Mrs. Brittany
Name Mrs. Brittany
Birth Name Brittany Michaels
Debut January 2008
Date of birth January 1, 1987
Hometown Miami, FL
Resides Dallas, Texas
Place of death and date

Brittany Michaels, better known by her stage name, Mrs. Brittany, is the manager of current professional wrestler, Chris Kinning


Brittany Michaels was born of a Czech mother and Costa Rican father. She was born and raised Miami, Florida and spent lots of time at the beach, shopping, and hanging out with friends. She has a marine enlisted brother and sister.

Early career

At age four, she met her now best friend, Meomi, where she met current wrestler Chris Kinning. At the age of eighteen, Michaels moved to Texas, and moved in and went to college with Chris Kinning. Michaels went onto to being a model. After finishing four years of college, Brittany enlisted in Ohio Valley Wrestling and became 2 - Time Women's Champion. After moving back in with Kinning, they decided to take their training to another level and became avid wrestlers. In May 2006, Michaels was offered a WFW Knockout Contract.

Professional Wrestling

Brittany Michaels debuted on the June 5th edition of WFW Knockout as a manager of wrestler, The Icon. Many of her on-screen appearances in the company were with her husband, Chris Kinning playing as his on screen girlfriend, even though in kayfabe, the relationship was legit. Michaels followed Kinning to multiple federations, including MWF, ISGA, LOEW, PRW, and back to WFW. Michaels managed Kinning to a Money in the Bank win, WWEF Title win, and 4 other title wins.

Personal life

  • In August 2006, after a storyline including Chris Kinning becoming inured, Mrs. Brittany married Chris Kinning, giving reason on her following him to the many federations she did.
  • Michaels and Kinning spent a lot of time together, but even though Kinning is a member of the DC Snow Team, Brittany is part of the Burton Snow Team

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