made his in ring debut on October 13 against Juventude. Styles dominated his match giving him his first win in the XWO. Unfortunately he took a frequent break from the next week, due to an illness. After returning from his 'illness' he was entered in a Necomer Fatal Four way, and defeated The Godfather. After his second win he had to return to his hometown Detroit, Michigan. Sadly his cousin was killed in a tragic car accident two miles from where he grew up. One arriving in Detroit his childhood friend had also passed away. November 3, 2006 he defeated six men in a seven man brawl. Meltdown's General Manager announced that Styles would face off against Teddy Hart, The current North American Champion at that time. In a Lion's Den Match, A octagon shaped ring separated from the stage surrounded by a steel cage. A brutal match it was, But Styles picked up the Victory by numerous headshots and received the North American Championship. November 10, Shane McMahon announced after Styles'Lions Den match, he would face Christian Stevens in a title vancancy match at Last Rights. Unfortunately Styles lost to Stevens, giving him his first lost ever in the xWo. Afterward Meltdown began to slowly fall to pieces. xWo then decided to pick ten superstars to be drafted to the Revenge Brand. He was entered in an Elimination chamber with four other Meltdown Superstars. Yet again he lost to Chase Daniels, giving him a second lost. Later that night Styles was told that he would Face D-Dawg in a #1 Contership Match at xWo's Final Days.

The December 11th edition of Revenge Mike Styles was entered in an Eleven on One match. Team Revenge vs. xWo's MVP. Styles was eliminated from the match. At FInal Days Mike Styles and D-Dawg put upo one hell of a fight, but when the dust settled D-dawg was victorious, giving styles his third loss and a continuation of his loosing streak.

On a Christmas Special of Revenge Mike Styles defeated First Seargent in a top the tree macth to become the Revenge GM. Styles won the match and would be General Manager the week of February Second. The following Styles entered a KOTM Match and lost to long time rival Chase Daniels once again. Styles then faced off against Bullet Proof, simply defeating him after plunging himself off a banister through a table to win the match, by damaging himself. Styles was offered the opprtunity of a lifetime to face off against Roses Of Putridity xWo's top tag team. Styles and his partner D-Dawg (Excessive Force) defeated Roses of Putridity causing a shock around the whole federation. Styles was proven not to be undrestimated by his opponents. Styles ran into some personal problems the day after the match. It seemed he had injured his neck from the 'Mephistation' he received from Mephisto. Styles faced off against Mitch Wittman at xWo's Meltdown Supershow which furthered his neck injury, but one the match.

The Return

After weeks of recuperation Styles returned to the xWo with a new gimmick as a 'Rebel' or to what her refers as a 'R.E.B.'. Styles returned April 28, 2007 and defeated T. Hart claiming his nickname 'Mr. Friday Nights'. After a couple weeks off he formed Genesis X with Nate Ward. Styles was entered in a 'War Games' Match a 5 on 5 hardcore match. Styles lost the match to best friend and New Genesis X member Cleon base. With the Meltdown GM retiring two new GM's Steped up too the plate and pushed Mike Styles into a match with Nate ward, where they would take on the Lodoners. Styles and Ward made quick work of the new tag team with Styles Landing A Sooting Star press to end the match. Mike Styles and Cleon base took on Omar Perkins and M. Hassan in the Main Event of the following Meltdown's. Omar and Hassan defeated Genesis X, while Mike Styles was battling with Hassan outside the ring, Omar pinned Cleon Base. John Kendrick, Meltdown's GM have Styles another shot at Hassan in a World Heavyweight Title Contendership Match. Styles pulled off the upset finishing M. Hassan off with an Air Styles to end the match. Styles would move on to take on the World Heavyweight Champion at Vendetta.

Finishing moves

  • Styles Effect (Vertebreaker)
  • Air Styles (Somersault Corkscrew Senton)
  • FrogSplash
  • Shooting Star Press

Signature Moves

  • Helix Press (Corkscrew SSP Legdrop)
  • Styles CLash (Belly to Back Inverted Mat Slam)
  • Flying Five Arm (Springboard Forearm Smash)
  • Styles Facebuster (Faint Back Suplex into a Wheelbarrow Facebuster)
  • Styles Prophecy (Spinning Tiger Bomb)
  • Shining Style (Running Yakuza Kick)
  • Mark Of Styles (Pele Kick)
  • Shinetime (Superkick)
  • Dead End (Overhead Half Nelson Suplex)


  • "Mr. Friday Nights"


  • Excessive Force (Mike Styles,Riotist,D-Dawg)
  • Genesis X - Current(Mike Styles, Nate Ward, Cleon Base, Tyler Chambers)

Theme Music

  • Riot - Three Days Grace
  • AlterBridge - Find the Real
  • Godsmack- Shinedown- Current

Championships and accomplishments

  • (x1)xWo North American Championship 11\12\06 - 11\28\06
  • (x1)xWo Revenge Tag Team Championship W\ D-Dawg 1\29\07 - 2\20\07
  • (x1)xWo Meltdown tag Team Championship W\Nate Ward\ Tyler Chambers. 6\22\06 - Present

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