Real name Evangeline "Gina" Ashton
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Height 5'2
Weight 110 lbs.
Date of birth August 11
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario
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Resides Toronto, Ontario
Billed from Toronto, Ontario
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Sin Wrestling
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Debut July 2000
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Evangeline Ashton (née Draganova) is a Canadian professional wrestler better known as Morgana and is currently working in the promotion Sin Wrestling. Morgana is current SW Television Champion, the longest reigning SW World Champion, and is one half of the tag team Team Wifey. She gained fame in the wrestling world in the federations Totally Wild Wrestling, Xtreme World Wrestling, and New Era Wrestling. Prior to her success in professional wrestling, Morgana worked as a print model and singer.

Extended Biography

On August 11, 24-year-old Evangeline "Gina" Draganova -- the youngest of five children -- was born to a Bulgarian father and Greek mother in Toronto, Ontario. As a child, Gina had a warm upbringing and her well-to-do family was very close knit. Gina did well in school, graduating early at the age of 16, but always excelled more in music and sports; she took extensive gymnastics and ballet training for years, as well as vocal lessons, winning many awards and competitions in each hobby. Gina's best friend, Adora Reed, whom she befriended at age four, was her constant companion and consistantly one of the best people in her life.


Due to the closeness of the family, Gina's mother was under the impression that all of her children would stay in Toronto, marry suitors from nice Greek families, and help run the family business, a small chain of restaurants. However, the overachieving Gina always envisioned more for herself, dreaming of entering sports entertainment as a way to match her competitive, physical nature with her love of performing. Her father, Hristo, approved of and supported her dreams, but her mother, Sofia, and her many siblings disapproved. Sofia, who aspired to be a singer in her youth, would have preferred her daughter to try her hand at a career in music if she insisted on a life of fame and fortune, but Gina was insulted by the attempts made by her mother to live vicariously through her.
Gina entered her first relationship at age 14 with a boy named Christian Adare, who was four years her senior and the cousin of Adora's long-time boyfriend, Charlie. Their relationship, which they both acknowledged began because it looked and seemed "right," was extremely turbulent and lacking in emotional depth; Christian possessively clung to Gina so no other man could have her, and Gina struggled and failed to love a man who abused, trapped and ridiculed her.
At the age of 15, Gina witnessed the death of her father due to the onset of lung cancer; she was the only one in the room while he died, and before his death, he made her promise to pursue her dreams and not allow herself to be trapped in a life of mediocrity. He called her "Morgana" -- the stage name Gina had chosen for herself, thinking she'd made the name up -- to emphasize his point, finally getting her to agree to pursue her goals.
After the death of her father, Gina slowly withdrew from her family, whose goals, values and interests were so different from her own. The harder Gina tried to pull away, the more her mother clung to her in an attempt to keep the family together, and she ridiculed Gina's dreams of entering wrestling. Gina began to rebel, becoming sexually promiscuous and having affairs with both men and women alike; she began a period of sexual experimentation with Adora, recruited a girl named Natalia to act as her sex slave, and used pretty boys the way they used most teenaged girls. These encounters occurred when she managed to escape her on-and-off again relationship with Christian Adare for brief periods, but she was always lured back by familiarity and promises of change.
Despite her sudden general disinterest in school, Gina managed to graduate early and moved to the United States -- with the support of Adora, but to the dismay of her family. She broke up with Christian via a hand written letter, vowing never to see him again after the emotional, physical and sexual abuse he put her through. Quickly after moving she met Ivanka Romanova, a former model battling a heroin addiction and anorexia, at a night club in New York. Gina began an immediate sexual relationship with the 26-year-old Russian woman, despite their age and lifestyle differences. After leaving modelling due to the end of the heroin chic look and an emergence of healthier bodies in the media, Ivanka became a photographer, and she urged Gina to model for her. In exchange, she promised to put Gina's name out to wrestling federations. Gina agreed, despite being an unconventional shape for a model, and was part of many successful print ad campaigns. Her exotic features garnered her ads that ran nationwide, drawing massive amounts of attention to herself in the process.
True to her word, Ivanka contacted representatives for Totally Wild Wrestling, a popular and successful federation, who approached Gina on the set of a Pantene Pro V photo shoot. After excitedly agreeing to a contract with TWW despite having very little formal wrestling training, Gina went in search of Ivanka, who had suddenly disappeared. After finding her girlfriend shooting heroin up in the bathroom -- she'd managed to be oblivious to Ivanka's heroin addiction, as she normally snorted it -- a horrified Gina abandoned her, realizing that she could barely take care of herself, much less her slowly dying counterpart.
After a few months of wrestling training, where Gina relied heavily on her gymnastics and dance background to develop her high flying, dare devil style, she officially entered TWW in 2000 as Morgana.

Essential Information

Name: Morgana

Aliases: Morgy; The Goddess; The Empress of Emasculation; The Countess of Castration; The Penis Killer; Miss Murder; Miss Draganova

Height/Weight: 5'2"/110 lbs.

Body Type: Slim/slender; deceptively strong

Hometown: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Alignment: Face

Theme Music: "Piece of Me (Remix)" by Britney Spears

Appearance: True to her eccentric style, Morgana often sports off-beat clothing and pink hair. In the ring, she usually wears black fishnet stockings underneath a minuscule pink and black plaid skirt (always worn with tiny black shorts to prevent exposure). Her ring attire also includes a plain black tank top and black, knee high boots with a slight, chunky heel. Her long pink hair is either pulled back into a tight pony tail or two loose braids on either side of her head.

Dimension: 34-24-34

Gimmick: Morgana is a workaholic perfectionist and is prone to extremes. She can't stand failure in any form, and because she is a legend in every past federation she has competed in, she has experienced very little of it. She is often moody, volatile and temperamental, but is also extremely affectionate, loving, and fun. She has difficulty letting go of traumatizing past events, and they tend to shape her even years later; her experiences have instilled in her a voracious sexual appetite and need for total control. Morgana is a very successful woman who dreamed of being famous her entire life—but now that she has achieved nearly all of her goals, she's the "poor little rich girl" who can no longer handle the magnitude of her fame. She considers herself to be a pioneer for women in wrestling, and credits herself with "breaking the glass ceiling" with her unprecedented success in a male-dominated world.

Wrestling Style: Daredevil/High flyer.

Strengths: Morgana is extremely agile, which allows her to capitalize on her small stature, considerable speed, and gymnastics and dance background. She doesn't possess enough strength to take down large opponents with power moves, but she often uses their strength and momentum against them with carefully-timed maneuvers. She is crafty, fast and acrobatic, which causes her opponents to become confused when she manages to turn their own moves against them. She has also never been subjected to serious injury.

Weaknesses: Morgana is most likely to be the smallest competitor in any of her matches. The size differences between her and her opponents puts her at a natural strength disadvantage; unless her opponent is close to her height and weight, she is unlikely to be able to perform power moves on them or win any lock ups. In most matches she relies heavily upon her gymnastics ability, which may be perilous in over the top rope battle royals or rumbles. If she can be kept out of the air, where she is extremely dangerous, her chances of winning are severely limited.

Frequently used moves:

  • Asai moonsault
  • 450 splash
  • Shooting star press
  • Springboard lucha armdrag
  • Tornado DDT with a twist
  • Diving hurricanrana
  • '68 comeback special
  • 180 split-legged moonsault
  • Middle rope backflip DDT
  • Corkscrew elbow drop
  • Phoenix dragonrana
  • Somersault corkscrew leg drop
  • Corner to corner springboard dropkick
  • Flying spinning heel kick
  • Corkscrew 630 senton
  • Handspring elbow
  • Front handspring phoenix splash
  • Tilt-a-whirl headscissors into a headscissors, with an armbar submission
  • 619 to springboard hurricanrana
  • Ropeflip moonsault plancha
  • Satellite headscissors into a bulldog
  • Skytwister press
  • John Woo kick
  • The Desecrator
  • Sasuke special rana
  • 720 DDT

Finishing moves:

  • The Morgasm -- moonsault into a twisting 450 splash
  • Death Proof -- swandive stunner
  • Often Imitated -- Morgy performs a flying somersault double-stomp on her opponent; when she hits it, she rolls through and jumps to the second turnbuckle, using it as a springboard to jump onto the top rope. She then jumps off the top rope, hitting a flying corkscrew legdrop.
  • Variations on a Theme -- double rotation moonsault
  • The Execution of All Things -- Moonsault double foot stomp: instead of landing on her opponent in a splash position, Morgy over rotates her moonsault so that she drives both feet into her opponent's chest
  • Fata Morgana -- also known as a shiranui: springboard backflip three-quarter facelock diving reverse DDT. Morgy puts a three-quarter facelock on her opponent and runs up the corner turnbuckle, jumps backwards performing a backflip in the air, and lands face down to the mat, driving her opponent back-first down to the mat.
  • Happiness in Slavery -- satellite headscissors into a crossface
  • The Feminine Mystique -- front handspring off the ropes into a tornado DDT


Totally Wild Wrestling

Morgana debuted in as a rookie wrestler in TWW, the federation that made her a household name. Morgy began in the women's division, which she quickly demolished and seized the Women's Title, but went on to compete with the men -- and, incredibly, had an amazing undefeated streak that lasted for months, even when she was put against the most distinguished of male opponents. It wasn't uncommon for her to compete in two or three matches a card versus several men at a time, and upon entering the men's division she seized the Intercontinental Title.
Morgana became the first -- and only -- woman in TWW history to compete for the World Title; at TWW's final show, she faced Iman Sain for it. Unfortunately, she lost -- a blow to her fragile self esteem -- but the opportunity alone solidified her standing as a superstar.
At the end of TWW's run, Morgana was given legend status.

Xtreme World Wrestling

Morgana debuted in XWW on August 11, 2001, in a bra and panties match versus Felicity. After destroying Felicity, Morgana was granted a Women's Title match for her second appearance, subsequently defeating Oryen to win it. After winning the Diva Royal Rumble the following week, in which participants were vying for the titles diva of the year and most dominant diva in the federation, Morgana vacated the title in order to compete in the men's division.

Morgana circa XWW

Adora, Morgana's best friend, and Natalia, her former sex slave, joined XWW, both vying for her attention. Morgana chose Adora over Natalia -- who wouldn't, seriously -- thus abandoning her former friend, who was accused of being a Morgana rip off and wannabe. Natalia then disappeared from the wrestling world, and Morgana launched into the men's division.
In her very next match, Morgana faced Jeremy Killjoy, Venom X, Matt Miller and Jeff Evans, with both the XWW Platinum and American Titles on the line. Morgana came out with the Platinum Title, becoming the first woman in XWW to compete for -- and win -- a title outside of the women's division. Unfortunately, Morgana seemed to lose interest after winning her title and promptly lost it.
Further experiencing disinterest, Morgana never really broke out of the mid-card. She became preoccupied with a long-standing, tumultuous love affair with Jeremy Killjoy that eventually ended badly. Jeremy, Morgana, Adora and Adora's boyfriend, Jeff Evans, started a sex shop called JAMB Sex together, which ultimately became a Morgy and Adora project alone and occupied most of her time.
Even after her slow decline, Morgy still experienced success in XWW after winning the shortest match in XWW history and singlehandedly defeating every woman in the roster at once (minus Adora) yet again. Morgana notably no-showed for a match versus Adora to protest being put against her friend and frequent tag team partner, which cost her a chance to advance in a World Title tournament.
When XWW closed, Morgana was given legend status, and joined the federation that was born from its closing, New Era Wrestling (.net).

New Era Wrestling: version one

Morgana joined New Era Wrestling in January 2002 with her sights set on the World Title division and quickly experienced wins with Adora as her tag team partner. However, Morgana soon grew wary of the way NEW was run and began to slip in her performance, much like she did in XWW.
Morgana began a dysfunctional (and mostly sexual) relationship with Chris Extreme, Adora's rival in the World Title Division. In a match versus Chris Extreme, Adora won the World Title after Morgana interferred on her friend's behalf, choosing her over Extreme. Adora became the first woman to win the World Title in either TWW, XWW, and NEW -- each fed was spawned because of the one that preceeded it -- but was stripped of the title the same night after Reno Frost, NEW's owner, intervened. Extreme won the title back due to cheating despite Adora's efforts, and Morgana quit NEW soon after finding out she was pregnant with Extreme's child.

Music: A Brief Interlude

Morgana gave birth to a son, Julius Alexander, who was named by Chris Extreme. NEW closed and then reopened as NEW version two, which Morgana was apart of for the week or so it was open. After it closed -- again -- she opted to finally take her mother's advice and begin a career in music as a pop star in order to put her extensive vocal training to use. Morgana released one album called "Love, Gina" under her legal name and was popular in Japan and Europe. Her CD went platinum in Japan and double platinum in Europe, but she wasn't in music long enough to work on the North American market.
Tiring of the music scene and realizing that she didn't want to sing as a career, Morgana quietly bowed out of pop music to focus on raising her son alone. However, when NEW version three opened, Morgana eventually joined after months of consideration.

New Era Wrestling: version three

Morgana entered NEW3 in April 2003 and quickly reconciled with Chris Extreme, becoming a surprise sensation that overshadowed her boyfriend. Morgana won the Art of War Rumble, beating 15 other competitors to become the number one contender to the World Title.
At One King 2003, Morgana defeated Andrew Ashton, becoming the second woman to hold the World Title. One King -- later jokingly called One Queen -- marked the beginning of the "Morgana Era," in which Morgy totally dominated NEW, accumulating an 85 day title reign and a win record of nine straight matches -- the highest in the federation's history. Morgana became NEW's biggest superstar, an honour previously held by the legendary Adam Cameron.

Legend status

On July 11, 2003, Morgana left her boyfriend, Chris Extreme, in the middle of the night, entering a relationship with Timothy Ashton that started when he began to stalk her. Morgana and Timothy competed on NEW's behalf in the interfed wrestling tournament Reign of Power, but quickly abandoned the competition due to disagreements over the way it was being run and the egos of those involved.
At Starstruck 2003, Morgana lost the World Title to Andrew Ashton and began a seemingly endless quest to win it back. Months later, Morgy participated in an International Title match, winning via disqualification, although she frequently said that she didn't want the title anyway due to its lesser status. Morgana got another chance at the World Title at Last Wave 2003, defeating Tony Millennia for it and beginning another 35 day reign. She became the first woman to hold the World Title more than once.
After winning the World Title, Morgana and Timothy got married in Las Vegas on a whim, thereby making her a member of the legendary Ashton family, despite the fact that many of her newfound family members were her professional rivals. The marriage was ridiculed and expected not to last, and was seen by many as an attempt by Morgana to worm her way into the Ashton legacy, despite having successfully created one of her own.
Legacy 2003 marked the end of Morgana'a second title reign; in an Elimination Chamber Match, Morgana faced Andrew Ashton, Tony Millennia, Seraph, Adam Cameron and Trevor Wrath. The match came down to Morgana and Andrew Ashton, and Morgana ultimately lost, crushing her spirits. Refusing to remain depressed for long, however, she experienced a string of wins immediately after.
In March 2004, Morgana took a brief leave of absence from NEW after her son, Julius -- who had been kidnapped by Chris Extreme and put into a foster home -- was murdered by Jillian Costello, the woman who was supposed to be caring for him.
After grieving for her dead son, Morgana re-entered NEW with a new manager, Scarlett Kennedy, who completely revamped Morgana's image and was credited with reviving her career. However, Scarlett succeeded in moulding Morgy into something she wasn't, which gained her a new fan base but managed to turn her old fans against her as they considered her to be a fraud. Morgana's first match back was against Ranma Saotome under the guise of Illumina Emotoas, which she won.
Morgana emerged as a more powerful force than ever after her return, boasting a 10-1-0 record. She captured the NEW Tag Titles with her bitter rival, Ranma Saotome, and the NEW National Title -- a title shot that Morgy deemed an insult, considering her veteran status in the company. She lost to Seraph at One King 2004, ending her "One Queen" legacy and blowing a chance to compete for the World Title. However, Morgana was granted a title shot at a later pay-per-view but abruptly walked out on her contract, leaving New Era Wrestling forever despite her success.
Morgana was awarded NEW legend status.

SW: Sin Wrestling

Morgana debuted in Sin Wrestling on December 23, 2006, at the pay-per-view Santa's Revenge, alongside Adora. Her debut, which was kept a secret, was unveiled after Chris Extreme's match versus Santa Claus. Before the match, Santa Claus, along with Adora, who was disguised as an elf, delivered a giant pink box to the ring.

Sin Wrestling entrance banner

After killing Santa Claus via a cock to the eye, Extreme unwrapped the box and revealed Morgana inside. Unable to remember his ex-girlfriend after having his memories of her erased, a scared Chris Extreme ran away from her, only to bump into Adora. After sufficiently taunting Chris, Morgana and Adora were greeted by Sin Wrestling owner Corey Page, who came to the ring bearing contracts for them to sign. The debut was in contention for SW's 2006 Moment of the Year.

Soon after, Morgana was granted the Future Breakout Star of 2007 award before even competing in her first SW match. She made her SW wrestling debut at Eternity #5, where she was entered in a tournament to compete for the recently vacated Lust Title. After defeating Belgarath—showing ring rust in the process—Morgy advanced to the main event, where she was pitted against Arran Hayden and Trenton Pierce. In the end, it was Morgana who came out with the gold, marking her debut as wildly successful with two matches and a championship belt won.

At Eternity #6, Morgana was set to defend her Lust Title in a gauntlet match versus Billy Badson, Trenton Pierce, Stryker Graff and Arran Hayden. Arran Hayden defeated Billy Badson, Trenton Pierce and Stryker Graff to meet Morgana in the last round, where she defeated him via the Morgasm to retain her title. However, it was a hard-fought battle, in which Arran Hayden nearly claimed the victory after pummeling Morgy early on in the match. Eternity #7 saw Morgana defend her title against Johnnyboy, as well as advance to the battle royal at the Over the Top Rope pay-per-view to determine number one contendership to Nikita's World Title.


Morgy, dated 2007

Over The Top Rope III took place on February 14, 2007, featuring Morgana, Adora, Chris Extreme, Konstantin Bryzgalov, Tony Millennia, Stryker Graff, Arran Hayden, Ali Khadafi, Mike Phantasy and Shawn Samson in a battle royal to determine number one contendership to Nikita's World Title. Adora and Morgana, also known as Team Wifey, worked together to eliminate Shawn Samson, Arran Hayden and Mike Phantasy. The final four in the battle royal were Adora, Morgana, Stryker Graff and Chris Extreme. Team Wifey quickly eliminated Graff, who immediately countered by crawling back into the ring and eliminating Adora. Left alone, Morgy and Chris battled back and forth, only to eliminate one another at the same time—making them both the 2007 Sin Trophy winners and number one contenders to the World Title.

The main event saw Morgana face off versus Chris Extreme and Nikita in one of the most back and forth matches SW had ever seen. In the end, when Extreme thought he had it won, Morgana came out of nowhere and stunned him with "Reinventing Timothy Ashton"—an homage to her husband—and hit Nikita with the Morgasm. With both wrestlers out, Morgy pinned Nikita to claim the World Title. However, her celebration was cut short; as Morgy and Adora rejoiced in the ring, Chris Extreme went nuts in his devastation—going so far as to beat both women up and burn down the arena.

After Over The Top Rope III, Sin Wrestling went on a month-long hiatus in preparation of its fourth season. SW returned with the pay-per-view The Next Wave, which took place on April 8, 2007. In the opening segment, Morgana declared the Lust Title, which she held for 89 days, vacant, and unveiled a pink World Title after burning the old one. The main event saw Morgana and Adora -- Team Wifey—take on Casanova and Destiny Daniels, Team Hall of Fame. The match began with Casanova attempting to throw animal blood on Adora, a noted animal rights activist, but hitting Morgana instead. The attempt at psychological games was indicative of the bad blood between the teams leading into the event, in which all four participants had extremely harsh words for one another. In the end, Team Wifey prevailed over Team Hall of Fame, raising Morgana's win/loss record to 8-0-0.

Claims that Morgana is a slut who fucked her way to the top have followed her for her entire career. Royal Gothica, comprised of Johnson Jackson and Pixie Jackson, were the latest of many wrestlers on Sin Wrestling's roster to accuse her of the same thing—and Morgy decided to shut them up once and for all. Morgy cleanly defeated Royal Gothica in a handicap match at Eternity #9, all in an effort to prove that she succeeds by her own merit, not because of the "favours" she has supposedly offered for her entire career.

Also at Eternity #9, an alliance was formed between Team Wifey and The Thunderbirds, the team of talented wrestling rookies Leah Petrelli and *******. The combination of the four ladies formed S.T.A.R.S: Special Tactics and Reaming Squad.

Eternity #11 saw Morgana and Adora to team with Stevie Swing defeat Casanova, Destiny Daniels and Shane Donovan. The match occurred after weeks of bad blood between all competitors; Adora defeated Shane two weeks in a row, Stevie knocked Casanova from the World Title contendership tournament, and Destiny and Shane blew up the SS Wifey, the personal yacht of Team Wifey. The match ended when Stevie Swing delivered The Last Dance to Shane Donovan—but not before accidently striking Morgana with the move beforehand.

At Dead End Road, May's pay-per-view event, Team Wifey took on the team of Casanova and Shane Donovan in a Tornado Tag Match, with both the World and Television Titles on the line. In the end, Casanova pinned Adora to become the new television champion, handing Morgana her first loss in 12 matches and ending her quest to surpass Casanova's winning streak of 13 wins.

While Morgana was undeniably upset over the loss of her winning streak, she quickly set about crafting a new one, claiming JNX and Paradox as victims en route to SW's biggest show ever, 100. At the 100th card, Morgy was set to face Stevie Swing for her World Title, after he demolished the likes of Casanova and Destiny Daniels to earn number one contendership. Both Morgy and Stevie obviously had difficulty coming to terms with the match: they both expressed a huge amount of respect for one another, and Stevie's love for Morgy had been apparent for weeks. However, in 100's main event, they shoved love and respect aside in favour of one thing: the World Title. After both competitors were counted out, Morgana urged the match—which was described as the greatest single's match SW had ever seen—to begin again. After taking out Stevie's leg with a vicious dropkick, thus disabling him from using The Last Dance, Morgy hit the Morgasm and pinned Stevie, successfully defending her World Title.

However, all wasn't lost for the Dancing King: at Eternity #14, one week after 100, he found himself with yet another shot at the World Title. Despite his injured leg, Stevie and Morgy fought yet again for ownership of the title—and like she had the week before, Morgy delivered a seated dropkick to Stevie's leg, followed by a sickening crack. After hitting the Morgasm yet again, Morgy pinned Stevie to retain her title for the second week in a row—and as Eternity went off the air, the last episode in SW's highly successful sixth season, Stevie Swing was carted off in an ambulance.

Sin Wrestling's return prompted a new wave of dominance from Morgana; seemingly unfazed by her back-to-back title defences—and the time she spent in Germany defending her title in SW's absence—she proceeded to defend her title yet again at Back to School against Dan Black. During the match, however, "The Creep" Chris Carson interfered extensively, hoping to cause Morgana to lose the match—and announced shortly afterward that he would be returning to the wrestling ring in an effort to rid it of the presence of women. The Creep began his crusade by having Roxy Erikson hospitalized and taking her permanently out of action, and he had a hand in Adora's rape and kidnapping at the hands of her ex-husband, Charlie. However, The Creep clearly would not be satisfied until he'd eliminated Morgana, who had long been labeled as Sin Wrestling's queen.

Despite knowing that Chris Carson had a target on her back, Morgana continued to plow through opponents like Jimmy Luciano, although not without taking some punishment in the process; Chris Carson was so intent on ruining her career, which is based heavily in lucrative modeling contracts, that he cut her forehead with a razor blade. The attack resulted in no scarring but sent a definite message: Chris Carson wasn't going to rest until he'd destroyed Morgana.

Unfortunately for Chris Carson, however, it was Morgana that consistently had the upper hand match-wise, despite his cheap tactics; she beat him one-on-one in a non-title match at Eternity #17, and carried him to a victory in a tag match against Chris Extreme and Nikita at Eternity #18. It was only after their win that Morgana realized that earlier in the night, Carson had gotten Luxe Libertine, Morgana's protegee, gored by a bull at the rodeo hosting Eternity. It became clear that while Morgana was winning their matches, Carson was winning in his attempt to drive the women of Sin Wrestling out of the ring; due to her injuries and the fear surrounding wrestling that subsequently developed, Luxe decided to stop her training and focus solely upon being Morgy's personal assistant. Sin Wrestling officially had one less woman on the roster because of Chris Carson.

Morgana's next World Title defence took place at Illusions 2007 on Halloween night, featuring Morgana versus Chris Extreme versus Nikita versus Chris Carson in an Auschwitz Prison Deathmatch, which was invented by Chris Extreme. The match featured barbed-wire, steel fences, blood, chairs, barbed-wire chairs, and a multitude of other horrors that each wrestler used to their advantage. Morgana even sliced Chris Extreme's cock off with broken glass, and her high impact moves left Nikita spitting up blood. Compared to her opponents, Morgana escaped the match relatively unscathed, and used her good health to her advantage by pinning a battered Nikita, who suffered serious burns, broken ribs and a punctured lung in the name of capturing the World Title. Morgana had defended her title yet again—and had managed to escape serious injury and death in the process.

Eternity #20—Morgana's first card after Illusions—saw her running the show while Corey Page was on vacation. As part of her duties, Morgana was chosen to randomly draw names that would be combined into teams to compete for the Tag Trophies, as well as select teammates for Santa Claud is Dead!, a year-end pay-per-view that would pit a team of her choosing versus a team selected and headed by Chris Carson. Each person in the Ultimate Survivor Match would have the chance to win the World title, and after choosing Chris Extreme for her team the week before, Morgana chose Declan Turner as the second addition to Team Morgy. While Morgana got to draw names for the Tag Trophies, her own team had already been decided: she'd been paired with her arch nemesis, Chris Carson, and their appearance as a team at Eternity saw them defeat Jantz Spalding and Cooter McCoy, with Morgana making the pin. After the match, Chris selected Cooter McCoy as a member of Team Carson, and they proceeded to beat Morgana until security intervened.

Eternity #21 took place from outside of Morgana's own luxurious estate, and many of the matches had special stipulations attached to them, which were decided by Morgy herself. Most notably, Declan Turner defeated Cooter McCoy in a Morgana's kitchen match; Morgana defeated newfound rival Sebastian York in the second ever Morgana's bedroom match; and in the main event, Chris Carson beat Stevie Swing in an evening gown match after ripping the dress from his body. Despite her victory and the success of the card, Morgana faced thousands of dollars worth of damage to her home due to fireworks set off by Sebastian York in her living room, not to mention the destruction of her kitchen and bedroom.

Morgana, who had never been pinned in Sin Wrestling, went into the final event of the year, Santa Claus is Dead!, with deserved confidence. Her reluctant union with Chris Carson had been successful enough to land them in the finals of the Tag Trophy tournament, pitting them against Declan Turner, who had no partner due to Adora's leave of absence from the federation. The duo seemed poised to win due to the advantage they had by fighting as a team—until Morgana turned on The Creep, allowing him to be pinned by Declan and laughing later over their loss.

Despite losing for the first time since June, Morgana appeared to be in good spirits, and rightfully so: soon after the match, she—along with Adora and Nikita was inducted into the SW Hall of Fame, officially being logged as the longest reigning World Champion to date. The three women followed in the foot steps of wrestlers like Aurora Steele, Destiny Daniels and Aphrodisia Jordan, the other women in the hall of fame, and their collective success undoubtedly enraged the misogynistic Chris Carson.

Unfortunately, it was Chris Carson who would have the last laugh in the end. After Team Morgy—comprised of Morgana, Chris Extreme, Declan Turner and Mark Davis eliminated Team Carson—consisting of Chris Carson. Sebastian York, Cooter McCoy and Stevie Swing—it came down to Morgana, Declan and Chris Extreme to battle for the World Title, as Mark Davis had been eliminated earlier on. After eliminating Stevie and Chris Carson from the match, Carson came back and caused Morgana to be eliminated—making sure that there would be a new World Champion at the end of the night. In the end, it was Chris Extreme who won the title, and Morgana was without the World Title for the first time in over 300 days.

Despite the loss of her title, Morgana ended the year of 2007 by sweeping the yearly awards. Most notably, she won wrestler, finisher, feud and ironwoman of the year, and was voted by her peers as the number one wrestler of 2007.

Notable Rivals


Most Successful Matches

Win-Loss-Draw Record

TWW: unknown. However, Morgana had a six month-long winning streak.
XWW: 10-7-0; 59% win average
NEW v1: 4-3-0 57% win average
NEW v3: 36-10-1; 78% win average
SW: 32-5-0; 90% win average
NEW(.com): 3-0-0; 100% win average Total: 82-25-1

Titles and Awards

Totally Wild Wrestling

  • TWW Women's Title (x2)
  • TWW Intercontinental Title
  • TWW Longest winning streak
  • Only woman to compete for TWW World Title
  • Last person to hold Women's and Intercontinental Titles
  • TWW Legend

Xtreme World Wrestling

  • XWW Women's Title
  • XWW Newcomer of the Month (August 2001)
  • XWW Diva Rumble Winner
  • XWW Diva of the Year
  • XWW Most Dominant Female
  • XWW Platinum Title
  • Winner of the shortest match in XWW history
  • XWW Legend

New Era Wrestling

  • NEW National Title
  • NEW Tag Titles
  • NEW World Title (x2)
  • NEW Art of War 2003 Rumble Winner
  • NEW Longest winning streak
  • NEW Superstar of the Year: 2003
  • NEW Match of the Year 2003 (x2)
  • Best Looking NEW Superstar
  • NEW Best Wrestler (x2)
  • NEW Best Feud: Morgana vs. Corey Ashton (x1)
  • NEW Most Popular (x6)
  • NEW Best Match: Morgana vs. Tony Millennia (x1)
  • NEW Downfall 2004 MVP
  • NEW Ground Zero 2004 MVP
  • NEW Legend

Sin Wrestling

  1. 1 on SW's Top 5/Top 10 (x15)
  • SW Future Breakout Star of 2007
  • SW Lust Title --> two defences; vacated on 08/04/07
  • SW Wrestler of the Month (x7)
  • SW Face of the Month (x12)
  • SW Match of the Month (x8)
  • SW Feud of the Month (x10)
  • SW Newcomer of the Month (January 2007)
  • 2007 Over the Top Rope Battle Royal Winner (co-held with Chris Extreme)
  • Sin Trophy 2007 (co-held with Chris Extreme)
  • SW World Championship --> 310 days (ten defences)
  • 2007 Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2007 Wrestler of the Year
  • 2007 Most Loved of the Year
  • 2007 Champion of the Year
  • 2007 Match of the Year: Morgana vs. Chris Extreme vs. Nikita vs. Chris Carson (Auschwitz Prison Deathmatch)
  • 2007 Feud of the Year: Morgana vs. Chris Carson
  • 2007 Newcomer of the Year (tied with Stevie Swing
  • 2007 Moment of the Year: Chris Carson ends Morgana's World Title reign
  • 2007 Finisher of the year: the Morgasm
  • 2007 Ironwoman of the Year
  • Voted #1 overall on 2007's top 10 list
  • SW Television Title

Legend Status and Goddess Complex

Gina Ashton has never failed to separate herself from the role of Morgana, whom she sees as her alter ego. Because Morgana has achieved so much personal success in her career, the titles of "legend" and "goddess" have followed her from federation to federation, which has caused something of a goddess complex within Gina. She sees Morgana as a separate entity who exists on another plane than herself—and everyone else—so every time she loses, she feels as if she is tarnishing, or even destroying, her own legacy. The character of Morgana has become so cinematized that she exists more as an idea, rather than as a real person.

Gina's biggest fear is being probed beneath her "goddess-like layers," as Tony Millennia called them, and exposed as weak. Thus, she is prone to bouts of depression and self injury when she loses and always pushes her body to its very limits to ensure that it rarely happens.

Gina's greatest weakness is her inability to see Morgana as herself and her achievements as her own, thus making her susceptible to head games, insecurity and paranoia.

Personal life

Gina was married to Timothy Ashton in Las Vegas on November 30, 2003, legally becoming Evangeline Ashton. Their hasty marriage was seen as a publicity stunt to most, as it came after only five months of dating. However, they are still together and recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

After leaving NEW in August 2004, Gina found out that she was two months pregnant. She and Timothy began preparing to start a family, but Gina miscarried in her third month of pregnancy.

Unsure of whether or not she would ever return to wrestling, Gina applied to Ryerson University's two-year graduate journalism program. She was accepted due to her excellent high school grades, despite never having earned an undergraduate degree, and her celebrity status certainly did not hurt the decision to admit her. Gina graduated magna cum laude in 2006 with a Bachelor of Journalism.

She lived in Toronto for four years with Timothy and Adora on her estate located in Rosedale, one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Canada. She named the estate "Mare Serenitatis"—Sea of Serenity—as an ode to her love of Sailor Moon. However, after an eight month separation, Morgana filed for divorce from Timothy on February 26, 2008, citing irreconcilable differences.

In September 2007, Morgana took on aspiring wrestler Sasha Hart, aka Luxe Libertine, as her protegee. After Luxe was seriously injured at the hands of Chris Carson, she developed a phobia toward continuing her training and opted to become Morgy's personal assistant instead.

As of March 2008, Morgana still lives in Mare Serenitatis with Adora and Luxe.

Previous Relationships

Christian Adare: Gina's first boyfriend; lost her virginity to him at the age of 15. Their on-and-off relationship was based more on ownership and control than love. Knowing this, Gina walked out of her relationship with Christian in order to move to the United States to pursue a wrestling career.

Natalia: Gina's bitch. They were never in a real relationship, but shared many sexual encounters when Gina and Christian were in off periods.

Ivanka Romanova: Russian supermodel turned fashion photographer. She and Gina met in a club and became instantly infatuated with one another. Ivanka launched Gina's wrestling career by getting her in touch with Totally Wild Wrestling recruiters. However, upon discovering that Ivanka was an anorexic with a heroin addiction, Gina left her, realizing that, at 17 years of age, she could barely take care of herself, much less her severely ill girlfriend. Ivanka later died of an intentional heroin overdose.

Jeremy Killjoy: Gina's first boyfriend as Morgana. The relationship lacked real depth and was based mostly upon frequent sexual encounters.

Adora: Gina's lifelong best friend. They were never in a relationship, but probably should have been. They had a brief, idealistic period of sexual experimentation and remain best friends.

Chris Extreme: Gina's last boyfriend before she married Timothy Ashton. They had a dysfunctional, mostly sexual relationship and ended up having a son, Julius, together. Their relationship was marked by extreme highs and lows, and in the end, Gina left Chris in the middle of the night to pursue Timothy Ashton.

Timothy Ashton: After leaving Chris to be with Timothy, the couple were together for almost five years, even opting to marry only a few months into their relationship. Despite the fact that their marriage was regarded as a publicity stunt—or as a way for Gina to leech off the Ashton legacy—they managed to survive despite the criticism. However, after FGina returned to wrestling after her brief hiatus, her increasingly busy schedule proved to be their downfall. Timothy disapproved of her return, which he saw as only being done for material gain, and Gina's workaholic tendencies kept her from coming home much of the time. After a string of arguments and the visible deterioration of their relationship, they informally separated on July 6, 2007. Despite Timothy's later attempts at a reconciliation, Gina filed for divorce on February 26, 2008, citing irreconcilable differences.

Random Facts

  • "Morgana" is pronounced "More-gone-uh"—not "Morgue-anna." "Morgy" is pronounced "More-gee," not as a combination of morgue and orgy.
  • Morgana's picture base was originally Lita, and her second picture base was almost Rose McGowan rather than Angelina Jolie. When Morgana returned to NEW3 after her leave of absence, her picture base was almost changed to Salma Hayek. In the event that she ever joins a fed where Angelina Jolie is a taken picture base, her secondary picture base is Monica Bellucci.
  • Morgy's former theme songs have been "Brackish" by Kittie, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, "Starfuckers Inc." by Nine Inch Nails, "Lounge Act" by Nirvana and "Date With the Night" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • Morgy was originally listed as being 5'11/135 pounds in TWW and 5'9/135 pounds in XWW.
  • Before finally settling on Evangeline/Gina, Morgy was given three different first names: Terrah, Serena, and Minako.
  • Morgana was once kidnapped in TWW by HardKore. She was held in a warehouse and forced to watch Richard Simmons 24 hours a day.
  • In TWW, Morgana had a long-time rival named Mercedes, whom she defeated in every single match they had against each other. Mercedes is the only rival Morgana has ever completely dominated, as she has notably lost to Tony Millennia and Andrew Ashton several times.
  • Morgana has had two managers: Cushla in TWW and Scarlett Kennedy in NEW3.
  • Morgana has reached legend status is every federation she's competed in.
  • Morgy's main finisher, the Morgasm, has always been the same concept, but has had two previous names: Death from Above and the Kiss of Death.
  • Morgy is left handed, near sighted, and wears a size six shoe.
  • Morgy once endorsed a brand of condoms.
  • Sailor Moon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are Morgana's personal heroes.
  • The name Morgana was "created" to exoticize the name Morgan. Morgy insists she made the name up, but as any Google search will tell you... she didn't.
  • Morgy was conceived while her parents were second honeymooning in Japan.
  • Morgana is an ordained minister. You may call her reverend.


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