Min Xineohp
Real name Min Xineohp
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Height 5'3
Weight 115 lbs./14 stones
Date of birth December 14, 1986
Place of birth South Korea Flag of South Korea
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Shrewsbury, England Flag of England
Billed from
Trainer Minkaro
Handled by Min
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Debut 2005
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Min Xineohp (born December 14, 1986)Is a Korean Martial Artist/Wrestler. She is one of the few female wrestlers to take on men in the history of 2WWF. She is also notably known for her continue fighting after losing her sight in late 2006.



At the age of four, Min started her training in the martial arts with the arts of Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, and Hapkido. She quickly gained knowledge, skill, and ability through her training as she grew older and became quicker and stronger than the others she trained with. At the age of twelve, she started heavily competing in tournaments and became nationally known for her speed and grace. She was in a competition run throughout her years until the age of 15 where she had to restrain from competitions due to her being raped, and embedded with the seeds of her children. Exactly one month before her own sixteenth birth year, she was blessed with her son, Zain, and daughter, Raia. She continued her competition years while maintaining a healthy mother relationship with her children. At age 18 she got into the wrestling out of the competition being too easy.

Two Worlds Wrestling Federation

Her style of wrestling bewildered all those who dared to face her. She became an exotic hardcore weaponist and excellent wrestler. She started off her series with six straight wins. Through her time at 2WWF she smashed opponent and rival Landon Solis who was trained in MMA. She had a clever little run beating opponents, but maintaining that humility of hers that others respected. After her fifth consecutive win she was offered a title shot, in which she declined saying "A title is just something that you win, were as the respect of the audience is something you earn. I want to earn the audiences respect instead of gain a flashy title." After her sixth match, she decided to hit her martial arts trainng for another go around and become even better.

She rejoined 2WWF at the age of nineteen where she would be given the title of Master by her Grandmaster HuYang. She didn't compete in a lot of matches, but when she did she won them. Then one Saturday, before Breakdown, she was entered a tournament which would prove to be harmful to her health. During this tournament she was doing a routine with a weapon. A nearby competitor was using a spear and he struck the ground with such force that it snapped and went flying. The spear impacted Min in the head and she was knocked completely unconscious. An ambulance quickly swept her away to the hospitol where she was operated on until the next day. Min barely survived this incident, but walked off with out her site. She stopped wrestling so she could continue learn how to use her new disability as a benefit, even though the doctors advised her not to. She continued wrestling in 2WWF until she decided to part and head onto different areas of life.


Min has recently started a contract with Ring of Non-stop Action wrestling. She has been in only two matches, one against J.T. Williams, which she won, and the other against Minkaro and Damn Dude, while partnering with J.T. Williams. Min has now progressed into a tag team partnership with Damn Dude and her boyfriend, Minkaro.

Where Min will go next is unsure, but she will continue working in RONA for now.


A silk white Monk robe which contains a black sash tied neatly around her waist. A purple belt is then tied above it so the sash can be seen a little above and below it. A black sash is also tied around her eyes.

Entrance Music

  • Bling Guardian "Gaurdian of the Blind"

Wrestling Maneuvers

Finishing Moves

  • Split Backflip Kick : Similar to the Pele except it is a split kick instead of a single kick.
  • Min’s Dizzy: A shoulder throw, flips her opponent over her shoulder and onto the mat in front of her, immediately followed by a front flip stomp.

Wrestling Style

  • A martial arts with three unique styles. She partakes in the Korean arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido and the Chinese Shaolin Black Dragon, in simple English, Kung Fu.
  • Is also a true hardcore fighter in which she uses, and only uses, Martial Art weapons, mainly the meteor hammer and Three Sectional Staff

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