'NC17 is a wrestler for the company Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. He is known both his Extreme Style and the mask he wears, which looks as if it was taken out of a horror movie.

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Height 6ft 1 in
Weight 230 lbs
Date of birth July 17, 1984
Place of birth Hollywood, CA
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Resides Hollywood, CA
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Trainer Tommy Dreamer
Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment
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Promotions Wrestled for

Early Life

As a kid, he grew up with his Hollywood family, although he never revealed who exactly that is. When he came of age, his father told him to leave the house, so he did. Deciding that he didn't want to become an actor, he quickly found that not having any actual skills worth using was going to get him no where. He survived in the streets for two years, wandering from city to city. One day, he came across a free wrestling show, and stopped to watch it. One of the performers, Tommy Dreamer, caught him checking it out and, according to Dreamer, "Saw something" in him. He asked NC17 if he would like to train, and the offer was accepted.


Under Dreamer's tutelage, NC17 was able to learn the ins and outs of the hardcore style of wrestling. At the age of 20, he was able to perform more moves than many veterans of the sport. There he met his future tag team partner Stoner, as well as Melissa who he would not see again for some time. NC17 and Stoner were able to hit it off and become decent friends, and both were hired by Purely Hardcore Wrestling.

Purely Hardcore Wrestling

His debut match was against Stoner, a match that many would go on to say was one of the best that would ever be put on by the company, let alone by two newcomers. Various points in the match were talked about and circulated on the internet by fans for years. The match ended in a No-Contest after both men fell unconscious after throwing each other through the back of the Titantron screen to the steel ramp below. After the match, the two men decided to form a team based on similar styles and beliefs. Calling themselves "Addicted to Chaos", the duo were notorious for always making their opponents bleed profusely by the end of the match.

Claiming that "Chaos" and "Extreme" were more than mere words, the two lived up to their claims, reigning undefeated as a unit for three months. Eventually, they were put into a tournament to decide who would face the then-champions. They were able to win the tournament with ease, just waiting for the chance to finally have gold around their waists.

One night NC17 was at a bar, and was talking with another man within. The man, blatantly drunk, began making claims that "Hardcore matches" and the "Extreme Style" were killing wrestling. NC17 took personal offense to these statements, as he had devoted the last few years of his life learning the style that, in his opinion, had kept the business alive. After assaulting the man, he was arrested and the title shot he and Stoner had worked so hard to obtain was taken from him.

This started a rift between the partners, as Stoner no longer wanted to tag with the man who caused them to lose their first chance at a title. The two men went on to have a string of matches, with both men seemingly unable to gain a positive upperhand on each other. Until their final clash in which Stoner was able to gain a victory after hitting NC17 with the Roachclip maneuver several times, and finally pinning him by debuting his latest finisher "An Addiction" which was a variation of NC17's own move "Explitive Deleted."

After the match, NC17 went on a losing streak, and was eventually fired after several fights broke out backstage between him and various PHW superstars.

Joe Wrestling Federation

NC17 was then hired by rival company JWF, who was more than happy to acquire the young superstar. He was featured in many matches, most notably becoming JWF's first ever "Xtreme Champion", but only holding the belt for a few weeks before backstage politics took its toll and he was stripped of his title. He would spend the next year locked in a contract in which he was constantly put in matches that were seemingly made to contain his extreme style, including matches in which he had to wear a blidfold or had his legs chained together. After suffering the humiliation, he finally was able to get out of his contract by defeating the owner in a match where the owner had two other men on his team. NC17 then contacted Stoner again, ready to apologize for what he had done in the past and try to team again.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

NC17 was hired by UWE after his former Tag Team partner Stoner put in a good word for him. The management was only happy to oblige, as Stoner was a hard worker for them and they had no qualms about helping out someone who was putting in so much effort for their company. The two are brought back Addicted to Chaos, and added in Melissa because of both her history with the two and for the fact that Stoner and her get along pretty decently.

Finishing and signature moves

  • Explitive Deleted - (Shooting Star Leg Drop)
  • Unsuitable - (X Factor)

Championships and accomplishments

  • Was in the PHW All-Time Greatest Match in his debut against Stoner.

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