Robert Banks
Image of Robert Banks
Real name Michael Francis Vallee
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Height 6'3"
Weight 290 lbs.
Date of birth October 3, 1979 (age 28)
Place of birth Frankfurt Germany
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Miami,Florida
Billed from Frankfurt Germany
Trainer Scott D'Amore
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Debut May 15th 2007
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Robert Banks (born October 3, 1979 in Frankfurt Germany as Michael Francis Vallee) is an German American professional wrestler. Vallee is probably most known for his work in the Xtreme Wrestling Organization (xWo) he is currently a Free Agent performing In DSW Deep South Wrestling. .

Background & History

Born from a medium class family down in Frankfurt Germany Michael has always been a fan of wrestling since his own father was a Pro wrestler, the passion clearly showed that the boy wanted to follow the wrestling path, as a teenager of 14 Michael entered Extreme Wrestling Federation as an amateur wrestler, though strong headed he always came up on overcoming odds and by sixteen he was a two time Heavyweight Champion, he decided to work during half a year to get enough money to Jump to & buy his own place in Miami where wrestling is a life style, there he meet Montel Vontavious Porter who informed him of a wrestling school named ROH, which served as a company both more as a development deal, Michael too Got his shot and managed to get in the ROH school, barely, making it one of Michael's happiest days until date.

With one year and half of training, Michael conquered ROH Heavyweight Championship, a major accomplishment for the young boy, he also become finally a 18 year old man, on October 3, 2006, and it wouldn't take long, until May 15, 2007, where Michael Francis Vallee was hired with a written contract with one of the greatest if not the greatest company in current wrestling business, the X-treme Wrestling Organisation, xWo, signed to Revenge and with a carrier all on his front, the future was looking bright for Michael, who couldn't wait for his debut match on Monday Night's. After He Didn't Show up. He was put in a your fired match and decided to walk out And leave the xWo. He went on sign with the wwe but got rejected and decided to work for Deep South Wrestling.


Finishing Moves

Posing for the Media (C-4)

Signature Moves

Coming soon

Common Moves

Coming Soon


The Hustla Assassin

The Problem Solver

Da Convicted Soulja

The Ticked Off Hustla

King Of Tha Streets

The Impact Player

Da Phenomenal Gangsta

(insert show name) Original Gangsta

Da Original Gangsta

Da Undisputed Hustla

Motha Fuckin'

The New American Hustla

The God Of Money

The Most Dominant Athlete

The Criminal

Hoodrich Supastar

Tha Billion Dollar Hustla

Tha Thugsta

Tha Real Deal Criminal

Tha Ruthless Asshole

The Only Phenomenon

The Man That is Single-Handedly Changing (insert show night)'s

The New Xtreme Icon

The New Face of Extreme

The Natural Disaster

The Man Who Cannot Be Destroyed

The Hustla Legend

(insert show name) Sickest SOB

(insert show name) Best Kept Secret

The Revolution Of Money

The Sinister Superstar

The Sandman

The Sports Entertainment Prodigy

Theme Music

You Don't Know by Eminem

'Ladies and Gentleman' by Saliva

“Some Bodies Gonna Get It” by Three Six Mafia


Coming Soon

Championship & Award Success

Championships ROH Heavyweight Championship (x1)

EWF Heavyweight Championship (x2)

Awards None Yet

Personal life

Mike Vallee currently is Dateing Amy Melina Erikson. They met backstage at the January 19th xWo Meltdown show and have been Dateing ever since.Vallee writes Right-handed,but throws Left-handed and favors his right arm in the ring. He has also said that he is a huge fan of the video game series Grand Theft Auto and names it his favorite game of all time.Vallee Speeks Theree speaks languages including English,French & German.

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