"Millionaire" Miles Marion
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|100px|Image of "Millionaire" Miles Marion]]
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Height 6'2"
Weight 235 lbs.
Date of birth July 6th, 1980
Place of birth Manchester, New Hampshire
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Resides Manchester, New Hampshire
Billed from Manchester, New Hampshire
Trainer Angus MacFadyen
Handled by Shawn M. Franklin
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Debut September, 2006 in 3WA. February 24th, 2007 in AWA.
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Miles Alexander Marion (born July 6th, 1980 in Manchester, New Hampshire), better known by his ring-name "Millionaire" Miles Marion, or simply, MMM, is an American professional wrestler who has competed in the World Wide Wrestling Alliance and currently is employed by the Athletic Wrestling Alliance as of February, 2007. He is also the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Marion International Exports, one of the largest import/export firms on the Eastern Seaboard.


Early Life

Marion's life began in Manchester, New Hampshire as the only child of Maximilian and Lenore Marion (who died a few short years later in a drug overdose). Marion's father was the owner and CEO of one of the biggest international shipping companies on the Atlantic seaboard, Marion International Exports, and as a result, Marion grew up in a lifestyle where he never wanted for anything. Sadly, as with most young men of wealth, Marion quickly became spoiled and decadent in a home where he could literally do anything he wanted.

As Marion grew into adolescence, this darker nature would follow him throughout his young adult years. He would spend his father's money on things that simply grabbed his whim: expensive cars, supermodel girlfriends, high-fashion clothing, gourmet ever increasing diet of greed and avarice, until the day Max decided to put a stop to it by denying young Miles of not only his allowance, but also his rightful inheritance unless he quote, "made himself into someone worthy of the name 'Marion'". Little did Maximilian Marion know that this decision would bear grave consequences.

Securing the Future

Miles enrolled at Harvard with a double major in Psychology and Business and during that time, he displayed a marked turnaround in his behavior. Instead of spending, Marion spent most of his free time in careful study of his chosen majors, finally graduating at the top of his class with Bachelor's Degrees in both areas of study.

A few short days later, Marion received his graduation gift: access to his trust fund. This one move proved to be an error in judgment as approximately one month later, Marion has seized control of most of the voting stock in his father's company in a series of brutal takeovers.

In his first act as the new owner and CEO of MIE, Miles fired his father from the Board of Directors and evicted him from the Marion ancestral home. To this day, the current whereabouts of Maximilian Marion are unknown.

After securing his financial future, Marion found himself unfulfilled. He had been a successful conqueror in the world of business, but now he had no direction. Marion decided to travel abroad, seeking some form of fulfillment.

The Wandering Millionaire

His incognito travels fatefully brought him to Ireland and the professional wrestling training camp of Angus MacFadyen. Marion found himself intrigued by the world of professional wrestling, and soon began to devour all sorts of knowledge on the subject. The one thing that disquieted him however, was the lack of, in his view, "men worthy of being called champions."

Resolving himself to his new course and calling, he enrolled in MacFadyen's school and quickly rose to the top of the class alongside AWA mainstay Connor MacManus. Marion and MacManus developed a close friendship with each other and third student, Rebecca Borrail (who was Connor's girlfriend at the time). All the while, however, in that dark corner of Marion's mind, he knew that Connor was the more skilled wrestler, and so Marion set a plan in motion to distract Connor from his goals and claim ultimate victory for himself. Unbeknown to Connor at the time, Marion seduced Rebecca and planted the blame for this betrayal on another student, Chris Geehan. Connor ended up crippling Chris in the ring for his "infidelities" with Rebecca, and soon after the debacle, Marion left Ireland to return home and begin his new profession in earnest.

3WA: The Beginning

Flash forward to 2006, when "Millionaire" Miles Marion debuted in 3WA. Marion quickly become one of the most reviled men in professional wrestling for his innate ability to get inside the minds of his opponents, find their vulnerable points, and exploit them ruthlessly. Marion quickly climbed to the top of the 3WA, capturing the World Title in his rookie year. Marion was also influential on the 3WA for creating a stable known as the "Upper Echelon" with his old friend Connor MacManus and then-3WA World Champion Shaun Stetson.

Marion would quickly turn upon his stable-mates however, and forcefully evict both Connor and Shaun from the group, with the aftermath culminating in his second World Title win.

The truth of Marion's seducing of Rebecca Borrail would surface during this time, and Connor MacManus would swear vengeance on MMM if took every breath in his body. The two are now the bitterest of enemies.

The Next Step: AWA

Shortly after a controversial shakeup in 3WA administration, Connor would return to the Athletic Wrestling Alliance and wash his hands of Miles Marion. However, Marion would not be denied his pound of flesh from his hated adversary, and in a stunning move on February 24th, 2007, MMM vacated his 3WA World Title and debuted in AWA, viciously attacking Connor MacManus and driving him thru a table with his deadly "Millionaire's Mark".

Clearly, the rivalry between these two men is far from over, and yet, even when the smoke clears from this intense war, one fact remains undeniable, Marion is in the AWA to stay, and as anyone who has tangled with this diabolical mastermind knows, his sights are never far from the richest prize in the sport: The AWA World Heavyweight Title.

Wrestling Facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Millionaire's Mark, A reverse fall away carry into a swinging sitout facebuster
  • Market Crash, A clutching sitout spinebuster
  • Million Dollar Fist Drop
  • Southpaw Jab Combination (MMM is left-handed)
  • Flying Cross Body
  • Double-Arm Suplex
  • Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex
  • Beg Off/Thumb to the Eye
  • High-Elevation Dropkick
  • Superplex
  • Neckbreaker
  • Seated Mexican Surfboard
  • Theme Music Selections
  • "It's All About The Benjamins (Rock Remix)" by P. Diddy, feat. Foo Fighters & Rob Zombie
  • "Money" by Velvet Revolver
  • "King Of My World (Millionaire's Version)" by Saliva (current)
  • Nicknames (self-given)
  • The "Millionaire"
  • The Greek God of Wrestling
  • The Richest Man In The AWA
  • The Richest Man In The 3WA
  • The Benchmark of The Industry
  • The Only Wrestler That Matters


  • 2x 3WA World Champion
  • 1x 3WA Tag Team Champion (with Connor MacManus)
  • 1x 3WA Money In The Bank Winner

Notable feuds

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