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Weight 300lbs(Billed at 310)
Date of birth April 7th, 1974
Place of birth Unknown
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Trainer Boom's Gym
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Debut 29th September 1994
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Mors(Believed to be Born on 7/4/74)The birthplace of mors is unknown like many things in the life of mors. Mors is seemed to just have appeared out of no were. The first real sightings of Mors were in the early 90's when he used to help out in a church. Mors is fluent in Latin.

Wrestling History

Mors started wrestling in 1994 on the independent circuit for small companies like Super Extreme Wrestling and Wreslers Fighting League. Mors early career was average, racking up wins and losing every know and then. Mors showed potetional but things began to kick off with the beginning of the millennium when he hooked up with Alucard. Within two weeks of alucard being his manager and agent, he got a contract at a national promtion. Nitro Pro Wrestling.


Mors first match was against an ex-boxer Lewis Gordon. Mors won the match in a cool four minutes and twelve seconds.Mors had six matches after that time which lead to him getting a NPW Hardcore title shot against, the then champion; Barry 'Boom' Higgins, the match was a flaming casket match. A match which was voted the best match in NPW history. The match was amazing and in the end after forty six minutes of end to end fighting, mors managed to get boom into the casket and set it alight and won the title. For Seven straight months after retaing the title against some of the toughest opponents, Mors lost the title due to a shoulder injury which kept him out for only a month. This enraged mors and on his return he was given a shot at the best title in NPW and that was the NPW World Title. Mors won the match comfortable and held onto the title for three months. Mors is the last NPW World Champion, due to financial reasons NPW closed down. Mors went back to the indy scene for a year.

EHW (2003-2006)

Mors signed with EHW in 2003 but did not appear in the ring for EHW until early 2004. There was rumours suggesting that Mors had a nervous breakdown.It seemed that mors could not re-capture his form in EHW with him winning 4 matches out of 8. Two at a pay-per-view. Mors began to get into form and managing to loose only three matches all three being at the EHW World Title. Late 2004 seen Mors win the EHW Hardcore title from Dynamite Dave. The match was boring and uninspiring and the reviews were harsh on Mors. Mors began to up his game and turned from Tweener to Heel but it seemed to get Mors more fans. Mors held the title for a year and not being beaten once and without any real competition for the title. Mors made a challenge to the world title holder Mister Magic at a chance to unify the belts. The challenge was accepted. Mors won comfortably but Mister Magic could not take it and they became bitter rivals. Three months and fifteen days passed. One day prior to the Grandaddy of All EHW Pay Per View Hardcore Hell. Bloody Barbwire Bout was announced for the unified title against Mister Magic. Mors and Mister Magic slugged it out in a close battle, both men covered in blood from head to toe. Mors managed to win via submission but it did not stop there Mors pulled the ropes which had barbwire wrapped around began to strangle Mister Magic with, Magic was put in intensive care and managed to surivive. Mors was fired pending legal action.

The Trial

The Evidence put against Mors was to much. A jury of eight men and four women found mors gulity and requested he would spend seven years in an asylum and was advised not to be allowed to wrestle again. Mors served three months of the seven year sentence. Mors was subject to a documentary about his mental state. Mors: Fact or Fiction. It was found out in early 2007 that this trial was not real

xWo Meltdown

Signed a contract with xWo on the 14th December 2006 and is currently on the meltdown brand. Hours after formally signing a contract mors attacked Sonny and ruined the main event. Mors debuted against Sonny Siaki on the 22nd December in a first blood match, Mors won in an easy match and carried on the onslaught after the bell rang and injured Sonny Siaki.Mors competeted in the Main Event of Massacre and was finally eliminated when six people managed to get him out of the ring and left in what Mors believes as a disappont place twenty four out of thirty.The following Meltdown Mors was double booked and dominated Chad Johnson in a comfortable match, before facing off against Chaz, in which was a much harder contest, but Mors still managed to beat Chaz, using the Hell Hold.Mors beats Johnny Nitro in seconds with the Hell Slam after the match Sonny Siaki assaulted Mors with a chair culminating in a Tag Team.Mors and Umaga beat the hell out of Sonny Siaki as Andre was taken out by MVP who was seeking Revenge.Mors and Siaki scheduled for a match at the supershow it was a match in which Siaki put in a good performance better than recent weeks but he was mauled by Mors who was hurting at the death of his friend,trainer,manager and Agent alucard.

xWo power 15

  • Week 1- (11)

Mors: Debuting against Sonny Siaki, Mors looked impressive from the get go, scoring a debut win. But it would be at Massacre where he would stand out, dominanting the Battle Royal match, eliminating a good fair few, before it took six other men to launch him over. Mors looks to be a promising prospect, and we can only hope for good things in the future.

  • Week 2 - (7)

Mors: A double victory enables Mors to leap up four steps on the Power 15. He firstly dispatched of Chad Johnson in what should be the easiest match of his life, and then, in a more tricky challenge, he managed to defeat Chaz, to claim two victories in one night. Mors is yet to be pinned in the xWo, and he is clocking up the wins as he rises through the ranks. So, who’s next?

  • Week 3 - (5)

Mors: Also moving up the Power 15, is Mors. He is making this a habit, as slowly but surely, he aims for the top. This week, he decimated Johnny Nitro in under a minute, to keep his winning streak intact; but in saying that, he doesn’t look like he will lose that streak any time soon. However, a bigger challenge presents him this week, as he teams with Umaga to take on Andre Bolea and Sonny Siaki.

  • Week 4 - (4)

Mors: Another win for Mors means he is now nearing the very top. He has done nothing but climb since he got here, and with Umaga by his side, few can argue that he will indeed climb higher. This week, the duo destroyed Sonny Siaki, whilst dispatching of Andre Bolea as well. One must ask who will be able to hit the self-destruct button on this Latin Monster, but the answer may indeed be that nobody can stop Mors from destroying everyone and anyone.


Jan 13th, Mors made an impact in WWCWF by chokeslamming WWCWF General Manager, and Ex-Trainer, Boom through a podium but Mors face was covered up so nobody knew who it was. Mors(Unknown man) Demanded a shot at the WWCWF Universe Title at the main-event of Exodus and that's what he got. Jan 28th, Mors beat Pohatu with a little help from "Boom" who was the special referee, Mors wins the WWCWF Universe Title but still neglecting to show his face even as he sits down he does not to off his mask. During Booms big announcement the lights went out which resulted in most of the people around ringside on the floor or holding themselves, Mors and Shane O did it not knowing what the other two had done bumping into each other in the middle of the Ring, Mors takes off his mask to reveal that he was Mors, which shocked both his Cousin Shane O'Reily and Barry "Boom" Higgins. Mors beat Boom in match which all odds where stacked against him, with his cousing interfering. Mors came out the next week "Injured" and told the fans the stipulation for the pay per view match which was a crucifixation Match giving Shane till the end of the show to reply. When shane replied at the end he was attack by the newly formed 3DS which Mors is apart off and Mors friends from college.

xWo 2nd Run

Mors, is scheduled to return to xWo only weeks after quiting xWo due to personal reasons. He has signed a new contract, and Attacked Newman at a house show in which Newman broke his neck. Mors now has a new look. Mors debut on revenge he beat Brandon Kraus in a comfortable match. Then hammered Triple H to the full limits of the word. Mors eliminated JC, David Williams, and Ryan Banks before being eliminated by Zach Riley, who went to win the six man gauntlet. This is Mors first lost at a PPV and xWo ring. Mors was drafted back to meltdown and beat Cena, Cleon Base, and Kenshin with Infamous Choppa.Mors beat triple h to full the extent of the word. He then defeated Milo and John James to progress to the March Madness final. At supershow he defeated John James and Falcon in a triple threat match and gaining his first gold in xWo. The following week pinned Falcon in a triple threat match which included Chris Fame. Retained the title against John James in an easy match. Mors retains in a match full of distractions.

Wrestling Moves


  • Hell Slam(Swinging Side Slam/Black hole slam
  • Hell Hold(Full Nelson with Scissors.)

Trademark Moves:

  • Hell Combo
  • Chokeslam
  • Arm Drag
  • Chokebomb
  • Chokeslams
  • Powerbomb
  • Big Boot
  • Judgement Driver

Notes and Facts

  • Mors had the longest Unbeated Run in EHW and NPW.
  • (65-1-0)[Zack Riley, being the only man to pin him in a xWo ring and a PPV]
  • Mors truly belives that he is here to pass judgement on people to choose whether they go to hell or heaven or to say in darkness for ever but is it a gimmick or is truly the Judge of Life?
  • Mors was diganosed with multiple personality disorder while in the mental asylum.
  • Mors is the last WWCWF Universal Champion
  • Mors is the last WWCWF Peoples Champion
  • Mors is currently the xWo North American champion

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