Non Wrestling History

Born on the 14th of January 1981 to Castor and Megan Holland, Milo was quickly thrown into a world of nightmares. The start of his life was perfect. Couldn't have asked for more. A loving family with a caring and sometimes overprotective older brother, Milo's life was turned into a tragedy. His parents were slain in a car 'accident' when Milo was just 4. The brothers were taken to a 'home' but it was really an orphanage. Here they were placed under the care of one Conrad Jones, a former Pro Wrestler who never achieved what he desired and forced the children under his care to fight needlessly so that they might one day achieve what he could not. He believed himself to be an excellent teacher when all he taught these children was how to survive blood matches and how to inflict as much pain as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. It was during this time that Milo met with Michael Kane, Carl Foster and one child called David. His surname never was revealed. These people are now known as Spike Kane, X-Con and Triple D. Milo along with his brother were adopted when Milo was 14. He had grown into what some would call a large man, but he was still only 14, he had a whole lot more growing and bodybuilding to do yet. Milo entered the world of professional wrestling at the age of 21. His career continued without a single hitch until he once again faced Triple D and was 'killed'. No one really knows what happened to Milo at this time but he disappeared for a couple of years. Some say he really was killed only to be raised from the dead by his brother. Some say he wasn't killed but was severely injured, taking the time out to recover. People are sure on one thing though. He has died or been near death twice now. He's not the most stable individual but for now he's happy. As of November 2006 he is wandering the globe in search of methods to better himself. Milo Returned to the ring in September 2007.

Major Wrestling History

-Debuted at EBCWF II under the alias 'Bahamut' taking the HaRdCoRe title in the process after only a few short weeks. Shortly after, though, the federation was cast into disarray by terrorist actions.

-Was called by Spike Kane to join XwF I. Here Milo, still under the alias 'Bahamut' won the Intercontinental Title in a hard battled match with X-Con as well as the Tag Team Titles with Spike Kane and the Hardcore Tag Team Titles with his brother Dave Holland. Disagreements with Management however led to the departure from XwF I and once again a call from Spike Kane brought them to...

-XwF II. Here Milo picked up pretty much where he left off and spent a happy couple of years as intercontinental champion or around the intercontinental championship. It was in this time, however that people began to notice how dominant he was as a tag team with his brother Dave. It is also here that he dropped the alias and became 'Firestorm' Milo Holland.

-xWe. This was where Milo solidified his name as a truly great tag Champion. Once again, partnered by his brother he took the xWe Tag Team Championships in a tournament against some of the big players there. However at this point Milo began to tire of Tag wrestling becoming his forté and so to break away he left his brother and went his own way.

-NWWA (Currently NWW). Milo entered this federation just at the point of the roster being split across the two shows, Worldwide and SiN. He was drafted to Worldwide but was soon in troubles with management once again. After forming an alliance with his old rival X-Con and a new ally Max Payne he rebelled against the name and brand change that then General Manager Maxx Anderson was imposing. Milo led the Revolution to failure and its eventual dissolve. In tribute to this Dave Holland has made it a contract clause that any show he becomes the General Manager of be named 'Worldwide'.

-XWA. This federation led to Milo's highest and arguably lowest point in his career. It is in this federation that he obtained his first ever World Heavyweight Championship. However his reign was short lived as he earned the attention of Triple D, a well known and rightfully feared opponent. Milo faced him in an Exploding Casket match at the will of Federation co-owner Chris Berra. All fire extinguishers were used up by the other co-owner Spike Kane in the process of the match and in the ensuing explosion it is thought that Milo was killed.

-XwF III. The XwF was reborn after a long time of slumber. Even though Milo was rumoured dead there were some who still believed him to be out there somewhere, alive and well. This was confirmed when Milo returned to face off against X-Con in the ultimate match of the ages to decide who was truly better out of these longest term of rivals. The result was never known however as an invading federation interfered only to have both Milo and X-Con join forces against them. No one has since cared to learn who would be better and are willing to let things lie in speculation alone.

-UBAWF. Milo played a small part in events at the UBAWF but he did play a part. It was here that Milo dropped into a fit of despair and madness, even going so far as to cast his brother into a wheelchair, crippling him for supposedly the rest of his life. His madness was never cured on Television nor was it ever broadcast but it is thought that Dave recovered from his injury against all odds and returned to face Milo in a match. In the ensuing match the shock is thought to have triggered some past memory and heal his mind.

-XHF Part 1: Upon the sad demise of the UBAWF Milo joined a group of other individuals known as the Order of Chaos, among them Tyler Jacobs, Cosmo, Snake and Jake 'The Ace' Conway. The group went to the Xtreme Hardcore Federation with the aim of taking over. Naive... yes. Milo's goal was to take the X*Crown championship after a brief interlude with Appolyon and shortly after against DeathTrap where he narrowly lost an Ironman match 3-2. He then disappeared.. and no one is really sure why.

-XHF Part 2: Approximately 2 years after his initial arrival in the XHF Milo made a guest Appearance paying long time friend Spike Kane a visit in hospital. It appears that Spike had been given some erroneous information relating to his birthplace that The Brothers Holland had discovered. This time around Milo stuck it out and alongside his brother has become a 2 time XHF Tag Team Champion and is regarded as one of the best Tag Competitors in XHF history. Between reigns, however, he suffered a severe injury and spent three months in a comatose state. His miraculous recovery and return to form is something of a mystery. He is currently on hiatus, presumably improving himself for his inevitable return to the XHF.

-nCw: Originally opened as National Championship Wrestling, now New Championship Wrestling. Milo has in a short time become one hell of a dominant force in this company. Once again reforming the team The Brothers Holland, Milo is a two time tag team champion, was the first ever tag team champion and has also held the National championship.


Signature moves


-Dragon Stretch (Walls of Jericho)

-Backfire (Springboard Lionsault while opponent is running)

-The Flamethrower (Electric Chair Drop into Tombstone Piledriver)

-High Impact Chokeslam

-2-Handed Choke Manhattan Drop Bomb

-Burn-Out (suplex into piledriver)

-X-Fire (Clothesline that flips opponents legs into the air. milo catches them and slams head into ground)


-The Flame's End ~ Variations:
~Multiple Powerbombs ending with Facebuster
~Military Press to TKO
~Current: Electric Chair to Piledriver

-The Firestorm (As many powerbombs as Milo can do in a row)

Themes (Music)

-1st Ever Entrance Theme was 'Million Miles Away' by The Offspring. Has been quoted saying this is his favourite entrance song ever.

-'Sinner' by Drowning Pool

-'Ghost Love Score' by Nightwish

-'The Promise' by Within Temptation

-'Crimson Tide' by Nightwish

-Current theme: 'Amaranth' by Nightwish

Career Highlights

-EBCWF HaRdCoRe Champion

-XwF Intercontinental Champion

-XwF Tag team Champion

-XwF Hardcore Tag Team Champion

-xWe Tag Team Champion

-Leader of NWWA Worldwide Revolution

-XWA Heavyweight Champion

-XHF 2x Tag Team Champion

-nCw National Champion

-nCw 2x and first ever Tag Team Champion

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