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Ring Names Queen Kitty
Height 5'4
Date of birth December 26
Place of birth Philidelphia, PA
Date of death
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Resides Philidelphia, PA
Billed from World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)
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Mini Kitty is a female professional wrestler who is marketed by The World Federation of Wrestling for holding the record for the longest women's title reign in the federation. She is well known as being the first WFOW Women's Champion and the ONLY two time WFW women's champion.

Early life

Kitty was born in Philadelphia pa. Brand new to da wrestling world, but is already making an impact, by having the World Fed. of Wrestling as her first company. She was a member of the infamous kings court. She won the WFW Women's Championship when she defeated Rachel Lilly in Los Angeles, CA at WFW Revenge on March 25, 2007.

She was painfully shy, but she quickly found friends in her new school. She quickly found her niche in many school activities, including cheerleading and dance, and was very competitive in track and field.

During high school, after Kitty's interest in modeling grew more serious, her mother urged her to pursue it. Not wanting to follow the rules to become one, she decided to wrestle.

The Good Life

It was revealed on March 2007 that she had been traded to The World Fed. of Wrestling. She would turn heel by attacking Rachel Lilly, and she debuted a new finishing face buster move, known as the Nose Job. She also revealed her new move, Extreme Makeover which is a spinning springboard turnbuckle facebuster.

The Kings Court

She was also part of the infamous Kings Court. This faction included of the hated King Tater.

The Rise

The King's era started with him becoming the First WFW Champion and his Queen Kitty becoming the first Women's Champion. After holding both of the major titles, the era started to take a downfall.

The Fall

The fall of the group started at WFW Revenge. After an unsuccessful run for the Tag Team Titles, The court was to be broken after a sudden injury from Tater to cause a league of absence.

In Ring Moves

  • Divastator (Kicking combination)
  • Kyranium Buster (Flying neckbreaker)
  • Hair-pull curb stomp
  • Back mounted crossfaces
  • Bite of the Dragon
  • Camel clutch
  • Flying double axe handle
  • Pendulum backbreaker submission
  • Modified bow and arrow submission
  • Standing victory roll into a pin to a kneeling opponent
  • Surfboard submission
  • Twisting neck scissors
  • Charging spinning kneel-out facebuster

Current Days

Kitty is now the former Women's Champ and the Kings Court is planned to reunite after King Tater returns. She is also currently wrestling in the same fed with her brother, and her sister

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