Meltdown is a man with short dark hair and brown eyes. He was affected by the accident at 3 Mile Island in a way that modern medics cannot explain. The radiation has caused his body to have increased muscle mass, move at a faster rate, and heal faster than your average person.

Mr. Meltdown began his career in LSW many, many months ago. After a short time, he moved to Florida for the opening of Gator Championship Wrestling. Meltdown served as the GCW Flagship Wrestler for a long while, with many memorable feuds versus the likes of the Baldwins, World Party, and the dominant Alliance of Violence. Throughout it all, Meltdown stayed as a true hero to all of his fans.

Eventually, Meltdown felt that a change was needed. Meltdown left, but fell victim to the powers of a man known as Dark Prophet. While under the spell, Meltdown went on a mean streak in WNW and ESW while partnering with Zekk Durron. These men caused much havoc, but that was changed once they returned to GCW and Ghost returned Zekk to the Light side, freeing Meltdown of the Dark influence.

As a hero once more, Meltdown entered the Canadian Wrestling Federation. Though not as prominent of a star as once before, he maintained his stature as a hero for all of the people.

Meltdown received a horrible injury while fighting the Horsemen of the Abyss, putting him out of action for an undetermined amount of time. While in the hospital, Katrina "Kat" Karrde wrestled in his place in CWF, even teaming with Zekk Durron. Secretly, Kat was a spy, but turned to the side of good beside Zekk Durron... but not before Meltdown was abducted one night from his hospital room.

Meltdown suddenly reappeared in CWF on a dark night as the Agency tried to bring Katrina Karrde back for being disobedient. Meltdown helped Katrina to escape, but it was only to secretly double cross her and reveal her hiding location to the Agency. Meltdown was rewarded, as Katrina was taken back to the Agency for punishment for failing to follow Agency orders and procedures.

It has now been revealed that Meltdown was put through a series of conditioning and testing to break him. The rigorous exercise known as reprogramming must have worked, as Meltdown has obviously become one of "them" in the mysterious Agency.

Upon closure of LSW, Meltdown went silent. He has traveled to AWA, but has spoken very few words upon entering.

Rumor has it that the silence will soon be broken.

Shootclub Wrestling Alliance

Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

Mr. Meltdown's Shootclub Profile

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