Mikey Heartbreak
Real name Shaun Micheal Heartbreak
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Height 5'11"
Weight 219lbs
Date of birth 7th Auguest 2007
Place of birth Crewe, England
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from Cheshire, England
Trainer Unknown

Handled by Dave Wrestleman
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Debut July 2006
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Mikey Heartbreak is a professional wrestler and an international popstar contracted to the Two World's Wrestling Federation (2WWF). He is one half of boyand and tag-team, the Heartbreak Boyz with partner Frankie K. Young. He is the current 2WWF World Champion, in his second reign. He has picked up numerous enemies in 2WWF, mainly due to his metro-sexual attitude and cowardly ring-style. Heartbreak does not go anywhere without his personal bodyguard, Dave Wrestleman, who has a nasty habbit of interjecting himself into Heartbreak's matches.


Mikey was born in 1986 in a well-off family in Cheshire, England. Growing up he had two real passions, pop music and professional wrestling. Being a talented child, Mikey soon started to grow an ego, and he began to think that almost everybody in the world was inferior to him. His singing talent was spotted by a major music promoter, and he was soon made part of the manufactured boyband the Heartbreak Boyz.

Musical Success

The Heartbreak Boyz lived up their name, by breaking hearts and scoring hits all over the world. They have already had two multi-platinum selling albums, and are now in production of the third.

Wrestling Background

Being popular at high-school, Mikey always had numerous people to step in and fight his battles for him. And that has continued to this very day, following the employment of Dave Wrestleman as his bodyguard. However, despite his music career success, Heartbreak still had yet to compete in his other passion, wrestling. He started training for wrestling at age 18, and hired his own high-profile personal trainer. After this expert training, Heartbreak started to become technically proficient in wrestling quickly, as with everything he had done his entire life.

Early career

His high-profile trainer earned him a spot on the roster at FOW in June 2006, despite Heartbreak only being in training for just over a year, and at the tender age of 19. There were concerns over wether he could step up to the challenge, but with his bodyguard by his side, he soon began to gain in confidence. He targeted championship gold and won his first title in July 2006, just one month after his debut defeating Mareek Pacific for the FOW International Championship. He went on to hold that championship for two months, before making the switch to 2WWF. Heartbreak's main highlight in his run in FOW was his International Title feud with his eventual successor, Vortex.


Mikey Heartbreak immediately made a name for himself upon entering 2WWF, by earning a few consecutive victories against credible opponents. The head-turning continued as he progressed to the semi-finals of the Hell's Games tournament until he was eventually defeated by The Monster. He bounced back immediately though, and defeated Tommy Thunder in his Hells Games debut.

After a short break as 2WWF relocated to their new home in November 2005, Heartbreak continued his momentum and genuinely solidified himself as a main event candidate after an impressive victory over 2WWF Legend, Fuse-Boy. When the current champion Vortex vacated the World Title, 2WWF management recognised the performances of Heartbreak by awarding him a shot at the title against El Harvo.

The match took place at the 2WWF Revelation and took place inside Hell-in-a-Cell! The two men battled for nearly thirty-minutes, until a bloodied and battered Heartbreak scored the victory following a piledriver onto the steel steps! In less than 6 months, Heartbreak reached the pinnacle of 2WWF, and his ego grew larger and larger. He defeated El Harvo the following week in 2WWF's first Inferno match, setting the Mexican's leg on fire.

Tommy Thunder

The next challenger to Heartbreak's 2WWF World Championship was Tommy Thunder after he defeated Minkaro and El Harvo to earn the Number #1 Contendership. These two first crossed paths in FOW, where as a relative new-comer, Heartbreak upset the then FOW Champion by scoring an unlikely victory. Thunder sensed an opportunity for revenge, and the two squared off in a First Blood match for the 2WWF Championship in mid-December. The match ended in a No-Conest after the referee simultaneously spotted both men bleeding. Heartbreak's partner, Frankie K. Young, and Thunder's partner, The Sentinel, were both involved in the finish, prompting a tag-team cage match to be announced at the December PPV. At Crosswired, Thunder and Sentinel edged past the Heartbreak Boyz in a classic match, which was voted 2WWF Match of the Year for 2006.

Still that victory was not exactly what Thunder was hungry for; he was still desperate to get his hands on the 2WWF World Championship. Thunder was granted the match at 2WWF Lethal Lottery, and fans were able to vote on who would be the special guest referee. The evil Manuel Martinez was selected by the 2WWF fans, but despite seemingly being in-cahoots with Heartbreak - the title changed hands, as Tommy Thunder was crowned the new champion.

The Sentinel

Heartbreak didn't have time to recover from the disappointment of losing the 2WWF Championship, as before he knew it, The Sentinel had selected him to be the next victim. The Sentinel's trademark mind games started over the next few weeks, but Heartbreak surprised The Sentinel by decimating him with help from his bodyguard Dave Wrestleman after lurring him into the ring. But Heartbreak's night was not over there! After losing a casket match to Tommy Thunder, he was briefly aducted by The Sentinel before the casket mysteriously ended up safely inside Dave Wrestleman's home.

At 2WWF Violent Reaction, Heartbreak was forced to face The Sentinel in a Boiler-room Brawl match. Despite nobody giving Heartbreak a chance of coming out alive, nevermind winning the match, he shocked the world by managing to exit the Boiler-room as The Sentinel seemed to have disappeared beneath the debris of the tables he had just shattered through.

Redemption Chamber

Soon after the PPV, Heartbreak became one of the five men to qualify to participate in the Redemption Chamber match for the 2WWF Championship. The match will took place at 2WWF 11th Hour later this month. Also involved in the match was Ace Acid, Dash Carter, Minkaro or James Knight, and Heartbreak's long-term rival Tommy Thunder! Heartbreak climbed the ladder and won the 2WWF World Championship, and became the first man in the history of the company to hold the title twice!


Dirty Pop (Brainbuster)
To The Moon and Back (Tilt-A-Whril Backbreaker)
Gut Wrench Suplex
Missile Dropick
Ringpost Figure-four Leglock
Hangman's Neckbreaker


2WWF Match of the Year 2006: Crosswired - Heartbreak Boyz vs Thunder & Sentinel
2WWF World Championship (2) (Nov-06 - Jan-07, March-07 - Present)
FOW International Championship (July-06 - Sept-06)

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