Mikey "Godzilla" Craze is part of a new breed of oddball and off the wall wrestlers. Random and unpredictable in the ring. Often quoting movies, music, and television while cutting a promo. Often putting his sanity to question. But he has always proven himself in the ring. Mikey Craze first signed with PCW feuding with Justin Blast, Mark Tate, and the Legitimate Businessmen Club. Turning him into one of the fastest rising and biggest faces the company has ever seen. Capturing and becoming PCW's longest reigning North American Championship in the process. Also participating in PCW's first ever Inferno Match where he defeated Mark Tate. Godzilla stayed with the company until it's closing in early 2007. But Mikey Craze has found a new home in FMW. Signing a developmental deal to their NEW territory. He now plans on bringing his "unique" style of wrestling to a whole new crop of competitors and fans. God help then...

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Mikey "Godzilla" Craze
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Mikey "Godzilla" Craze]]
Real name Michelangelo Craze
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Height 6'2"
Weight 235 lbs
Date of birth January 1st, 1980
Place of birth L-Town, Maryland
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Billed from L-Town, Maryland
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Full Metal Wrestling
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Debut PCW Monday Night Mayhem (Date: February 5, 2006)
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The Past


The Present


Move Set

Primary Finisher

  • “Kaiju Klash”- The Pounce
  • "Toho Tumble"- Psycho Driver
  • "Monster Mash"- Ca$h Flow

Secondary Finishers

  • "Dangerzone"- Crosses opponents legs while applying a Boston Crab
  • "Monster Island on Parade"- Multiple punches to an opponent in the turnbuckle followed by multiple foot stomps to opponent seated in corner

Signature Moves

  • "Guitar Hero"- Pretends to be playing guitar while performing a ten punch combo in the corner
  • Yakuza Kick
  • Lariat
  • Icky Shuffle into Elbow Drop
  • Frog Splash
  • Fisherman Suplex
  • Cradle Piledriver
  • STO
  • Face Wash
  • Pimp Slap
  • Full Nelson Slam
  • Chickenwing armlock with headscissors
  • Figure Four Leglock
  • Sleeperhold
  • Suicide Dive
  • Suicide Plancha
  • DDT
  • Double Stomp(from a standing position or top rope)
  • Curb Stomp

General Information

Theme Music

  • Go! Go! Godzilla(by Blue Oyster Cult)


  • Quint Clique


  • Mikey Craze has three tattoos located on his left forearm, right arm, and over his heart. These tattoos include a suggestively dressed women, Japanese lettering that translate to "Kaiju", and a portrait of Kelly Clarkson.


  • "Mikey Craze Out!"
  • "I am Godzilla, you are Japan."

Trademarked Terms

  • "Ironical"

Wrestling History

Championship History

  • PCW North American Championship

Win/Loss Record

  • Wins - 8
  • Losses - 2
  • Draws - 0

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