New Age Wrestling (NAW) is currently a small, message board based e-fed that has recently been re-booted after a brief hiatus. NAW currently runs one show a week with between four and six matches per card, and monthly PPVs. The general style is a mix between WWE, and TNA style matches, with wrestlers asking for a spot on each weeks card. Winners are generally determined by Role Plays, although, sometimes storyline dictates who wins, or loses


NAW currently has six titles, all currently vacant: the NAW Universe Championship is the companys flagship title. The mid-card titles are the Earth, and Xtreme, with the latter resembling the X-Division title, and the former relating to the WWE's Intercontinal championship. NAW also has a Tag Team title, and a Hardcore title, which are self-explanatory.

The speciality title in NAW is the Pure Wrestling championship. The Pure title is contested by strict rules including, no closed hand striking, competitors may not leave the ring, and competitors get three rope breaks, among others.

The NAW is currently accepting any applications for both wrestlers, and writers. Limit two wrestlers per user.

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