The Mitchell Wrestling Family is an American family with a rich history associated with professional wrestling now entering the fifth generation of wrestlers. The patriarch of the family is Hawaii and Portugal bare knuckle street fighting legend Manuel Mitchell, an street fighter, amateur and pro wrestler, promoter and somewhat trainer.

The names below are only of those involved or have been involved with the business.

Family Members

1st Generation

  • Manuel (b. 1851-1918), The patriarch of the Mitchell family, history books reports that "Mitchell" was a name that was given to him by immigration as he and his wife made the move to Hawaii sometime a little after Gabriel Sr.'s birth.

2nd Generation

  • Gabriel Sr (born 1912), the man who carried on the wrestling tradition; Gabriel Mitchell kept his father's dream alive. Known for his good-looking and cool ways, Gabriel got far in the business before retiring in 1980 due to health concerns. He had four children with his wife for 62 years: Gabriel Jr., Gregory [Megastar], Anne and Lynn.

3rd Generation

  • Gabriel Jr. (born 1949), promoter and wrestler.
  • Gregory (born 1952), Hawaii wrestling legend known by many as "Megastar" who had three children: Allan, Irene and Jacob with wie Iwa of 30 Years.

4th Generation

  • Allan (born 1970), Wrestler, Manager, Tank Commander of the United States Army whom has two sons. Eldest son of 'Megastar.'
  • Irene (born 1970), who married the wrestler Chris Treborn, with whom she had three children with: Cryse, Joaquin, and Nicole. Daughter of 'Megastar.'
  • Jacob (born 1983), one of MSN's biggest stars. Jake has one child with his girlfriend Keisha, whose brother, Kill Switch is one of Hawaii's most known wrestlers. Youngest son of 'Megastar.'

5th Generation

  • Cryse (born 1988), Wrestler son of Chris Treborn and Irene Mitchell (3rd generation of Treborn, 5th of Mitchell].


When Megastar walked away from the business, he couldn't keep away fully so he would train particular talent that caught his eye. Until now, he's only trained five people [Allan, Jake, Drew, Cryse and Marcus] although he's always on the look-out for more potential talent.

  • Drew Stevenson Megastar's biggest pupil. Drew was taken in by Megastar shortly after Jake moved to Georgia and was groomed to be the next era of wrestling talent. For this reason, Jake and Drew never saw eye to eye as Jake believes that Drew tried to "take his spot" in his family which probably isn't true.
  • Caiden Harrison During IRX's run; Caiden Harrison exploded onto the scene and made quite the impact in matches with Mike Hunter and sided with Decaine early. Decaine and Harrison was apparently shot at, Decaine was grazed with a bullet while Caiden hasn't been seen since. A missing person's report was filed and its a Cold Case.
  • Marcus Blackwell Not a relatively known face in the business; Blackwell is a stunning talent that was taken under Megastar's wing when Cryse started his training. Both men trained under Megastar and excelled at quick speeds.


With every family there's people that are considered family-friends and the Mitchell's have a lot of those.

  • Ric Flair The Nature Boy and Megastar go back many years and is actually Jake's Godfather. He was the one that told Jamie Peirce [Jake's trainer] about Jake and got him started in the business. Ric is like family to the Mitchell's.
  • Seifer Who doesn't know The Immortal? He's constantly keeping Jake on the right path—Sorta like Jake's "keeper" when they're on the road together. Megastar takes him like a son, as does the rest of the family.
  • Omen Due to Omen spending a lot of time in Hawaii at Kill Switch's place, Omen got to know Jake's family due to them being stablemates in the nWs and the NLS. Much like Seifer, Omen is taken as family to the Mitchell's.. The kind of family that gets drunk and starts dancing around like Chris Pontius.
  • Cross Cross is very close to the Mitchell Family as well. Everytime he's in Hawaii, he can be found hanging out at the Mitchell Estate, either lifting weights in the weight-room, or messing with Jake's pitbulls.

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