Monday Night Sin City
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Federation Name Pure Frontier Wrestling
Established April 2008
Abbreviation MNSC
Time open (April 2008 - present)
Owner & General Manager Katrina Edison
Commentators Melanie Queen, Nicholas Osbourne, Drake Love
Brand/Show Type Storyline Based

Monday Night Sin City is one of two Brands of Pure Frontier Wrestling which airs every other Monday at 10PM EST. Sin City is home to many unique and upcoming talent that are showcased as much as possible with every Show. Sin City was created by and is "owned" by PFW Co-Owner Katrina Edison. Although Sin City does not have a General Manager at this time, Katrina Edison has decided to oversee all Sin City shows herself.


In April of 2008, Katrina Edison made her debut to Pure Frontier Wrestling, bringing with her a new way fans would forever see PFW. Offering a new product alongside the original Frontier, Sin City would become one of the fastest and popular shows of any network. More tuned for adult themes, Sin City has taken PFW to a new height of fame as the battle between MNSC and MNF (Frontier) rages on. Edison has vowed she'll put Weaves' Frontier to shame with her own offering on the sport, and so far she has yet to disappoint.

Championships & Achievements

Monday Night Sin City currently holds a set of Brand Exclusive Championships, the Sin City Tag-Team Championships. However the PFW World Championship and PFW Crossroads Championship are Cross-Branded where Frontier Talent may compete on Sin City and vice-versa for the Championships. These three Championships are also joined by the PFW Supershow Guarantee which is given out twice a year in a Supershow's Main Event.

Title Holder Dates Won
PFW World Championship Vacant --
PFW Crossroads Championship Chill May 24, 2008
Sin City Tag Team Championships The Regulators (Robby Jirkeff & Tommy Racks June 9, 2008
PFW Supershow Guarantee None --


Monday Night Sin City Owner/General Manager

Active Roster

Tag Teams & Factions

Live Sound Team


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