Mikey Truth
Real name Michael Ashman
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Height 5'10"
Weight 215 lbs
Date of birth September 11th 1988
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Resides Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Billed from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Debut May 2007
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Early Life

The Early life of Mikey Truth starts off in his home town of Toronto Ontario Canada at a young age he was hooked to wrestling idolizing greats like Ric flair, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart just to name a few. By the age of 12 he began training in amateur wrestling which he was very successful at also taking the sport very seriously in his high school and college years with his cousin and fellow wrestler “The Golden Boy” Shaine Ashton.:



Mikey joined the MWA to gain some notoriety in the community. Mikey went on to gain several big victories in his career and gain momentum heading into his big breakout in MMW...


Mikey Truth joined an indy fed in the early part of his mainstream career as respect factor to give back to the indy scene. Mikey Single handily help build EMW and ultra violent company based from which is the competing mall with Mpiremall. In that time Mike became EMW Tag Team champion with Luke and had historic Tag Team matches with HFD & Chaos fellow MMW stars. Moving away from the Tag Team division Mikey Truth became EMW World Heavyweight Champion as he defeated CJ Gangsta at EMW Madness TV that being his first reign with the title and making him EMW's first every Double Champion. When High Flying Dwarf walked out on EMW Mikey Truth built a faction with HFD's former Tag Team partner Chaos handing down the Tag Team title to Chaos which then was partner with Mikey Truth's former tag team partner Luke, Mikey created The Wing Team with these wrestler which there main purpose was to take over EMW with the help of EMW booker DJ Claudio.Mikey Truth lost the World Heavyweight title to Slick Trick at the EMW Tournament of Death event, However Slick Trick got injured during the match and was forced to drop the belt Slick then asked for his release due to the fact that he wanted to move on from the demanding world of wrestling. During this event the title was vacant and was put up for grabs at the next event called EMW Disaster Battle for the EMW World Heavyweight title which Two superstars will start off in a ring filled with EMW's most dangerous toys. Every minute, another superstar will enter the ring with a weapon of their own choosing. Elimination will be by ring out only and the last man standing will be the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Mikey entered in the match as the number 1 entrant fighting off 25 other men successfully winning the event and walking out EMW World Heavyweight Champion, this being Mikey's second run with the title and the longest running Champion EMW ever had.On July 24, 2008 Teknoman the higher executive/ owner of EMW announced at a press conference that addressed the status of EMW "EMW is not the same promotion it used to be, we have the lowest of TV ratings ever, we barely have money to pay our wrestlers, new talent have almost 0 interest on signing contracts with us.So i decide to close our business for an undefined time, i understand that not everyone agrees a 100% with this idea but i think is the wisest choice right now, i think i speak for everyone when i say:

"When things hits bottom the only possible way is going UP again".

We hope to have a better organized promotion in the future so we can offer our fans the best possible product."


Mikey Truth is in a class of his own when you talk about unique MMW Superstars he splashed on to the scene summer of 2007: when he first got his start in a small promotion called MWA. Luck was on his side when he had brief talk with MMW owner The Real Big Pete on a new concept show that would go into the life of hopeful MMW wrestlers fighting for a contract this being now know as the Training Dungeon which he became the first graduate, Mikey was trained by fellow MMW wrestlers and legends G: Mack and Boston Bluefly and learned the political side of the business from Supa Loco and Dj Claudio. Mikey is known for his catchphrase THE TRUTH HURTS also his arrogant, flashy, and Hollywood like attitude that flows throughout his promos. Mikey knows how to get it done in the ring some may say he is the ultimate opportunist who has got him lots of fame in the wrestling world, Mikey was voted wrestler of the year 2007 which it went straight to his head as he now calls himself MR. MMW. Mikey is very involved in the independent scene as he works a handful of Indy promotion such as EMW a sign of respect to the promotions that has got him to where he is today, Mikey was the first man in MMW history to work both Beatdown and WarZone shows also holding a title that being Television and Intercontinental titles from both brands at the same time which he then unified them calling them the All-Star Championship title. He was then soon after asked to join the legendary faction Rated X which he did join, At the end of the day Mikey Truth no doubt has hit Instant Stardom and has a very bright future ahead of him. At MMW Spring Bank Beat Down Mikey Truth took part in a fatal 4 way match for the MMW World Championship title in that match it consisted of T-Neck, Brandon Punk, Coby Beer, and Mikey Truth. Mikey eliminated two of the 3 opponents that being Brandon Punk and then eliminated Coby Beer for the win walking out MMW World Champion on the Beatdown Brand for the first time in his career.

At the Pre - Summer Break show where the MMW draft lottery took place which when ever a superstar lost a match they had to switch brands. The Main Event match of the evening was a rematch between the MMW World Champion Mikey Truth going up against the last man that was pinned which happened to be former MMW World Champion Coby Beer,some say this was a long awaited battle between the two as they built a heated rivalry against one another and now was the time to put up or shut up. Surprisingly the match lasted only 6 minutes with Mikey Truth dominating from bell to bell, Mikey Truth retained his World Championship by forcing Coby Beer to tap out to a dragon sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Coby Beer who is a MMW veteran and has been working for MMW since day one decided that same night after the match due to his poor performance to retire from MMW action.

The August 10th BeatDown! Show is schedule to have a huge main event in that being BeatDown! World Title Triple Threat Match Mikey Truth (Champ) Vs HFD Vs Deamon The BeatDown! Champion accepted the challenge from BOTH these men! The stipulations however are HIGH STAKES! If HFD loses then he will remain on BeatDown!, losing his WarZone contract. If Deamon loses then he will be transferred to WarZone. If Mikey loses the title, then he will not recieve a rematch until the October PPV! Mikey Truth has a match ahead of him and is focused on coming out on top.


While MMW is on a month(july)summer break Mikey Truth has recently been casted as the Captain for Team MMW:BEATDOWN followed by teammates T-Neck,Chaos,"Bad Boy" Jack Horton, and Odell "The Hero" Johnson(Hardcore Hero). He will lead his team in a tournament in mid July 2008 to find out which is the best brand/promotion and who is the best wrestler the mall has to offer today. His team will battle against Team IPW, Team MMW:WARZONE, and Team TMT. Speaking about TMT Mikey Truth during his summer break will make an appearance at the next TMT PPV Invasion where he will be teaming with his cousin "The Golden Boy" Shaine Ashton.



  • MMW World Champion
  • MMW Wrestler of the Year 07
  • MMW TV Champion(unified)
  • MMW All-Star Champion(unified intercontinental and TV)
  • 1st MMW Double Branded Champion
  • MMW Intercontinental Champion(unified)


  • EMW 1st DISASTER BATTLE ROYAL winner(entrant #1)
  • EMW World Heavyweight Champion (current/2x)
  • EMW Tag Team Champion w/Luke liddle (2x)

Finishers and Signature Moves

  • The Truthful Injection (Cop Killa)
  • Face the Truth (MDKO)
  • Shooting for Da' Truth (Shooting Star Press)


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