National Class Wrestling was founded by Tristan Malvin and opened on July 14, 2007. NCW is a rp based e-fed with a show every Friday night. PPV's take place on Sundays once every month and will usually be booked/arranged weeks in advance. The first show is set to take place on Friday August 3 from Chicago, Illinois. Matches for the opening show can be arranged by members or booked by the staff depending on individual preferences.

The NCW will initially operate across the US with the first Canadian show planned in September. No international shows are planned at this stage.


NCW Owner

Tristan Marvin-Fair, unbiased, good natured, usually stays behind the scenes. Will appear when situations are getting out of control. On the rare occasions he is too busy or incapacitated the NCW committee will run the show.

Main Announcers

Play By Play-Chuck Jefferson-Ultra American patriot. Supports the faces.

Colour-Tony Fox-Sly, cunning, sarcastic and more than a little rude. Will take cheap shots at faces and is generally pro heel. Likes Chuck but rarely shows or admits it.

Straight Man-James Matthews-Wrestling expert, unbiased, only appears on PPV broadcasts.


Senior-Neville Downs-Only the senior referee because of connections. Known to let matches get out of control and never applies the rules properly.

Vice Senior-Ralph Marty-Ultra bright but focuses all his time thinking over ways to get rid of Downs.

Head Junior-Delbert Lerch-Gay referee who seems interested in wrestlers in ways he shouldn’t be.

Junior-Cory Jewel-Egomaniac who spends most of his time in the office demanding promotion.

Junior-Kid?-Very little is known about him. Nobody even knows what his name is hence the nickname.

Junior-Patrick Jenkins-Drunkard who on a bad night can cost anyone a match through sheer incompetence.

Ring Announcer

NCW Friday Night-Dave Idol-Rumoured to be wearing a wig over his naturally bald cranium. Slight ego, occasionally gets new wrestlers names wrong.

PPV-James Banks-One of the few people in the company who dresses well and acts like a professional. Is the target of jealousy due to this.

Time Keeper

Pat Palmer-Very little is known about him or his personality aside from the fact he is a walking wrestling encyclopaedia!


Gregori Kennemore-Old fashioned doctor who regularly practices without anaesthetic.


Kelly Outland-Most wrestlers seem more interested in her assets than her training techniques. Usually brushes off any advances.


Gabriel Munk-Religious, refuses to work on Sundays so don’t expect to see him at a PPV. Will walk out of an interview at the slightest offence.

Paddy Stevens-Jovial, Irish announcer. A little overexcited. Worst dresser in the company.

Thunder Peterson-Literally shouts every time he speaks, hence the nickname. Not angry, just oblivious to how he comes across.

NCW Committee

Josh Danzig

Abe Sykova

Paul Lyons

Lance Magnum

Terry Rabbi

Responsible for overseeing and sticking to the NCW rules. Are called upon whenever the NCW owner is unavailable to make a final call. Usually they never get past deciding what to have for lunch. Known to make controversial decisions and are susceptible to bribery. Seem to enjoy punishing wrestlers for no apparent reason whether they be face or heel. This is rumoured to be through jealousy and bitterness towards the modern wrestling scene. Don’t worry though…the occasions they are called upon are few and far between! Expect fireworks and all hell to break loose when they do!



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