Mile High Massacre is a match devised by the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance in September 2007 for the second annual Mile High pay-per-view. It is a variation of a traditional Mile High Match, created to be the ultimate test of a champions skill, often forcing him/her to defend their title against an entire roster.


Mile High Massacre takes the Mile High Match (a hybrid of Hell In The Cell and Ultimate X) and adds elements from a Royal Rumble Match.

  • All participants draw numbers at random.
  • Two wrestlers start the match.
  • Every three minutes a new wrestler enters the ring based on the number they drew.
  • Competitors can be eliminated by Pinfall, Submission, Knockout or by being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor.
  • Once all wrestlers have entered and there are only six remaining in the match, the cage is lowered and the contest becomes a traditional Mile High Match.
  • The ring (and entire ringside area0 is surrounded by a specially constructed Hell In The Cell style steel cage. But instead of a roof there is a series of Ultimate X style cables that cross the length of the cage, from which the prize (usually a championship) is hung.
  • There are no Pinfalls, Submissions, Disqualifications or Count-Outs.
  • The winner is the first compettitor to climb the cage, crawl across the cables and retrieve the prize.

Match History

Mile High Massacre I - Sepetember 2nd, 2007. Ryan Hall defeated 21 other men to retain the FWA World Heavyweight Championship.

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