[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Monoxide]]
Real name Unknown
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Height 5'7"
Weight 200lbs
Date of birth Uknown
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Resides Zug Izland
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Handled by Juggalo187
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Monoxide is a professional wrestler that has a reputation for being un-stable and on the edge. He acts all out of wack and his style is a mixture of Hardcore and Lucha Libre.

PWW: Pro Wrestling Warriors

Monoxide made his Professional Wrestling debut along with his manager Reaper was a dominant figure in Pro Wresting Warriors, and although he never became a champion he was always seen in the main event spotlight, destroying opponents. After the company went under he was not to be found for many months.

UCW: United Championship Wrestling

This small-lived company suffered the wrath of Monoxide as he competed in the Hardcore division and was the hardcore champion only days before it went under.

CWA: Championship Wrestling Alliance

Monoxide debuted in the new CWA in a big way. After a few weeks of squashing some very formidle opponents he and Reaper immediately locked horns with the hardcore division and he was their first ever hardcore champion. He defended it against various opponents before the company went under.

Wrestling Facts


  • Monoxide Driver (Canadian Destroyer)
  • Graveyard Stomp (Double Foot Stomp From Top Rope)



Theme Songs

  • "Mutant X by Twiztid"

Championships and Accomplishments

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