Nathan Porter (Born September 10, 1980) is an American Wrestler performing in SWF (Six Star Wrestling) known in ring as NCR.

Early life

NCR wasn't well known till mid 2006 when he joined SWF. During 2004 NCR competeted in WIF for a short time, but due to problems backstage was forced to quit the company.

Was later introduced to SWF by his brother Austin who, had been in SWF for a couple months and came damn close to winning the Tyro Title already. The road wasn't as easy as his brother made it out to be though.

Six Star Wrestling Federation


On May 4, 2006 NCR signed a ten year contract with SWF accepted from special recommendation from Ace. Vince was sceptical about NCR at first, and decided to book him in his first ever match in SWF against his only friend there... his brother Ace.

NCR defeated Ace barely with a CFH, and started his reign in SWF in a fantastic way.

NCR then found out soon after, that he would compete in a 5-Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the Tyro Title. NCR was impressed by how easy he had gotten the shot, and expected to win with ease until he noticed he was facing his brother Ace once again.

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