Lenny P.
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Ring Names "Primetime" Mister X.
Height 6'5"
Weight 240lbs
Date of birth December 29th 1983
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Debut 2006 in Myspace's UCW.
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Mister X is a e-fed wrestler exclusively on Myspace, now attempting to branch out elsewhere. Mister X was spawned by the creative mind of Lenny after watching Edge, The Rock, Diamond Dallas Page, Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Harley Race and Ric Flair perform throughout his young life. Lenny imagined up a character based upon the crudeness of Edge, the heel-ish arrogance of The Rock, a heel Shawn Micheals and Mr. Perfect, The hip-hop style of John Cena, circa 2003 and John Bradshaw Layfield. As a face, Mister X gravitates more towards the DX-style of humor with the easy-going manner of DDP and a face Rock. Also, he often incorporates Buddhism to ground himself. Mister X wrestles with a very diverse style. He blends Lucha, Technical wrestling, some brawling and a touch of power. Mister X is the former owner of Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance, commonly known as NWA across Myspace.

History from his own NWA

Mister X intended on being the quiet owner at first, until someone suggested applying X in feuds with various wrestlers. Along the way, Mister X feuded with the heel Reign of Terror, Shaun Rogers (capped off by "The Plunge", a suicidal splash from the top of a Hell in a Cell to the prone body of Rodgers atop the announcer's table) Anthony Turner, Scott Kline, Extreme Regime, Problem, Zak Xemlis and his infamous Ass-Whoppin' Agency, Chrissy Shadows and finally Alex Falcon who defeated X at NWA's final PPV. Mister X bullied his way into the World Title picture by defeating the man who recently captured the World Title, since redone as the Global title, after he pinned Nic following a gory King of the Mountain match. Mister X's reign was brief as Zandrous defeated him in a ladder match that also featured the two former champions, Nic and the man he screwed, Om-R Punk. X also named himself Iron-Man, United States and F*** Rules Champion. He also held the Tag Gold with Smark World Order after he decided to "Freebird" the titles.

NWA was retired April 4, 2008.

Recent history and his most memorable moments

- In RWA, an angry and violent Mister X started one of the most violent and intense feuds of his life when his sexual deviance went to a whole other level, brutally attacking Damien "Nightmare" Alpatrum's valet Abigail Kosto and attempting to sexually assault her. Then violently assaulting Mike Outlaw's manager Joe Manlaw leading to management banning X from physical violence.

- In UWA, Mister X and Wild Card battled in an extremely fierce feud.

- In NWA, Mister X and frequent nemesis Ron Harris temporarily carried a long-term on and off feud in a violent "In your House" Match where the ring was a House. Harris ended up pinning Mister X with a hard German Suplex onto a wooden coffee table for the pinfall. Soon after, Mister X threw Harris through the house window plummeting 15 feet down into electrical wire scarring Harris for weeks, leading to him violently turning on the fans and eventually winning Money in the Bank.

Mister X attempted to try other waters by joining Fearless Championship Wrestling, Mister X quit Fearless Championship Wrestling after an 0-3 run citing "creative differences".

After many attempts, Mister X finally broke through pinning long-time arch-rival Ivy Cornell to win the GRW Pride Title and become the 2nd GRW Grand Slam Champion (Tag, Cross-Continental, PRIDE and WHC) in GRW History effectively ending Mister X's tenure as a Myspace e-fedder.

Mister X is in a potentially massive feud with St. Eldor of XWCWF's flagship faction "The Black and Blue Crew. Eldor took offense to Mister X calling him out, who then proceeded to call him a well-decorated minor leaguer to paraphrase. Mister X and Eldor went to a double count-out further fueling their bitter rivalry as X also takes aim at his tag team co-hort Dusty Spears as well.

Mister X recently challenged Zanatos Kell in a Search for Santa match (I am not kidding.) He lost, but refuses to duck out of the title hunt.


In UWA, Mister X created a faction that would change wrestling history. He then joined with Johnny Mack, Wild Card, Midian, Jason Jordan, Big Sexy and his long-time Manager to create Revolution. Revolution broke up when Big Sexy went on injury-leave and Mister X began the feud seen above with Wild Card.

His latest version incorporates Screwball and their two managers along with long-time rival Micheal Riser. Since reforming Revolution, both Screwball and Mister X have found success here in the company.


Mister X has never shied away from controversy. Early on, he was known to be a consistent complainer.

Some say Mister X is a rip-off of the Outlet character. Lenny admits he got some ideas in the past from the legend, but in no way is the character intended to be as such.

Signature/Finishing Moves throughout his career

X-Terminator - King Kong Lariat, but was a Brainbuster DDT at one point. (Used to be the X-ecutioner)

X-ecutioner - Reverse DDT into a Grounded Dragon Sleeper (It used to be a Tazzmission)

The Red Baron -(5-Star Frog Splash)

The Red Baron Part Deux - (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)

The Crossover -(Cobra Clutch Bomb)

Welcome to Hollywood, Motherf***er -(Double Underhook Backbreaker)

Well, Hello there -(Hammerlock into an Arm Lariat - CM Punk's Pepsi Twist)

Ring around the Loser -(Yells the move's name and jumps around the person 5 times on one leg in a circle and does a Scott Steiner-like arm raise and he kisses his upper arm before dropping an elbow.)

Da BOMB! (Torture Rack into a Sit-out Powerbomb Pin aka Towerhacker Bomb on the SD vs. RAW video game)

Mister X Facts

Mister X's modeling/"Playgirl" stuff was based around Lenny's brief modeling career.

Uses "X" by Xhibit as his entrance music.

Wears red clothes, shoes and a red bandanna while wrestling.

Mister X has been re-done many times due to the fact that the character is largely based upon Lenny himself, creating many off character problems.

Mister X has used a number of female managers, including a variation of TNA/WWE Diva Trinity. (She won the THW Championship, a mid-card title)

Mister X is a 8-time World Champion and has won over 30 Titles, most of which are Tag Team Titles. Including being only one of two GRW Grand Slam Champions.

His arch-nemesis is Midian, although they are off-character friends.

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