Monday Night Mojo was a short-lived programme by Global Extreme Wrestling, which ran for two and a half months in spring 2007.


During the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, Global Extreme Wrestling underwent huge expansion. It was eventually decided that the promotion's flagship TV show, Friday Night Chaos, was insufficient to showcase all of the new talent on the roster. Mojo was introduced as an experiment, to see if GEW could support two shows. The GEW roster was split during this time, with half being randomly selected to become Mojo-exclusive and the remaining half being Chaos-exclusive. The first broadcast was live from the Moby Arena in Fort Collins, Colorado, with a capacity crowd, on the 12th of February 2007. The first ever Mojo match saw AJ Styles defeat Andy Phoenix. The first main event saw Phreak defeat Nathan Irwin. Much of Mojo's lifespan was occupied with the promotion-wide tournament to crown a new GEW World Heavyweight Champion, with two brackets on Mojo and two on Chaos. The Mojo bracket winners were Jeff Hardy and The Rock. The Chaos bracket winners were Tony Wright and Klown, both of whom made multiple appearances on Mojo.

Eight episodes were produced in total, the final broadcast being on the 2nd of April, in the sold-out NEC Arena in Birmingham, England. In the final match ever on Mojo, Triple H defeated Randy Orton with the help of Shawn Michaels. The reason for Mojo's cancellation has never been officially discussed but the general consensus among fans is that Chaos and Mojo were both on average weaker than the original Chaos, despite the expanded roster, and that GEW had decided one strong show would be better than two relatively weaker ones. A spate of injuries may also have contributed to the decision to recombine the roster. Throughout its existence Mojo was perceived as the 'B' show to Chaos, thanks to Chaos' longer history and the fact that most top stars including Triple H, K.C. McGrath and Shawn Michaels remained on Chaos.


Tracy Smothers was the General Manager for Mojo. Chris Maverick and Joe Dombrowski were the commentators. They proved popular enough that following Mojo's cancellation they would replace Bobby Heenan and Larry Zybysko as the commentators for Chaos. Mojo's official theme song was Days Are Numbered by Brand New Sin.

No championships ever changed hands or were vacated on Mojo.


The standard Mojo roster consisted of the following, although Chaos wrestlers frequently appeared on Mojo and vice versa.

Tag Teams / Stables

  • The Karnevil - Phreak and Bay-B Dogg, and later The Dealer, were Mojo wrestlers, even though the stable's leader Klown was a Chaos wrestler.
  • Kadence and The Rock - Despite Kadence's then-boyfriend Jeff Hardy also being on Mojo, the trio could not really be considered a stable since Hardy and The Rock rarely saw eye-to-eye.

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