Mikey Sparks
Mikey Sparks Pic
Born N/A
Resides Staten Island, New York
Other names Mr. Sparks
Position Former President of PWF and EWF
Spouse Jennifer Sparks

Michael Sparks better known as Mikey Sparks or Mr. Sparks is a retired American professional e-wrestling promoter, best known for running as President of European Wrestling Federation in 2007 and 2008, where his wife Jennifer Sparks served as CEO. During his time as a businessman, he created an on-screen authority figure role around the time he also took over and operated Pro-Wrestling Federation in 2006.

Moreover, EWF encountered a dissension in management among other conflicts which caused many closures up until mid-2008, when Sparks abdicated office over to Nikolas Turner shortly in advance of returning to regain rights to close the promotion.


Pro-Wrestling Federation (2006)

Sparks began as a production assistant for Pro-Wrestling Federation (PWF) in early 2006. An established comradeship with Jason Hart earned him a "right-hand man" position, where he began assisting in booking of events. In September 2006, Sparks filled a huge position by taking office of PWF after Hart renounced his ownership for marital reasons and decided to hand over the promotion instead of completely terminating it.

Making use of knowledge about the fundamentals of business learned in a limited time, Sparks promised to forge PWF ahead with his best efforts. Becoming well-respected, his next plan came in the form of creating an on-screen authority figure role. Going forward with his ownership, PWF met some progress, but soon turned controversial in its backstage environment, which ended up waring down the morale of the talent when issues arose about the repetitive "in-ring-interference" booking style. Sparks eventually grew frustrated with the direction PWF was going and made an exit leaving Jason Hart's son Josh Hart to take over. However, the promotion closed by the end of the year.

European Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

In May 2007, Sparks re-founded the European Wrestling Federation (EWF), a promotion which was disposed of to open PWF. To fill certain positions, his wife Jennifer Sparks was brought in as CEO. EWF put out their first show on May 14 on the program created called Revolution, hosting a successful night of action culminating with a strong main event between Ryot, Ray Damian and Darrel "The Reality" Noke in a Triple Threat Gauntlet match. Much to shock, EWF ceased to live past a month and went under due to personal circumstances with Sparks.

In August that same year, he returned aboard in the promotion's revival. Following a split between talent by creating a brand extension in two distinct shows Revolution and Mayhem, he delegated Alexander Stryfe and Jason De Luca respectively, to run each show and abstained from making appearances on either shows. Leading up to EWF falling into peril, problems occurred when mismanagement issues had surfaced. This saw Sparks having to temporarily step away with his duties being picked up by Stryfe, who contributed heavily to the federation. Stryfe continued to perform his position until late in the year when he left, and this consequently sent EWF into closure in December.

Creed Incident

In 2008, during the revived run of EWF, an incident occurred on the June 2 edition of Revolution. One of the wrestlers at the time known as Creed, who was feuding with Sparks, faced off with Sparks but rather due to violating his contract agreement (or from an e-wrestling view, committed an act of plagiarism). In the ramifications, a No Disqualification match was sanctioned and Sparks organized for members of the roster to beat down and humiliate Creed to conclude his final match in the promotion with Sparks gaining a pinfall victory and openly firing him.

Stepping Down as President

Shortly, Sparks passed on his ownership of the promotion, citing personal affairs. Nikolas Turner stepped up to fill the replacement, who ran the promotion with Jennifer Sparks still as CEO. A line of disputes only trailed with this result and led to the demise of EWF in August. That same month, businesswoman Elizabeth Black took over the rights of EWF, intending to continue it under some form, but ending up founding her own project known as Elite Wrestling Academy (EWA). Sparks regains the rights to keep EWF's legacy in tact by permanently closing it.

Personal life

Mikey Sparks has been married to Jennifer Sparks for three years, and have for the foreseeable future, left the wrestling business.

In wrestling

  • Nicknames
    • Mr. Sparks
  • Entrance themes
    • Rooftops by Lostprophets (EWF)

Championships and accomplishments

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