Mister P is a professional wrestler currently working on for EWA(Extreme Wrestling Alliance)He is currently one of the remaining two superstars, along with Icekid, to be continuously employed to EWA since it's start in late December 2006. Mister P has the record for the most title reigns collectively and the most collective time with a title. He is also EWA's only grand slam champion.

Early career

Mister P first wrestled under the name "Willow the Wisp" however he changed it shortly before wrestling for teh EWA Heavyweight title. Mr. P entered the title match against Icekid after winning in a tournement to determine the contenders. After losing an Anti-Finisher match to Icekid, Icekid was given the match of his choice. He chose a match of his own design, a Dome of Destruction match. Mister P would eventually win the match after Icekid fell off of the Dome allowing Mr. P to secure the belt. Shortly after Mister P would lose the belt in a unification match with Showstopper's EWA World Title. As a runner up prize, Mr. P was awarded the United States title. The next night however Mister P made an ally out of the newcomer, Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy would go onto win the titles for the tag team in a handicap match however the "Gods of Insanity" shortly would lose the titles back to the EKS in a ladders match. The tag team split up after Mr. P won the United championship in a fatal four way against Maverick Jones, T-Bone, and Jeff Hardy. That was the last match Jeff Hardy was seen in during the EWA. Mr. P would once again face Icekid for a championship, this time Mr. P's United States title however the EKS interfered in the match resulting in a disqualification. A title can not change hands due to a disqualification so Mr. P retained his title. The next time Mister P faced Icekid for the United States title Icekid won the title. Although it seemed that Mister P had refocused from Icekid, capturing the intertransversal and United title, the two were pitted against each other once again, this time in a buried alive match. The winner would leave the arena with both the United States and Inter-Transversal titles. Icekid won the titles and left the arena while Mister P had to be dug out of the tomb and given two minutes of pure oxygen. In early April, Icekid and Mister P once again faced off, this time for Mr. P's United Title. The two faced off at Cyber Kenetics and the fans voted for a Dome of Destruction match, the second in history. This time however the match would end differently. Mister P fell through the ring allowing Icekid to capture the Title. This match ended in a backstage argument between Mr. P and T-Bone resulting in Mister P's departure from EWA.

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