Montel Jones
Real name Montel Daunte Jones Jr.
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Height 6'5"
Weight 255 lbs
Date of birth July 17, 1983
Place of birth Miami, Florida, United States
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Billed from Miami, Florida, United States
Trainer Ace Acid
Axel Anvil
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Debut May 17, 2007
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Montel Daunte Jones Jr. is an African American professional wrestler previously working for the Two Worlds Wrestling Federation on the BreakDown brand as well as the Extreme Wrestling Impact on the brand of Meltdown, under the ring name Montel Jones. He was managed by his brother, LaVar.



Montel's father, Montel Jones Sr. died when Montel was only 5 years of age. Due to the death, the Jones family went into a downward plunge. They were evicted from their apartment due to not being able to pay the rent. They were forced to live in a homeless shelter. His older brother, LaVar and his older sister, Shaniqua, began to deal narcotics. However, it was not enough. When Montel began middle school, he too began to deal narcotics.

Growing Up

During middle school, Montel made many friends who also dealt drugs. Eventually, he started to sell cocaine. With the drug money, he bought a .44 Magnum. Growing up, he wanted to be a rapper, and tried to audition for a chance to become one. During his eight grade, Montel's mother, Monique, was murdered. Her children, LaVar, Shaniqua, Montel, and Kobe, all went to live with their grandparents.

High School

After starting high school, Montel became even more of a thug. Seeing his hopes of becoming a rapper fade, he started a new ambition: Boxing. His older brother, LaVar, was already an amateur boxer, began to tutor Montel in the art of boxing. However, in the 10th grade he was caught by metal detectors. They found five ounces of cocaine and his .44 Magnum. He was sentenced to three years in prison. He served two years, when he was released.

Early Boxing Career & Jail Time

After his release, Jones began to become an amateur boxer as well. However, it was not enough to support himself, so he went back to dealing cocaine. He was arrested once more for trying to sell three vials of cocaine, to an undercover police officer. The raided his apartment, only to find two blunts of marijuana. Jones was sentenced to one year in the penitentiary. He was released after serving his jail time. On July 17th, 2002, his 19th birthday, Jones was arrested once more, this time for armed robbery. He served three years of the five year sentence. After his release, he was informed of Lavar's disappearance and his sister's death. He began to train once more to become a boxer.

Big Break

After his release from jail, Jones went to work in a recording studio and began to make music under the stage name of Young Te, referring to his young age and his middle name, Daunte. He spent many months there making several mixtapes. He began to gain a reputation on the streets. Soon after, Geffen Records, signed him to the record label. He started to work on his debut album, titled "From Tough Beginnings". He completed the album and it sold no units in the US. Following the big break, he began to train to become a wrestler.

Volunteer Work & Charities

In the end of 2007, since the birth of his son, Jones has donated over 3 million dollars to the Red Cross. He also established Montel Jones Charities Inc. which offers educational, social, and mentoring programs. He also helped build several new houses, which were given away to homeless people. MJ also donated many toys and a lot food to the less fortunate.

Personal Life

Montel Jones has 3 siblings, an older brother named LaVar, an older sister named Shaniqua, and a younger brother, Kobe. His older sister Shaniqua, was murdered from a bullet from a drive-by. His older brother, LaVar, went missing during Jones' third prison sentence. His younger brother, Kobe, became a rapper under the name of Jazzy, and was signed by Interscope Records. Kobe later died in 2007, from a gunshot wound. He released his debut album, "Yungest of 4" in 2005. Montel is currently dating Alexa Perez, his high school sweetheart. He has a son with her, Kobe LaVar Jones, who is named after MJ's later brother, Kobe.

Media Appearances

MJ has made a very big name for himself, as he's been involved with many media appearances. He's been a guest on Good Morning America, Tonight With Jay Leno, and incidentally Montel Williams. He has also had many magazine interviews, and is being featured on the cover of the February 2008 edition of XL Magazine. MJ has also appeared in many cameos for various rap artist's music videos, and is featured on almost every new rap album that is released. Jones also has many endorsements with BAPES, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and many more clothing and shoe companies. He is also the new official spokesperson for SubWay.

Wrestling Career


He looked for a contract with a new wrestling federation, after gaining interest in wrestling, that was on the rise, 2WWF. He worked out terms with his contract and began to train for his 2WWF debut.


On the May 17th edition of BreakDown, Montel Jones made his 2WWF debut against Sean Williams. However at this time, Williams was fighting his counterpart, DJ Smooth, Jones' real opponent in his debut match. In the near end of the match, the referee was knocked out. Smooth took advantage of this by beating down Montel Jones. A mysterious stranger, which turned out to be LaVar Jones, ran into the ring carrying a golf club. He used the club to beat down DJ Smooth and then handed it over to his brother, who used the weapon to perform his signature attack, Cleanin' Up. LaVar slid out of the ring, just in time, as the referee gained consciousness. Montel Jones then hit his finishing move, Game Over, to end the match, and announced to the crowd that the stranger was actually his older brother, LaVar Jones, who had disappeared a while back.

Step Up

On May 24th, in 2WWF's pay-per-view Step Up, Montel Jones made his pay-per-view debut against Dinga in a steel cage match. In the end of the match, Montel hit Tha Thugsta Kick from the top of the cage, which sent Dinga falling 15 feet below. Then he hit a monster spear from the top of the cage. He went for the pin, but broke it himself. Instead, he picked up Dinga, and hit the Game Over. He got the victory, but suffered back spasms because of the match, and could not wrestle on the following BreakDown.


On the June 7th edition of BreakDown, Montel Jones competed in a #1 Contender's Match for the 2WWF Internet Title against LX-Tim, where Montel was granted his first push in his 2WWF career. In the near end of the match, Montel hit LX-Tim with a Super Thugsta Slam, which kept both men down. Montel broke the referee's ten count at nine and hit LX-Tim with his two new moves added to his arsenal. MJ first hit Balled Up, a high impact shoulder block and then pulled off Jacked Up, a suplex powerslam. Montel finished the match by nailing Tim with his finisher, Game Over, which got the three count. Montel was then crowned the #1 Contender to Dash Carter's 2WWF Internet Championship.

Summer Sanitarium

On June 21st, Montel Jones faced off against Dash Carter for his 2WWF Internet Title in a Barbwire Ropes Match with Fuse-Boy as the special guest referee. The two had a great match. In the end of the match, Montel went for his finisher, Game Over. Dash countered by rolling up Montel Jones by grabbing his pants, giving Montel his first ever loss in 2WWF. Following the match, Stephen Reid interviewed Montel. He aggravated Montel, and the Jones Brothers laid him out and Montel proclaimed his new gimmick. Reid was hospitalized and MJ was arrested (kayfabe).

Early Retirement and 2WWF Cameos

On the June 28th edition of BreakDown, Montel Jones was shown backstage training for his match against Minkaro, later on that night. He cut a promo debuting his new gimmick, being a thug. Following the promo, Montel Jones faced off against Minkaro in a singles match. The following week he lost to Island Jim and Axel Anvil in a triple-threat classic steel cage match, which was his final match after announcing retirement. He continually began to make cameo appearances, as well as come back, but then leave again, without a word.

Feud with Jarad Johnson and GWO

He also had a feud with Jarad Johnson, in 2WWF and in the rap game. At Hell Games they faced off, and Johnson was victorious. Eventually they formed the stable GWO, Gangsta World Order. At the 2WWF Pay-Per-View Revelation, Jarad had turned on him. On the following BreakDown, he announced the birth of his son, and declared he will be taking a month off from 2WWF.

The Unit Stint

At CrossWired, MJ faced off against newcomer Seth Burch. The two faced off in a $100,000 ladder match. MJ officially won the match, however, he united with Seth to form their tag team, The Unit. Burch faced off against Mikey Heartbreak on the following BreakDown, with James Star and Montel Jones, both ringside.


Feud with Ace Acid

Montel Jones made his debut on the November 30th edition of Meltdown, against Jeffrey Cade. He completely dominated the match. It was later revealed that Cade was none other than Wrestling Icon, Ace Acid. The following Meltdown, the two men faced off in a street fight. It ended in a no contest, when Montel fled the arena in his Maybach Benz. Acid had talked to GM Stevens, and had them put himself and Montel Jones in a 60 Minutes in Hell Match. MJ ended up winning the match, buy using Ace's own last resort move, to once and for all defeat Ace Acid.

Blood Sport Torunament

MJ took part in the Blood Sport open. His only match was against Mr. Clean, who he quickly defeated, earning himself a world title shot at Catalyst. Mr. Clean however was granted another chance of victory, when he defeated MJ by disqualification.


On the week before Catalyst, MJ faced off against James Star in the first ever MJ's Hood Match, where Montel demolished him. Montel Jones faced off against Eddie Doom, James Star, and Mr. Clean in an Ultimate X match, for the EWI World Title.

The Playa's Club

In EWI, Montel Jones has his own talk show, The Playa's Club. The scheduled first guest was Rob Chapman, however Mr. Clean brutally attacked him backstage, and destroyed the set of The Playa's Club, ending in a brawl between the two. The second guest was supposed to be Tavorian Young, however LaVar Jones made his debut in EWI by attacking him. The third guest was Tyler Thompson, who was the first person to actually come on the show. MJ brutally attacked him with a BUI, after being insulted by Tyler.

Music Career

During the early stage of his life, Montel Jones was into the rap game. After being released from jail for a 3rd time, Jones followed one of his life's aspirations and began to go to work in a recording studio. After making several mixtapes and gaining a reputation on the streets, Jones was signed to Geffen Records. He released his debut album, "From Tough Beginnings" on July 16th, 2006. The album went diamond in USA, which officially made MJ a millionaire. In 2007, MJ released "The 305 Thug", which went diamond worldwide, becoming the highest selling album of 2007. In 2008, Montel Jones announced he would be releasing one final album, titled "The Gunshine State", in early 2008, on Late Night With Jay Leno. However, he made two more. Montel Jones collaborated with Rick Ross on the album "Baous", which was released in Spring 2008. His final studio album, will be released sometime in 2008, and a greatest hits album will be released in 2008 or 2009.


Montel Jones became a rapper under the name of Montel Jones and began to make mixtapes and studio albums. He has announced that the final albums in 2008 will be under the stage name of Montel Jones.

Studio Albums

  • From Tough Beginnings (2006)
  • The 305 Thug (2007)
  • The Gunshine State (2008)
  • King Jones (2008)
  • I Am Legend (2009)

Collaboration Albums

  • Baous (2008) (With Rick Ross)

Compliation Albums

  • Best of the Baous (2009)


  • Ballin' Under The Influence (2005)
  • 305 'Till I Die (2006)
  • G-Unit's Poe Boy (2007)
  • American Baous (2008)
  • Gangsta-YouNot (2008)

In wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Shot To The Heart [Pepsi Plunge]
  • The 305 Ultimatum [Last Ride] — Last Resort

Signature moves

  • BUI (Ballin' Under the Influence)
  • Bossin'
  • Head Bussa
  • Lights Out
  • Miami Massacre
  • Operations of Nature
  • Ridin' Dirty
  • Spine Killa

Trademark moves

  • Amityville Horror
  • Awesome Bomb
  • Belly To Belly Suplex
  • Big Boot
  • Chokebreaker
  • Cliffhanger
  • Cradle Lift Backbreaker
  • Crucifix
  • Fireman's Carry Gutbuster
  • German Suplex
  • Half Nelson Backbreaker
  • Island Driver
  • Jack-Knife Powerbomb
  • Military Press Slam
  • Muscle Buster
  • Powerbomb Backbreaker
  • Running Powerslam
  • Spike DDT
  • Stalling Suplex
  • Suicide Dive
  • Superkick
  • Superplex
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Slam
  • Thrust Kick
  • Vertabreaker


  • LaVar Jones [EWI] (Current) & [2WWF] (Discontinued)
  • Alexa [EWI] (Discontinued)

Stables & Tag Teams

  • GWO (Gangsta World Order) [2WWF] - [Montel Jones & Jarad Johnson] (Discontinued)
  • The Unit [2WWF] - [Montel Jones & Seth Burch]
  • The Instant Classics [EWI] - [Montel Jones, Ace Acid, James Knight & Axel Anvil]


  • "Your Royal Freshness"
  • "The Fuckin' Boss of 2WWF"
  • "The Fuckin' Boss of EWI"
  • "The Thugsta"
  • "MJ"
  • "Mr. 305"
  • "The Mayor of Miami"
  • "King of MIA"
  • "The 305 Thug"
  • "The O.G. of MIA"
  • "Mr. Ghetto Style"
  • "5 Star Stunna"
  • "Prince of the Ghetto"
  • "Dade County D-Boy"
  • "Hood Billionaire"
  • "The Ghetto Prince"
  • "Ghetto Superstar"
  • "The Prince of the South"
  • "King of the Hood"
  • "The Ghetto Phenom"

Entrance Music

  • Buss Yo' Head by Young Buck (Discontinued)
  • Clean Up Man by Young Buck (Discontinued)
  • Speedin' by Rick Ross & R.Kelly

Notable Feuds

  • Dash Carter [2WWF]
  • Jarad Johnson [2WWF]
  • Ace Acid [EWI]
  • Mr. Clean [EWI]

Career Highlights & Achievements

  • Won 2WWF debut match against DJ Smooth.
  • Won pay-per-view debut match against Dinga in a steel cage.
  • Defeated LX-Tim to become the #1 Contender for the 2WWF Internet Championship.
  • Faced off against Dash Carter for Internet Title.
  • Faced off against Apocalypse for United Kingdom Title.
  • Successful Debut.
  • Defeated Ace Acid.
  • Successful Pay-Per-View Debut.
  • Defeated Ace Acid in 60 Minutes in Hell Match.
  • Defeated Hybrid Champion Mr. Clean.
  • Ended Mr. Clean's undefeated streak in EWI.
  • Defeated Mr. Clean to earn EWI World Heavyweight Title shot.
  • Single-handedly defeated Dirty Deeds.
  • Demolished James Star in first ever MJ's Hood Match.

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