Ms Cherie was born in Manhattan, New York.


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Ms Cherie started her wrestling career in 2002, She debuted on March 13 on Uncensored, The Weekly show as a sidekick for another female wrestler the company had. She quickly got into a feud with Sexbomb who would become her Arch-Nemesis throughout her career in DBW. The two met for the first time in a One-one-match where Cherie emerged the victory, But without falling victem to Sexbombs' "Sex-treme" Powerbomb as her prize.


Sexbomb Vs. Ms Cherie

Their feud would continue as the two met in numerous Tag-team matches, and one-on-one matches where Ms Cherie saw the best of hers in almost all. The two also took part in the first ever "Pool Sizzle Water Fight" where several of the DBW Divas were placed in, Ms Cherie was one of the last three remaining Divas, But Sexbomb managed to eliminate her out of the match.


== A Couple Emerges ==

After that, Ms Cherie started to get interested in one of the male wrestlers of the company and became one of the most favored couple in the company. She would go on to manage him for a while, but still continued to mix it up with the ladies. During that time she got into a Minu-feud with the Foxy Twins of DBW, Tequila and Midori, where she faced them both in a Handicap-Match, Ms Cherie would go on to lose the match when Sexbomb came in and Powerbombed her so the twins could pick up their victory. Ms Cherie then would lead her man, PSA, to Undisputed gold until she was sidelined for suffering an injury.

The Betrayal

A short while later Ms Cherie revealed to the world her true purpose for being in DBW, and it was to hurt PSA because she claimed he killed her former fiance, So she took it upon herself to seek revenge when she poisoned him on national Television. Although he did not die from it. Ms Cherie after supposedly taking out PSA set her eyes on the Diva's Championship belt which was being held by X-babe at the time, Ms Cherie set out to maker life misserable for the weeks to pass and even attacked her several times. Cherie once again returned as the girlfriend of then current owener of the company, and the two were on a Power rampage doing what ever they pleased with everyone.

Sweet Revenge

But not forgetting about PSA who would eventually make his return to wrestling in the Royal Rumble where Ms Cherie was part off, and he certainly got his revenge that night, Cherie who was also involved in a heated feud with X-babe had to deal with now 2 other more adversaries PSA, and the returning Sexbomb. who was out after getting kidnapped by Snowball from orders of Cherie, So it was natural that she wanted her revenge on Cherie, which she got when Cherie was in a match with X-babe, Sexbomb then made her return and took her out who by the way was trying to kill X-babe with a shovel at that time. Cherie tried her best to deal Cherie tried her best to deal with her enemies as she faced X-babe in the main event of an ACTION show and beat her for the Diva Championship.

'Payback Is A B*tch

Ms Cherie who did not forget what PSA did to her demanded that she be granted a match with him, So her being now married to the owner of DBW got her wish, and it would be Ms Cherie and Noah Vs PSA in a steel cage match at the next PPV. All the odds were against PSA on this one, But he managed to win it after taking out Ms Cherie in the end of the match. Ms Cherie after suffering from neck injuries had to be put on a Neckbrace which got her a lot of attention from the fans since she liked to wear them in different colors.

The Syndicate

Ms Cherie would then go on to join The Syndicate and was the only female to ever be in it as she was the most dominant Diva at that time. They would go on to cause chaos everywhere they go and even captured most of the gold of the company.

Diva Champion Challanged

Soon Ms Cherie after taking a time off from wrestling since she was injured returned to the ring to face her new adversary, Dagger, who was now the #1 Contender for the belt. They would face each other in a PPV match which had Ms Cherie win after knocking Dagger out with the belt. Cherie would then go on to face many of the Divas, demanding to find a real adversary in the company who can try and clain her belt. After loosing her precious belt, Ms Cherie then got into a feud with Venus after she eliminated from a Diva Battle royal, which caused her the belt.

BOTY cherie2

Feud With Venus Beauty

Their friendship did not start in the nicest of ways as Venus was also trying to get friendly with Ms Cherie's husband, Noah Sykes, Also Venus and Cherie could not stand one and other for different reasons, and would often be caught backstage having a dissing contest or a Catfight. At that there was a Queen Of The Ring contest where Ms Cherie and Venus would meet for the first time. They faced each other in a "Pool Side Match" with Ms Cherie nearly ended up drowning the poor Venus. and after winning the match, she started to cut off some of Venus hair.

'Manager Once Again

After driving her husband into thinking he was a woman. Ms Cherie then took some needed time off and upon her return she was now managing a DBW Superstar named Undertow, Ms Cherie would be extremely harsh with Undertow and usually humilliated him everywhere, Although she claimed that it was for his own good. Undertow started to gain feelings for Cherie, And Cherie did develope some for him, But Cherie said she still loved her husband Noah, who got tired of having Cherie as his wife. After Cherie, Noah and Undertow all became Tag-Team Champions, their relationship with both men went downhill as her harsh comments broke them apart and Ms Cherie stopped showing up in shows. But in another Cherie moment she showed up and begged for Noah to take her back, saying that she was sorry for leaving him and wanted to give their marriage another shot. But he didn't budge so Cherie did what she had to do and blew up his car with him inside.


After that incident Ms Cherie was taken to a mental facility where she found help, and after all the therapy she was released. But Ms Cherie's problems wouldn't stop after her own family left her for all the things she's done, Cherie after being in the streets for a couple of days found god, and as undercover work for the lord became a stripper to spread the lords name. then got a call from DBW saying that they wanted her back which she nicely accepted. As her return, people we'rent buying to her changed ways and the old Ms Cherie started coming out once again, In a Match for the Divas Championship she nearly killed almost all the Divas. She would then get into a feud with another female in the company and once again nearly killed her..This gave reason to put Ms Cherie, forever in an Insane Asylum.


The Cherie On Top (Top Rope Jumping Tornado DDT)

The Cherie Bomb (Swanton Bomb) "CherieLicious-DDT" (DDT)

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