Bill Cosby
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Mr. Cosby, is currently with a company called CWF as a wrestler. Mr. Cosby is currently considered to be retired, however many fear that the satanic superstar is constanty lurking in the shadows, just waiting to pop up again. Only time will tell if a return for Mr. Cosby is in the cards, or if his future incarnations will even be the same as his first, leading to much fan speculaiton on the prospect.


Some consider him an angel who rebelled against God, and has been condemned to the Lake of Fire. In the Bible, he is identified with the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the Accuser of Job, the tempter of the Gospels, and the dragon in the Book of Revelation. He is described as hating all humanity, or more accurately creation, spreading lies, deceit among the world. He is also known to take over a person's body. If the person wishes, he or she may have an Excorcism performed on them.

The current form he has been known to take resembles actor and comedian Bill Cosby. The use of the name "Mr. Cosby" and his uncanny likeness to the star remains purely coincidental.

CWF career

Mr. Cosby had a brief stint with CWF, claimed to be sent by God to destroy the abomination known as Xtremo the Clown, Mr. Cosby did just that in a tag team match and prior to the Blind Justice pay per view match they were set to have, Xtremo mysteriously disappeared. He was later found in an alley way, with signs of sexual assault and stabing wounds present. No charges were filed as the Police felt the clown "deserved it". A man named Mo is the current suspect but no aciton is beinh taken to pursue him. Police state they are "busy" when inquired about the subject. Mr. Cosby is thought not to be directly responsible for the incident, but given his demonic origins it is entirely possible.

After vanquishing the Clown, Cosby entered a battle royal the same night for the CWF Television Championship title in which he was eliminated first after running around the ring incoherently babbling and trying to hand fans and opponents alike Jell-O Pudding Pops.

Other Facts

Theme Music: "Sanford and Son Theme Song" - Sanford and Son on TV Land

Finishing moves

  • Cosby Cracker (Mr. Cosby punches his opponent in the balls.)
  • Zib-zab-zoobity-woah-ho-ho!! (Swanton Bomb)

  • Nicknames



The Devil


George Washington


Mr. Cosby

That guy i bumped into on the subway that time

Sam I Am

Satan Evil McDevilstein

The Embodiment of Failure

FBI's Most Wanted Fellon for Charges of Rape, Plunder, murder, and kicking ass

The guy who killed Kenny

Jimmy Jacob Jones

Triple J

Myotismon, Digimon Lord of Hell

The guy who married Brittany Spears


Championships and accomplishments

  • Mr. Cosby's Cosby Cracker was voted "Best Finishing Move" in March 2007, narrowly beating out The Janitor's Mop Drop, and Asylum's Near Death Experience.
  • Proclaimed a Patron Saint, by CWF owner Anthony Romeri


  • Mr. Cosby like his comedian counterpart is believed to have natural affinity for Jell-O Pudding Pops . Wether this is due to his crrent form, or wether the natural evil emmitted from Jell-O Pudding Pops resonate with his demonic origins is currently unknown.
  • Mr .Cosby emmits an evil aura which is said to cause intense fear in those around him. The Aura currently is a home owner in florida named Jed.
  • Mr. Cosby has Meat Vision (the ability to produce sausage products from one's eyes)
  • Mr. Cosby once went to the virgin islands. Now they're called "The Islands".
  • Mr. Cosby has slept with your mother.
  • Mr. Cosby can only be destroyed if the head vampire has a steak driven into his heart. Surloined is preferable.
  • Mr. Cosby is related to Shaq.
  • Mr. Cosby is your dad's best friend.
  • Mr. Cosby is.... uhhh....
  • Mr. Cosby is neat. There, happy?
  • Mr. Cosby owns a Canadian Laz0r B3ar named "Boomer"
  • Mr. Cosby is immune to Cancer. Like htis one time, Mr. Cosby was attacked by cancer and he wastotally all like "Pshhaww!! Hyaaa!!" and round house kicked that mother fucker straight to hell. Cancer has not been seen or heard from since.
  • Mr. Cosby has Vigilance and can't be targetted by spells or abilities.
  • Mr. Cosby is one level higher than the highest level achievable in World of Warcraft, much to the bain of obsessive nerds everywhere.
  • Mr.Cosby can regenerate limbs.
  • Mr. Cosby feeds through Osmosis.
  • Mr. Cosby invented the word "Malappropriation"
  • Mr. Cosby is alergic to silver.
  • Veterinarians have nothing to fear from mr. Cosby for he loves dogs.
  • Mr. Cosby also loves babies and makes sure to have an ample supply in his wood shed should ever he grow hungry.
  • Mr. Cosby is best friends with Fear, DOubt and oblivion, he thinks Hope is a poser.
  • Mr. Cosby is down with dah hood.
  • Mr. Cosby always uses protection.
  • Mr. Cosby likes him some white meat. Eh eh eh.
  • Mr Cosby has an exessively large trivia section.
  • Mr. Cosby can understand Gary Busey.
  • Mr. Cosby, along with Glenn Danzig created every instruement known to man.

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