UKCW Monday Night Murder dubbed UKCW Murder is the flagship show of UKCW aired on Mondays and is currently the only brand.

Murder is aired around the UK and USA check with your service provider now for more information.

UKCW Murder
[[Image:Monday Night Murder|200px]]
Promotion UK Championship Wrestling
Brand(s) Murder
Competitors UKCW Murder Roster
Company Shows
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Original Format

Beginning on the 14th July 2008, Monday Night Murder will on a variety of networks in a two hour slot.

Murders first episode will aired from the Manchester Evening News Arena.


UKCW Murder airs live on Monday evenings on Sky Sports (in the UK), later in USA due to the time delay and watershed. UKCW Murder currently uses "My Way or the Highway" by Limp Biskit as it's theme

Special Episodes

None as yet

On air personalities

Current champions

Brand Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
Murder [-]UKCW Championship[-] Vacant N/A N/A
[-]UKCW Television Championship[-] Vacant N/A N/A
[-]UKCW Tag Championship[-] Vacant N/A N/A
[-]WCWE Women's Championship[-] Vacant N/A N/A

General Managers

JS2 - 5 July 2008 to present - Is still General Manager and will be running Murder from now until at least the draft. King Zilla - 27 June 2008 to 1 July 2008 - Was let off upon UKCW being bought out it is assumed he will not reassume this position.

Assistant General Managers

T-Lo - 7 July 2008 to present - Assists JS2 with the day to day running but may be moved during the upcoming draft. Ken Kennedy - 28 June 2008 to 29 June 2008 - Kennedy was hired then found to be unqualified and fired from the services.


Richard Branning - 27 June 2008 to Present
Loen Holmes - 27 June 2008 to Present

Ring Announcers

Carole Kiln - 27 June 2008 to Present

Recurring Segments

None as yet.

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