Ms. Shitifa
Real name Shitifa Shaqueen Moore
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Height 5'7
Weight 165 lbs.
Date of birth July 15, 1976
Place of birth Clinton, NC
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Braddock Motel, Braddock, TX
Billed from Greensboro, NC
Handled by
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Debut 2000
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Shitifa Moore (better known as Ms. Shitifa), born in Clinton, NC in 1976, is a female African American professional wrestling manager and part-time wrestler currently working for the WNWA.


Moore was born to a single mother in Clinton, NC in 1976. She was subsequently abandoned and raised by an older second cousin, Curtis Lowe in Greensboro, NC. By 1993 she had run away and delved into a life of drugs and prostitution. In 1999 Curtis and his rookie wrestlers Tyrone Jefferson and Eugene Washington found her at the Coliseum Motel in Greensboro. After a long night of discussion, she decided to become a wrestling manager. Moore, along with Lowe, acted as the duo's managers and Moore changed her screen name to Ms. Shitifa. The Brothers made their WNWA debut in 2000 on an episode of WNWA Bruisers & Brawlers, quickly entering into a heated feud with The Triangle of Hate. During the feud, Moore was kidnapped by the Triangle of Hate and was allegedly raped (though Moore denied this to a confidante wearing a wire later) and impregnated by Dale Taylor. Moore claims the child is not Dale Taylor's, as she told Maury Povich when the group went on his show for a paternity test: "Dale Taylor claim he my baby daddy- he just a stupid fool-his damn thang too little to get anybody pregnant. Tyrone Jefferson my boo, bitch!!" The results of the test were never revealed as a melee broke out on the set.

While acting mostly as a manager, Ms. Shitifa does occasionally wrestle.

In 2006, Shitifa and Da Brothas enlisted the help of a new ally, Antonio "Da Crunk" Davis. There are rumors that Shitifa and Davis are currently dating.

Late in 2006, Shitifa left Da Brothas and defected to the Asian group the Natural Born Niggaz. It was later revealed to be a ruse and Shitifa gave several members of the group gonnorhea.

On the January 30, 2007 episode of WNWA Wrestling, Shitifa revealed that she was pregnant with her seventh child. As a reward for their friendship and punishment for Tony Fanuci, The Liberal Librarian gave Shitifa the sexual services of Fanuci. Shitifa, who was very pregnant and who thus lost the affection of Jefferson, was very grateful and relied on Fanuci's services frequently.

Personal Life and views

  • Shitifa is a former prostitute who turned tricks at the Coliseum Motel in Greensboro, NC. She claims to have given up that career, though since moving to Braddock, TX, there are reports that she has started back at the Braddock Motel. She has also starred in some amateur pornography films.


  • According to a profile on Shitifa lists the following as her interests: "I like to have sex- wild and kinky sh*t. I loves me some damn gold too. Crown air fresheners. Kool Aid. Menthols and foties. Malt Likker. Fried chicken. Watermelon. Ribs. Steak- well done."
  • Shitifa uses Positive K's "I Got a Man" as her entrance music.
  • Shitifa claims she is the cousin of R&B singer Bobby Brown and rapper 50 Cent.
  • Shitifa is the second cousin once removed to Shamookey Sanders, who regularly compensates her for prostitution services.


WNWA: $43,575; Prostitution: unknown.

Wrestlers Managed


  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Bitch Slap
  • C*nt Kick
  • Regular moves
  • Kick
  • Choke
  • Knee to groin
  • Punch


Shitifa is the mother of seven children.

  • Kwanzaama Lamericus Moore- Father unknown.
  • Papsmearia Shameeka Chavis- Fathered by Carlos Chavis.
  • Lakweendia Roshanda Alston-Fathered by Ghentrified Alston.
  • Tyrone Jefferson, Jr.-Father is supposedly Tyrone Jefferson, though the child is very light skinned and some claim Dale Taylor is the father.
  • Darrius Eugene Jefferson- Fathered by Tyrone Jefferson (though many claim he is the child of Eugene Washington).
  • Martin Luther Jefferson-Fathered by Tyrone Jefferson, though some claim this retarded child is the spawn of Shamookey Sanders.
  • Antoinette Crunkina Jefferson- Fathered by Tyrone Jefferson but the name sounds a lot like Da Crunk's.



A prgenant Shitifa working in front of "Wal-Mark" during the Holidays.


Darrius Eugene Jefferson.


Kwanzaama Lamericus Moore.


Papsmeria Shameeka Chavis.


Lakweendia Roshanda Alston.


Martin Luther Jefferson at the Halloween Bash.


Tyrone Jefferson, Jr.


Antoinette Crunkina Jefferson.


Shitifa after being arrested for threatening to assault a woman.

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