Mr. Demonical
[[Image:|px|Image of Mr. Demonical]]
Real name Jack Aaron Samuels
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Height 6'5"
Weight 287 lbs.
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Hell Itself
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xWo, CWF
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Jack Aaron Samuels, better known by his ring name Mr. Demonical is currently working for CWF Ignition as an Authority Figure.


Jack Samuels was born and raised in Tronto, Ontario, Canada. His father worked on the creative team of a local independent promotion called XWF. He was a ver formal man with many talents. Jack received "extra strenght" from a bite-mark on his neck and he decided he wanted to be a wrestler. But when he heard that his father would soon be taking over XWF and he wanted Jack to succeed him, he knew he was going to have to run away. In New York he met an old woman who told him about Satan and The Extreminator. After years of slavery from these two Jack still has doubts about if it is true or not.

xWo career

Mr. Demonical signed with the XWO after completing his training with UPW. He made his in ring debut in a Money in the Bank Match qualifier against fellow newcomer B.T.K and returning xWo Hall of Famer, Randy Orton. Demonical dominated this match giving him his first win in the XWO. Unfortunately he lost his match next week against another returning xWo legend, David Williams. After this potential fall in his career he went on to the MITB match at Redemption, only to lose to the eventual winner Luther Anvarian in a brutal and horrifying match up. After his second loss he returned to Toronto to see his family. Mr. Demonical was then released from the xWo.

CWF career

Mr. Demonical signed with the CWF shortly after doing so with the XWO. Before his first match he was immediately hired on the creative team and announced that he would be the "Silent Savior" of the CWF. But in his debut match, in only the third ever edition of CWF Ignition, he lost. The next week he teamed with his oppoent of the previous week, Kirk William, to face off with Cliffy-b and the walking fortress Ironsides. Again though, Mr. Demnoical fell short of the victory. He then picked up a victory over the monster The Barbarian before teaming up with up-and-comer Adam Aerts to defeat two no-namers. He then announced his retirement from the ring before announcing that he had a lot more authority than the people thought. He then announced a TV Title Tournament and fired Possum Person before forming The Corporation.

Demonical revealed that The Corporation would conist of three superstars. Inside this 3-man stable there would be a tag team called The Corporate Enforcers. The members of the stable are now himself, The Game and BigPapaBear and The Corporate Enforcers consist of teh latter two. The Game and BigPapaBear successfully teamed up for the first time at the April 29th edition of Ignition, defeating the Tag Team Champions, the Wicked Clowns. After the match Anthony Romeri announced that The Corporate Enforcers would get a shot at the Titles at No Man's Land. The following week, Mr. Demonical tried to interfere in his lackey's two-on-one handicap match against Adam Aerts, but got a chair shot for his troubles.

The following Sunday at No Man's Land Mr. Demonical was warned by Mr. Romeri himself not to interfere in the Tag Title Match. However, Demonical distracted the Clowns long enough for BigPapaBear to land a roll-up. After the match, when The Corporation were celebrating on their title win, Anthony Romeri fired Mr. Demonical from his staff position. Demonical punched Romeri in the nose before the Romeri hit back. The Game and BigPapaBear pulled the boss of their manager before security finished the job.

Other Facts

Theme Music: Thank You For the Venom - My Chemical Romance

Finishing moves

  • Game Over(Front face lock converted to a back chin drop)

Signature Moves

Demon's Crest (Book End)

Hell Driver (Choke Bomb)

  • Nicknames

The Unstoppable

Championships and accomplishments

  • Qualified and took part in the xWo Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Became Right-Hand Man to Anthony Romeri
  • Formed the Corporation
  • Managed The Corporate Enforcers to the CWF Tag Team Championships

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