Mr. Xcellence Dylan Brady
Mister X
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Mister X, Xcellence, Big X.
Height 6'4"
Weight 242 pounds
Date of birth June 13th, 1971
Place of birth Honolulu, Hawaii
Date of death Still Alive
Place of death Still Alive
Resides Anahiem, California
Billed from
Trainer Mick Foley, and his father "X-Man" Xavier Brady
Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment
Handled by lsok13
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut June 1992
Retired December 2006

Wrestling Company

Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (XWE)

Wrestling Bio

Wrestler Name: Mr. Xcellence Dylan Brady

Wrestling Style: Technical, Brawler

Hometown: Anahiem, California

Age: 35 (06/28/1971)

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 242 pounds

Alignment: Face

Favorite Move: Various suplexes, and

Finisher 1: Brand X (Double Arm DDT)

Finisher 2: X-Craft (Modified STF)

Entrance Music: Faint- Linkin Park

Ring Attire: Business Suit

Xtra Info: The new Unleashed General Manager

Past Accomplishments

Career Win Loss Record: W:342 L:98 D:4 (Over a 14 year career)

6 Time MWF Heavyweight Champion 3 Time MWF Intercontinental Champion 2 Time MWF Tag Team Champion

Longest running MWF Intercontinental Champion (17 months)

FCW Television Champion

FCW Revolution Commissioner

UCW Commissioner

Current XWE Unleashed General Manager

The Beginning

Dylan Brady was born in Honolulu Hawaii to a local wrestling talent father X-Man Xavier Brady, and an aspiring television actress mother Lynnell Brady. Dylan grew up watching his dad wrestle and loved every minute of it. When Dylan was 7 his father moved the family to Anahiem, California where he got a job with a big time wrestling federation. Anahiem was home but his father dragged the family all across the country.

At the age of 10 Dylan's mother got fed up with all the movie filed for divorce. Dylan had no choice, but to move back to Hawaii with his mother. When Dylan turned 16 he asked his mother if he could rejoin his father. Convincing his mother to let him go and pursue professional wrestling as a career he left his mother, siblings, and high school sweet heart, Yvette Clark, behind in Hawaii to pursue his dream.


With his life in Hawaii now behind him Dylan settled down in his fathers house in Anahiem, California. Dylan could travel with his father during the summer, but had to finish school high school in Anahiem during school months. It was through his father he met Mick Foley, and various other wrestlers. Dylan learned to wrestle from Mick and his father and due to their training Dylan would become a proficient technical, brawler. Mastering various suplexes and impact moves in order to beat his opponents.

Climbing the Ladder with Tragedy

At the age of 18 Dylan got his first wrestling gig back in Hawaii just like his father. Dylan wrestled under the name, Baby Brady. It wasn'tintimidating at all but it was the gimmick set for him by the owner, in order to making money off Dylan's fathers name. Dylan hated every minute of it. He was his father's son but he wanted to make a name for himself.

It had been 6 months since Dylan had left his father's house and gone out on his own. He was back with Yvette, and living some what of a mediocre, happy life. All up until he got a call from Mick. His father had been in an accident and had been pronounce dead on arrival at the hospital. Dylan, Yvette, his sibling,and his mother had all flew up to attend his funeral.

After the death of his father in a wrestling related accident his mother banned him from wrestling. Dylan didn't wrestler for an entire year, after that he wasn't going to let the tragedy of his father's death stop him from doing what he loved. Paying homage to his father he took up the name Mister X and began wrestling again. It wasn't long before opportunity came knocking.

Massacre Wrestling Federation

Massacre Wrestling Federation was a small Indy fed that had grown so huge in popularity that they had become a national phenomenon. MWF had overhauled they're entire roster with Talent like SeDe, Ruff Ryder, Cross, RuInEr, Xterminator, Corruptor, and now Mister X had joined their ranks. MWF's plan of national attack was to run two shows a week (Monday and Thursday) featuring all of their wrestling talent. Their first few shows were filled with title tournaments. One of which had Mister X fighting for the Intercontinental Title.

The Faction War

The first Era of MWF started with 3 factions fighting for dominance in MWF. The two biggest were the Untouchables lead by Ruff Ryder, with Cross, Baby Thug Girl and Big Punisher. The second was Nu Era, lead by Mister X, and featured a huge roster of RuInEr, Chris Candido, Xterminator, Corruptor, Kellie the Head Cheerleader, and SyXxX D NyNe. The minor faction as the SyKk FrEaKs lead by SeDe, and featured PyKk, and SyKk FrEaK!

Mister X had won and become the first ever MWF Intercontinental Champion. With his win he'd garnered the attention and fanbase to sky rocket MWF to a national pastime. The first feud Mister X had gotten into was with Ruff Ryder, the man he had beaten for the Intercontinental Title. Ruff Ryder, and Mister X had gone back and forth as far as wins go but when ever Mister X had to defend his title he would come out on top making him the longest running Intercontinental Champion in MWF History. He held the belt for over a year and was finally stripped of it when he won a number one contenders match to face Cross for the MWF Heavyweight Championship.

Ruff Ryder and Mister X had some of the most grueling matches MWF had ever seen but it wasn't until Cross had turned on Ruff Ryder and took over the Untouchables add Sully Silvera to make the newly formed Faction America's Most Wanted. AMW and Nu Era always had epic brawls, but it always came down to being settled by Mister X and Cross. The owner of MWF had thought that the Faction war had gone too far, and aimed to settle it once and for all. At MWF presents All Out War the factions fought to settle things once and for all, and determine the greatest faction. Xterminator and Corruptor fought SyKk FrEaK and PyKk for the Tag Team titles. RuInEr fought SeDe for the Xtreme Hardcore title in a first ever Hotel Hell Match. Sully Silvera was to take on Chris Candido for the Intercontinental Title in a ladder match. Kellie The Head Cheerleader vs. Baby Thug Girl for the MWF Women's Champion. And the Main Event Mister X vs. Cross for the MWF Heavyweight Title in a Scaffold Spidernet razorwire match.

Nu Era had swept the entire PPV making them the most dominating faction in MWF. Mister X had finally become the MWF Heavyweight Champion, and finally reached his dream of being at the top of the wrestling world. It was all down hill from there.


With the faction war over MWF had become at peace. Sort of all though the faction war was over the feud between Mister X and Cross had just begun. Cross and Mister X hated each other and Cross had attacked Mister X in a number of times in a number of ways. Cross had attacked Mister X from behind with a lead pipe putting him in a coma for 3 months, forcing MWF officials to strip him of the Heavyweight title. Cross had kidnapped Kellie, and force Mister X in a 10 man guantlet match to get her back. Mister X won but was extremely exhausted which had caused a relaspse in his head injury.

Cross was the one man Mister X couldn't get rid of and Cross continued to plague Mister X even when their feud was thought to be over. Cross had cost Mister X the MWF Title 4 times, and had hurt Kellie many more. Fed up with Cross' antics Mister X began a feud with Cross that would be called the fall of MWF.

The Fall of MWF

Mister X and Cross' feud had erupted from a feud of dislike, and way to indirectly harm each other to and violent blood feud fueled by hatred for one another. Needless to say Cross started it by attacking Kellie backstage, and embarrassing her by stripping her down and sending her with a written message to Mister X. In retaliation, during Cross' Heavyweight Title defense the same night, Mister X came down to the ring with a chair and whacked Cross in the head with it, and had beaten him until Mister X could no longer swing the chair. Cross had retaliated by wrapping Kellie in razor wire and dragging her behind his SUV. This infuriated Mister X and it was time to end it.

At the PPV Bad Blood Mister X would face Cross for the MWF Heavyweight title in a Jail Cell Hell Match. The ring would be like a normal cage match. But around that was a cell and various weapons to beat your opponent with. Point was to escape with any means necessary. Mister X had won the match but not satisfied with a win he grabbed a rope and rentered the ring. Mister X had then taken a rope and began whipping Cross with it leaving lashes, and opens wounds with every whip. He had beaten Cross until the rope and the ring mat was blood soaked and then he strung Cross up by his neck and proceeded to hang Cross from the top of the of a cell. Mister X had continued to strangle the life out of Cross and it took MWF official cutting open the cell and subduing Mister X with night sticks and Handcuffs to keep him from killing Cross.

This was the most violent attack in wrestling history and nearly resulted in Cross' death. One would think a near death experience would knock some sense into Cross not to mess with Mister X. But it didn't MWF officials banned both men from going near each other and Cross proposed one final match between the two. A Scaffold razorwire Spidernet match. It would be the third match of this type between the two men, and neither man would beable to touch each other or each other affiliates until the match was over. In what would be MWF's final PPV Xtinction Mister X and Cross battled each other 30 feet above the ground on a scaffold with nothing between them and the concrete ground but a Spidernet made of razorwire.

The Match had gone on for 30 minutes and Mister X had the upperhand but Mister X had slipped up and Cross used the opportunity to Grab Mister X and Powerbomb him off the Scaffold. Mister X had hit the razor wire so hard that a wire strand got embedded in to his back and snapped sending Mister X falling to the ground landing on his neck hard on the concrete ground. Mister X was out, beaten and bloody. Medics couldn't revive him and he was rushed to the hospital. The Razorwire had to be surgically removed, and Mister X had been paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors told him he'd never wrestle let alone walk again, and that he was extremely lucky that he didn't end up like his father.

MWF had fired Cross for his intentional attacks on Kellie, and his intentional major injury to Mister X. With Mister X and Cross both out MWF went into a Downward spiral and eventually disappeared into the blackness of wrestling company death.

Rising Up

Although it seemed like Mister X and Kellie were an item in the ring. Dylan had married his high school sweetheart Yvette and had two boys with a girl on the way. Dylan was out of commission and the money that MWF had paid him was good enough to live a comfortable life, but Dylan wouldn't stay down. Dylan had started a small entertainment business and he had plans for it to grow. With Yvette doing the ground work, and Dylan working on the connection Xcellence Entertainment Industries had grown in a huge corporation specializing in Movie Production, and Magazine printing. Dylan went from being Mister X to being Mr. Xcellence of XEI.

Dylan had also opened up a wrestling training center he named Xcellence Wrestling Academy. Here hs trained many of today's talents in the wrestling world. Such names as "The Royal One" Oliver King, his brother Erik King, from UCW Rookie Stud "The Superman" Brandon Dark, and the always losing, yet always entertaining Shawn Platinum.

While building up his business' he also found the strength to got on his feet literally. With in 3 years of his injury Dylan was up and walking around. and by 3 and a half years he had made a 100% full recovery. Some called is a medical miracle, other just siad it was how Dylan was... Nothing could hold him down. Dylan was back in top physical shape, and his business was booming. Dylan was once again back on top.

Forgive, Forget, Move Forward

In 2005 Dylan had gotten word that Cross had begun wrestling in a small time televised Wrestling Promotion FCW. He joined up under the alias Xcellence the Corporate Hitman. He never got his hands on Cross, but he did win the Television Title just before casting it aside and joining the far more popular FCW Revolution. Dylan wrestled one match on Revolution and stepped aside for one of his prized students. The Rookie Stud "The Superman" Brandon Dark. Dylan then used his pull as a Magazine publish to Publish the FCW Revolution Magazine.

Dylan had become far more valuable then Cross as a Business man then Cross ever was as a wrestler. This allow was his greatest victory over Cross, and was where he stayed. He published the FCW Revolution Magazine and eventually became the Revolution Commissioner. Until FCW closed down due to ownership problems. Dylan and Brandon then moved on to UCW where Brandon continued to wrestle and Dylan continued on to publish the UCW Mayhem Magazine, and become UCW Commissioner. Shortly after UCW's owner decided to merge with XWE. Since XWE had no use for Commissioner Dylan continued to run his business and raise his kids stepping aside again for his greatest pupil "The Royal One Oliver King.

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