The Bad Man
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Height 6'0
Weight 510 lbs.
Date of birth 1967
Place of birth Not Available
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Billed from The Place of Nightmares
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Debut March 4th, 2007
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The Bad Man is to put it simply grotesque. A possibly African-American man he wears a simple set of long pants and dark colored shoes. He wears nothing on the upper-half of his body which makes a disturbing sight for the EWT fans as his flabby abomination of a beer belly can be seen by all. It is his head and face though that draw the real attention. He has a craggy sunken walnut face that has clearly seen far too much sun. A small chin only goatee that is neatly trimmed, a nose that looks like it was put in a blender and left for three days and a bald head that looks like it has been used to crush rocks. If you took Mr. Bad back to your mother she would probably throw up repeatedly over tea and never speak to you again.

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves and signature moves
  • The Bayanhongor Fracture Clasp - A modified Bear Hug that also locks in the opponents arms. A specialty of Mongolian strong men if applied correctly it can break a mans arms.
  • Two Times the Pain - Applies a piledriver and then simultaneously smashes down hard with a small hammer between the opponents legs.
  • Favorite Moves

Strikes to the throat, is trained in Judo, Unconventional wrestling skills, sneaky use of weapons such as a hammer, jaw trap or anything else that may make the opponent bleed and other offensive moves that make use of his weight.

  • Historical Bio

The Bad Man recently appeared to be the man behind the March 4th trauma Mr. Big was suffering. He arrived in the EWT and proceeded to inflict pain on Scott Norton to a horrendous degree before leaving as a pair with Mr. Big. Since then he teamed with Mr. Big to form Big and Bad the heaviest tag team in EWT history. This lasted for a while until a loss at Old School to Raftshack where The Bad Man cost them the match. Afterwards Bad decimated his team mates reasoning them to be weak. He is now known simply as The Bad Man and competes in singles competition making him more dangerous than ever.

  • Additional Info:
  • The Bad Man speaks with a deep raspy gurgling voice.
  • The Bad Man was the second half of the team Big and Bad.
  • The Bad Man makes a laughing splutterin, raspy sound .. Flheh ... when ever he speaks, it may be his laugh or it could be the recently digested food that's tring to escape the horrors of body!

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