Composite sketch of Mr. Toledo

Mr. Toledo is arguably the most controversial wrestler in the history of the sport. He is classified as an American Pro Wrestler, although he never competed in a match. He is now a part-time fiction writer living in Chicago.


Mr. Toledo started making serious waves when he would join random "play by email" leagues on AOL back in the late 90's. He is known for his one sentence interviews that would usually get him fired on the spot. He would come to ringside during the dark match portion of the show and state, "I will do anything for a title shot, even suck the president's dick." Toledo never got a title shot,or a match. In rare cases where he wouldn't be fired he would usually conduct interviews that would result in sneak attacks from Pro Wrestlers such as D-Lo Brown or Steve Blackman, even though those stars weren't members of his current league. This also irked league officials.

The interesting case of Mr. Toleto

A friend of Mr. Toledo also emerged during this same time, named Mr. Toleto. Toleto took Toledo's idea's to a new extreme. He first made an impact when he distributed bestiality porn to an entire league's roster, resulting in 27 TOS violations from America Online. Toleto produced graphic interviews that often involved in-ring masturbation stunts, resulting in firings as well.

Mr. Toleto never competed in a match, but during interviews was often harassed by two police officers named Charles and Pete who would brutally attack him backstage.

Toleto was last heard from in a random wrestling organization when he attempted to break into a convienence store in North Carolina to steal bread and cigarettes. This resulted in another beating from Charles and Pete.

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